Lance reaches into his bag of kicks

Hawks fans came into Sunday expecting a herculean effort to beat the Pacers in Indiana. Struggling or not, the Pacers have won 34 games at home (most in the NBA). Besides, Atlanta had lost 21 out of its past 29 games.

It took three possessions in to see who was the better team. A hundred or so possessions later, the Hawks unleashed droppings all over Bankers Life Fieldhouse en route to a 107-88 victory.

But the Pacers didn’t go down without a fight. Early in the fourth quarter, Lance Stephenson decided to show Paul Millsap how much he could channel Liu Kang on a basketball court.

I’m not sure if Millsap enjoyed his martial artistry as much as I did:

VIDEO: Lance Stephenson drives to the cup, but not before unleashing a kick on Paul Millsap


  1. nbapacersfan says:

    Lance, Lance, Lance… smh… love this guy on my Pacers team… but man, he does some stupid s**t !

  2. OldCelt says:

    Sigh … here we go again. And people were saying this guy deserved an all-star this year … funny. Cudos to Paul for taking it like a man and not crying all over the court. Don’t see it too often nowadays.

  3. Jaamnoo says:

    Lance, time to make an appointment with your shrink…

  4. cyrlson says:

    Lol Lance, what a clown..

  5. chrisso says:


  6. JM says:

    wow! that’s real Shaqtin A Fool material…..

  7. jty7271 says:

    He’s a very entertaining player. Probably the biggest character in the NBA. Him and Javale McGee should get their own reality series.

  8. wooderson says:

    I said it from the start this guy isn’t healthy and sound mentally. the NBA needs to introduce psych screenings. seriously