Damian Lillard wants rings

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In the world of Foot Locker commercials, famous athletes randomly hang out together like it’s an everyday occurrence. In this new spot from Foot Locker, we find Portland’s Damian Lillard sitting around a mod house chatting on his phone, when he offhandedly mentions he would like to win a championship ring at some point in his career. This is a perfectly acceptable feeling to have, unless perhaps you express that feeling aloud within earshot of Barry Sanders, LaDanian Tomlinson, Chris Webber and Karl Malone.

VIDEO: Lillard Foot Locker


    • lbj says:

      Damian Lillard has a goal in life he wants to get a ring so our “king” LeBron will help you achieving your goal from joining him with the Heat!!! We will trade T Douglas, Hamilton plus future first round picks to Portland. If other players wants also to get a ring just let us know and we can offer you trades!

      • kd says:

        Don’t be fooled, Damian Lillard. Our emperor Durantula can guarantee you a ring. We will trade Yotam Halperin draft rights, hall of fame center Hasheem the Dream Thabeet, future first round picks, and strength and conditioning coach Dwight Daub to Portland.

      • barkley says:

        don’t listen to them guys come to phoenix we got donuts

      • lbj says:

        Phoenix never make it to the playoffs. Goran Dragic needs to go to Miami to win a ring and play with our “king” LeBron!

      • please says:

        lol sure lets trade an early lottery pick & ROY player for fringe players and a bunch of late-round picks…

      • Jeffx21 says:

        On the quiet LBJ……I hear LeBron is sick of you telling everyone to come to the Heat. He has decided to go back to Cleveland to get some buckets with Uncle Drew.

  1. beN says:

    This is hilarious. The Mailman’s reaction is priceless

  2. Mark says:

    Happy to see Karl Malone finally made peace with Utah Jazz’s inability to win a ring in consecutive NBA Finals. Too be fair the Jazz came up against one of the best teams ever, the best player ever to play, and the best side kick ever to play. I do believe that Malone is Great Player who had one of best point guards to play. Bad luck to have Michael Jordan, Scottie and the Bulls in consecutive finals. Life is not fair.

  3. OKC says:

    Ha that is one of the better ones.

  4. AB says:

    burgers are ready…X-/


  5. ken says:

    Wow. That the ‘legends’ can have fun of their career is priceless. Every one of those guys were truly dominate in their perspective sports. The ring is great BUT there are plenty of sport players that have multiple rings that were never a force to be reckoned with (hint Robert Horry) nor did defenses spend any time planning on stopping them.

  6. Niani says:


  7. Vikram says:

    The way Lillard has played in the last few games – he could be on that list to in the not so distant future. Not good mocking all that talent and veterans. There are a lot of good for nothing basketball players who have won multiple rings but you wouldn’t rate them that high. Case in point Derek Fischer… the moment he realized that he cant win any more with LA Lakers, he switched flanks to join OKC thinking he would win the ring in 2012…

    • Derek Fisher says:

      It’s Fisher not Fischer.

    • Big AL says:

      Vikram…Don’t be so hard on Lillard. You’re missing out on all the fun. Relax and enjoy the commercial. I’m still laughing at the Malone.

    • Common Sense says:

      Why would you play for a team bent on rebuilding when you only have two years left…Players not only play for the ring but play for the playoffs. That’s where rivals are born. That’s where the drama is high and the challenge is at it’s greatest. The Lakers aren’t really a playoff team for at least 4 years…Can’t blame him

    • Common Sense says:

      But still a good point Jim Loscutoff has 7 rings, and I don’t think people would say he’s better than Jordan:)

  8. @ketaku says:

    If you want a ring, there is only one place to get it. MIAMI. The King also needs you for his 3rd ring. #Damian4Heat

    • coolguy says:

      Damian needs to stay where he’s at, the teams currently rebuilding, but if he goes anywhere he needs a young star to work with..!! ?Can you Say PG24

  9. alab says:

    WTH are Barry Sanders and LaDanian Tomlinson? lol

  10. Josh L says:

    But Barry Sanders left football at the prime of his career.

  11. The germen king says:

    mocking legends wont give you a ring playing with the germen king Dirk we will trade future first ballot holl of famer Ricky ledo and some first round picks

  12. GoMavs says:

    LOL, that’s what I call a Foot Locker Commercial!

  13. Sterrance says:

    Notice how Karl looks after all these years and then how Sir Charles looks. That plate of burgers is solely for Chuck’s consumption.

  14. cheflola says:

    Not a very kind commercial.. I hope Malone e Chris got lots $$$$$$..:)

  15. Montage Author of Duggan says:

    Didn’t he just get hit up for 47 points; that sounds like ringless to me

  16. ChuzzyChu says:

    Hahahhahhahahaaaa….. just is an Epic Ad… the Mailman reaction is just priceless..!!

  17. Cloocj says:

    GREAT commercial haha that’s awesome.

  18. David Sanchez says:

    Based on what I’ve heard Damian say on a lot of his interviews…the young fella’ does not strike me as the type of player who would jump ship to go ring chasing. The man loves it here in Oregon and we love having him here. The blazers may not be there yet but they’re knocking on the door and when Damia and Lamarcus get their ring I bet my dog and my cat it will say “portland Trail Blazers” right in the middle of that nugget! Go Blazers !

  19. dd def says:

    COME BACK KARL!!! hahhaha. oh yeah and all of you talking about lillard leaving portland, keep it for your fantasy league. ain’t happenin in real life.

  20. MT says:

    Lillard ain’t leaving Portland fools. He’s on a winning team and he’s already an all star so why would he go to a team to share the spotlight with someone else? The Blazers are number 5 in the West and will only get better over the next 5 years as Aldridge, Batum, Matthews, Lopez will all still be in their prime. The Blazers just need another bench player or two and they can get a title.

  21. Chris says:

    LoL this was hilarious!!!

  22. nate says:

    he aint leavin. we dont do it that way. people gonna come to us.

  23. LeggoHeat says:


  24. Dan says:

    ya he did, and Portland still won.

  25. Pohnpei Blazers Fan Club Vice President says:

    Funny commercial. And Damian is not going anywhere. Paul Allen is the richest NBA owner and he will make sure that Aldridge, Lillard, Mathews, Batum and Lopez and together with better bench to add to Mo and Leonard, Thomas, and Wright for a chance for their won title in two to three years.

  26. aqw says:

    funniest commercial ever!

  27. julitopanes says:

    I´m afraid Damian will be in the BBQ 20 years from now for a Footlocker ad.

  28. Dmoney says:

    Oakland Bay Area Representing!

  29. Kevin says:

    Whenever i see the comments it lbj saying how good lebron is (which he is) and a durant fan talking back.

  30. ripcity says:

    lillard is one of the best point guards. hes got that killer instinct.

  31. sonofabbas says:


  32. melo says:

    you must join the great new york knicks and dolan duck in order to win one

  33. DRose says:

    if he wants a ring he must join our Prince D Rose in chicago we will trade future 6x all-star tony snell and ronnie brewer for him so he can achieve greatness