POLL: Which Nick Young 360 was the swaggiest of them all?

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Lakers guard Nick Young has been one of the few bright spots this season for Lakers fans. The Lakers may have missed the postseason, but Young, who calls himself Swaggy P, has provided a steady stream of entertainment, both on the court and off the court.

During last night’s game against the Grizzlies, Young drove baseline and completed a 360 layup. It was an awesome shot, the kind of singular, creative, athletic move that we’ve come to expect from Young. But as we look back through Young’s history, we realized the 360 is a staple of Young’s arsenal.

So we put together a Swaggy sampler of some of Nick Young’s greatest spinning hits. Vote for the swaggiest of them all in the poll at the bottom…

1. Last night against the Grizzlies

VIDEO: Nick Young 360 against Grizzlies

2. 360 dunk last season

VIDEO: Nick Young 360 dunk

3. 360 denied by Andris Biedrins

VIDEO: Biedrins blocks 360

4. 360 against the Grizzlies two years ago

VIDEO: Other 360 against the Grizzlies

5. 360 against the Lakers

VIDEO: 360 against the Lakers

6. 360 over the backboard

VIDEO: 360 over the backboard

Your turn. Rate the swag, please…


  1. Sam says:

    My favorite 360 layup was when he was on the Wizards against the Mavericks

  2. lbj says:

    Nick young doing 360 layups will not get you a ring come join our “King” Lebron James will get you a ring we will trade greg oden and roger mason

    • wade says:

      he wouldnt be so swaggy anymore if he sucks up to lebron like everyone on his team does, wouldn’t he? even lbj himself sucks up to himself like a cocky coo-coo who tries to recruit players to his team to HELP him win because he knows 7 tries in Cleveland prove that he cannot win by himself.

    • DB20 says:

      Your “king” will get burned in playoffs this year

    • SoulChorea says:

      do you have any future hall of famers to trade per chance, good sir?

    • Paul says:

      Forget it. We want future hall of famer Norris Cole or the trade is off.

    • MAMBA says:


    • Kalbo!! says:

      haha! kids..

  3. VC15 says:

    no he has to join Dwade LBJ only get rid of the ball in 4th quarters.

  4. steph says:

    roger mason jr isn’t on the team..heat fans please

  5. r says:

    completely bad move

    professional ball players supposed to maneuver the floor in ways that increase their chances of making a basket

  6. jjjd says:

    it Ain’t LeBron’s house, he might be king of the league, but Miami Heat is Dwayne Wade’s house. #The Flash #HeatNation

  7. kevin says:

    he is the flash cuz if u blink u will miss him play and see him camping in his nice suit on the side line.

  8. predictor says:

    Raptors will surprise EC and be in the finals

  9. Kaneman says:

    For how many teams has this guy played?

  10. LeSandra Bullock James says:


  11. Lakersfan says:

    I hope Lakers sign swaggy P next season. He could work on his D but that guy can score and he is fun as hell to watch. Lakers need yo get rid of all the cry babies (e.g. Gasol, Kaman).. And retire out grandpa Nash. Lakers2015!

  12. KD says:

    You should join Durantula and Westbrook. We make lbj look silly. Hey lbj, remember when you got the ball stolen by a rookie at the beginning of the season? I do.

    • LOL says:

      remember when lbj destroyed Durbrick and Westbrick to win a ring, and then win another one the next year? I do

  13. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Remember daytona looser…

    • Amenhotep 1V says:

      And Harden… who’s now gone. But I agree Miami doesn’t look like it ATM, but that can change. I think a charge from The Clippers is even possible… and I think in seven games they may beat The Heat, cos BG is playing outta his mind. But hey.

  14. Chologs says:

    #5 because it came from splitting a double team AND IT WAS AGAINST THE LAKERS.