Choose the best Trail Blazers opening

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Portland Trail Blazers seem to really appreciate fan involvement. A few weeks back they allowed fans to vote on their favorite court design to help choose the floor they will play on next season. Now they’re opening the polls again to allow fans to vote on their favorite version of the pregame intro. Fans can vote here, and the winning video will be played tonight against the Clippers. As for the choices, you’ve got four to choose from…

VIDEO: Sabotage edition

VIDEO: Rip City edition

VIDEO: “Hands” edition

VIDEO: Comics edition


  1. dd def says:

    i love going to a game and seeing that comic one. it just fits so perfectly and it’s pretty sweet!

  2. NBA says:

    I say Rip City Edition!

  3. Lang Whitaker Jr says:

    1st video for me (Sabotage editiobn).

  4. bd932 says:

    i like the comic one

  5. 3ong says: