Shaqtin’ A Fool: Vol. 3, Episode 22

VIDEO: Check out this week’s nominees

The regular season is just about in the books, but across the NBA, the foolishness is ramping up. Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment and tweet your favorite to #Shaqtin!


  1. bananabubu says:

    What’s lbj gna say now?? lololol

  2. namcor says:

    where is LBJ fan now?
    shaq is not going to give lbj 3rd ring

  3. shaqtin says:

    prigioni and young! lol

  4. Gman556 says:

    LeBron wins this episode. Almost voted for Tony Douglas though – that was wild and funny.

  5. Banana says:

    Why no Gortat who joins the Celtics Huddle during the game????? this is the game on April 2 Celtics vs Wizards….???

  6. jwt7000 says:

    King LeBron James now ties with Nick “Swaggy P” Young with four nominations on this season’s Shaqtin A Fool.

    As for nominee #4, that would have been Tragic Bronson.

    Also where’s Marcin Gortat?

  7. smh says:

    mans are waiting for lbj. the mans become a troll legend lol

  8. llt says:

    wow. i forgot that there are so many haters here waiting to comment.

  9. maru says:

    LeBron fan here, and I am also laughing, 😀

  10. lbj II says:

    Shaq wont get his 5th Ring in Shaqtin’ a fool he needs to come out of retirement and play along with our “King” LeBron.

  11. GameBundle says:

    tony Douglas should be third not Pablo.

  12. raptors says:

    shaq shoulda put in donatas motiejunas who missed a wide open dunk in.

  13. LBJ fan says:

    Lebron one’s not even funny …. should of put the one where Stevenson kicks rude in the nuts while doing a lay up .

  14. KINGJAMESSS says:

    this is the chance for lbj haters to comment lol. lebron still the best

  15. cheflola says:

    LOL….all of them are funny, including Lebrons….(Heat fan here) but the 76rs, that kid is hilarious.
    But is really interesting to see the Lebron Haters….is like you guys spend your day here just waiting for something about Lebron for you to say something..,you guys are SO CUTE!!!!!
    By the way…he still not on your team…again…cute.

  16. Colin says:

    There should always be a Knick on Shaqtin’ just because Woodson’s face after the play is always hilarious!

  17. wak9 says:

    shaqtin a fool has taken a major blow since javale went down with the injury