Spurs’ Team Selfie Takes Twitter By Storm

By Nick Margiasso IV

Hey, Oscars … anything you can do, the San Antonio Spurs can do better. Tuesday afternoon, the Western Conference’s top-seeded squad took a cue from last month’s now infamous and star-studded selfie posted by daytime talk show celeb Ellen DeGeneres at the aforementioned award show, posting one of their own to kick off the team’s upcoming fan night festivities.

So, eat your heart out Ellen and friends!

–Coach Pop & the crew

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  1. Luis says:

    I want this poster. Then I want the whole team to sign it.

    • YOLO says:

      whos the chubby white kid over Diaw? did they let the water boy in the shot?? haha

      • Big G says:

        Man, that kid can dunk over you all night. It’s their reserve center Aaron Baynes. Seems you have not been watching enough of Spurs’ games this season.

  2. Byakuya says:

    Pop is the best!!

  3. Gonex says:

    Marco BUNNYnelli (love Manu’s face tho)

  4. The 2013 - 2014 Champs says:

    We are looking forward to you guys.. We trust you.. We know that you guys are more hungrier this year than last year.. We support you guys.. GO SPURS!!!..

  5. basketball says:

    wtf is with sellfies

  6. coco says:

    not a spurs fan, but I must say that is a cool bunch of dudes 🙂

  7. bobcatsaretoonice says:

    tim duncan and kawhi leonard look like they’re having a blast..

  8. dave says:


  9. SPURS-TACULAR says:

    Best SPURS Team Ever !!

  10. Onur E. says:

    Şanlı Spurs’ümüz şampiyon olmayı bilecektir.

  11. abc says:

    great team and great chemistry year in and year out so consistent gotta love the spurs

  12. Bill says:

    Go for that 5th Ring Timmy!! GSG!!.. all the way to the Finals!

  13. poeme manigat says:

    This is one of the best team ever. The system they have is rock solid. Amazing coach, dedicated players, true professionals. Anyone who say otherwise is just a ‘Hater’. I hope they win another championship, they really deserve it.

  14. jumppong says:

    all rigt now back to business get that ring

  15. NJD says:

    Why infamous?

  16. Komp says:

    Poor Splitter.

  17. Wow says:

    I can name 8 players in this picture and they went to the Finals…damn

  18. reijha15 says:

    Coach Pop should be here in this selfie.

  19. Where’s Tiago? 😀

  20. Kurt says:

    Absolutely love it

  21. davidyale says:

    where’s Pop ? haha

  22. JMFG says:

    Waiting for “lbj” to say “Taking selfies won’t give you any rings” when they actually have more than the Heat & Cavs combined

  23. Romeo says:

    No comments, that’s whats up. I love the haters, you know we are after another ring. Spurs all the way. #dynasty #4rings #paramount

  24. Beam says:

    Here we go Miami. Spurs will take back what you owed from last June. Go Spurs, go black & silver 🙂

  25. toby hadriel says:

    It’s good! It is good!

  26. Moysa says:

    Nice post……. I know we will WIN this year and no one will stop us cause wr’re healthier and stronger than last year……. Go spurs!!!!!

  27. Third says:

    Where’s Pop?

  28. Ian says:

    Where’s Spiller and Ayres?

  29. Chicago Spurs Fan says:

    If the Spurs can get past OKC, they will win another Ring but that’a big FAT IF! #truefan #realist Lets Go Spurs! #spurs

  30. Jordan Hunter says:

    I guess these writers just got bored today.

  31. Sylvia says:

    Good idea for this awesome selfie! Best of luck to all of you in the playoffs! Last year’s finals was very disappointing, so may the force be with you this year! Keyword: Focus!

  32. Josh says:

    you got to love this picture even if you aren’t a spurs fan! 😀

  33. Popobitch says:

    Spurs are trash. Wannabe cowboys that have to use accessories. I foresee a stampede in your future.

  34. Carl says:

    Where’s coach pop? Kill joy. lol

  35. Rene Casanova says:

    I love our Spurs! Go Spurs Go!

  36. Manny says:

    HA funny

  37. a guy says:

    Hey Is it just me or does boris diaw kinda resemble the rock in this pic

  38. martin says:

    where is pop

  39. lbj says:

    doing selfies will not win you a ring. i suggest you leave san antonio and play with the great king in miami.

  40. Eric says:

    Aller les Spurs, Aller Tony ! Boris, c’est ta meilleure année, alors jusqu’au bout ! Et rentrez dans OKC en final de conf !
    TP & Boris for a unique back to back: European Champ & NBA Champ.
    And a thought for all these guys who made SAS such a great team to support since I’m 16 from accross the atlantic: The Admiral, Sean Elliott, Terry Cummings, Mario Elie, Vinny Del Negro, Avery Johnson, Bruce Bowen, etc. And coach Pop of course.

  41. Moe says:

    Where’s Tiago, Jeff Ayres and D. James?

  42. Dipo says:

    Solid on and off the court, great team chemistry … too bad no Pop, Splitter and Ayres … Go Spurs Go !!!