Andre Iguodala drops season’s best crossover

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We have a leader for the next Crossover Contest. Last night’s Warriors/Nuggets game turned out to be wildly entertaining, as a team well out of the playoff race put together an epic comeback from down 20 to beat the Warriors in Oakland. And while Denver’s Timofey Mozgov put together one of the best stat lines of his life, finishing with 23 points (not 93) and 29 rebounds, the play of the game, and maybe the season, belonged to Golden State’s Andre Iguodala.

It happened in the first quarter, with Denver’s Quincy Miller guarding Iguodala in transition. Andre had the ball in his left hand, and then crossed over to his right hand. At this point Miller seemed ready to make a play for the ball, and at that exact moment, Iguodala crossed it back to his left hand, leaving Miller in a pile on the court…


The only way that could have been better would have been if Iguodala just put the ball on the floor and walked away. The best part about all this? Quincy Miller seemed to take it all in stride after the game on Twitter…

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  1. jp says:

    Quincy from nogo …he sucks

  2. pKone says:


  3. jayco says:

    No.. it was on fast break. It was pretty nice though not the best one this season, but it’s gonna get overrated because of how the defender played the fast break.

    • Mike says:

      Who cares if it was on a fast break. He looked great, the defender looked stupid… that’s the definition of a crossover.

  4. Nick says:

    Favorite player

  5. BrianI.E says:

    “mis pearnas!!”

    pobrecito LOL Forever known as that guy!

  6. eaham says:

    lol atleast hes being a good sport about it. I think this cross over is not overrated. The momentum and speed during that play in the fast break and to do something like that so smoothly is just ridiculous.You wanna know whats overrated ? Deandre’s dunk on Knight who’s a foot shorter and 90 pounds lighter.

  7. RealBaller says:

    Professional Ankle Breaker right there. He’s going to need some screws in them after that. Whether you like Andre or not you have to respect the skill right there. The best I’ve seen all season. Can we get a top 10 best crossovers list posted or at least in the authors opinion =)

  8. digs. says:

    play of the year solidified if iggy racked it on the rest of them nuggs.

  9. Ftb says:

    Guys we have to mention future hall of farmer Norris cold to trade for Andre igoudala hahahahahahaha

  10. jwt7000 says:

    I lolled at this. As what Shaq would have said if Quincy Miller was in Shaqtin A Fool, “there’s a sniper in the building, and his name is Andre Iguodala”.

  11. GameBundle says:

    nice and clean and smooth. that is what makes it the best one. perfectly done iguodala. hats off to you. BRAVO!

  12. Ez says:


  13. flip says:

    NASTY! and for those people saying that this is overrated, go watch lebron’s dunk on jason terry. THAT’S overrated

  14. psssh says:

    It was a sweet crossover, but he didn’t finish the play. Over-rated.

  15. Andrew says:

    Smitty’s under the rim.

  16. Lol says:

    How Did he Fall Lol

  17. Lol says:

    Shaq Tin a Fool!!

  18. YOLO says:

    sick handles…..i always wished Iggy was more selfish, coulda been a 27/7/6 guy easy….just didnt have that Kobe instinct