Amir Johnson takes fans to Medieval Times

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Toronto Raptors center Amir Johnson is one of my favorite people in the NBA, because he honestly and openly is thankful for his fans. Earlier this season, for instance, Johnson showed up at a Toronto record store and bought all the Drake albums and handed them out to fans.

For a few seasons now, Johnson has put together occasional events he calls “I Roll With Amir,” where he covers the cost for group of Raptors to catch a game and then grab a meal or hang out with him. This year, though, Johnson really went all out, taking 70 of his biggest fans last night to a Toronto-area Medieval Times restaurant, one night after giving them tickets to the Raptors/Sixers game. As Johnson told the Toronto Star

“It’s just a token of appreciation for my fans because we have the greatest fans in the world,” Johnson said before the show began, a black velvet cape trimmed with gold threads and sparkles draped around his hulking frame. “The fans are what makes our team.”

He picked Medieval Times for this year’s party because he has fond memories of coming to the show as a child.

“It looked a lot bigger when I was a kid,” said Johnson, now six-foot-nine.

Here are some images of Amir’s big night/knight out…

#irollwithamir4 just call me TALL KNIGHT

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  1. JoeStarr says:

    Going to medieval times and sitting on a throne will not make you king. You need to play with our King “Lebron” because the heat don’t have any real big men anyways

  2. E says:

    Big ups, Amir!! The city loves you!

  3. YOLO says:

    get a jump shot………………….”king”…………………:)

  4. YOLO says:

    or some post moves for that matter………….;)

  5. A Raptors Fan says:

    I am a raptors fan, and I really liked Amir up until not long ago… We paid very expensive courtside tickets to go see the game in NY and drove 7 hours each way, my little brother was begging him for an autograph and Amir said he couldn’t during the game but he would after the game…. As soon as the game was done, he jetted even though he could clearly here my brother calling and begging (we were less than 10 feet away from him). I found that not so cool, and it makes me think this is just a publicity stunt and not genuine thankfulness…