Shaqtin’ A Fool: Vol. 3, Episode 23

VIDEO: Season’s final edition of Shaqtin’ A Fool

This is it: The five worst plays of the 2013-14 season.  Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment and tweet your favorite to #Shaqtin!


  1. Jhayzc says:

    Pls come back javale!

  2. FSP says:

    ohh how i miss McGee
    this year Shaqtin MVP should go to Perkins, too bad McGee can’t defend his trophy this year…
    I pick Nick Young missed three for play of the Year…

  3. where is russell westbrook against the pacers???

  4. MadTiger says:

    Omg guys you think JaVale was the foolish I do not think so – THE FUNNIEST – YES. The horse (player) should go down on the floor but instead he was going to take JaVale for a ride. It was very funny but not as foolish as D Harris inbound – HOW CAN YOU JUST DRIBBLE IN TO THE COURT OMG… THE MOST FOOLISH STAFF I HAVE SEEN FOR YEARS. WHAT HE WAS THINKING ??? (MAYBE THAT THE REFEREE WAS HIS TEAM MATE??)

  5. Javale McGee a.k.a. Tragic Bronson!

  6. didi24 says:

    the history of shaqtin’ A fool is…………….. jaVale!!! tet teret teret

  7. rawdawg71 says:

    Dalembert guarding the free throw shooter should have been top 5! When I saw this I damn near hurt myself laughing!

  8. OneMark says:

    Perkins WIn the MVP

  9. Cesar says:

    hahah Javaleee it’s too Crazy hahhaa was Funny

  10. tripleJ says:

    and again: tony’s shot was not a free throw at all. the ref interrupted, said dont shoot and parker stopped his motion of shooting. the other refs were still arguing with coaches. the actual free throw was made afterwards when the ref gave him the signal to shoot. so I guess this scene is taken out of context, isn’t really funny & should have never gone to shaqtinafool.

  11. Michael says:

    I want to vote for all five !!!

  12. Corky says:

    All credit to JaVale´s one and only try, but Perk deserves the title for this regular season, given his efforts all year round (not only this airball dunk but also numerous tragic bronsons)….

  13. Marc Anthony says:

    I think this show should be called JaValin’ a fool (as in JaVale)

  14. lol says:

    lebron had turn over …lol giving the ball to haslem so he can bring it up the court

  15. josh miller says:

    kendrick perkins

  16. Gabe says:


  17. Metallica says:

    They all the best! Thanks Shag

  18. MELO4LIFE says:


  19. jwt7000 says:

    Swaggy P’s 360 failed layup was worse than his premature celebration of the 3-point shot.

    As for Javale, yeah, still reigning Shaqtin A Fool MVP and legend.

  20. dwayne says:

    thank you shaq i was when u was gone have a javale mcgee highlight lol

  21. BBall fan says:

    Nuck Young celebrating a missed three pointer is the best, by far, its not even close.

  22. pejta24 says:

    Perkins Master!!!

  23. Den says:

    You see how Javale is STILL WINNING despite being out for almost the entire season!

  24. meowmix093284 says:

    I appreciate the video, but why isn’t this in HD? It’s like 3″x2″ on my monitor. This is like 1997 video stuff right here. Everything went HD back in 2005. Even on YouTube it’s hard to find anything NOT in HD these days. What gives?

  25. None Of The Above says:

    Some great clips there. Missing a free throw by ten feet and people say Tony Parker has become a good shooter:). It says a lot about someone when they have a nickname like “Swaggy P” – that’s grounds for Shaqtin’ the fool on it’s own. But Devin Harris was a great fool moment a lapse in concentration doesn’t get close to describing that one.

  26. The Other Guy says:

    Damn! Tony Parker missing a free throw that badly makes Shaq look like a free throw master.

  27. themballs says:

    What about black griffin!

  28. jeremy says:

    ha javale played like two games and hes gonna win this year again! lol love shaqtin fool javale hes the champ

  29. DaDoc540 says:

    My personal favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment is not listed here, but I will remind you all…

    On February 25th, when the visiting Portland Trail Blazers played the Denver Nuggets, during a rebounding battle in the Fourth Quarter with just over eight minutes to go, one of the Nuggets’ players inadvertently sends the ball flying straight into the air off of his arm or elbow. For a few seconds, none of the ten players on the court could see either where the ball was in the air or where it was going to land. Finally, when the ball fell back into view, two players from the opposing teams attempted to collect the 50-50 ball only to swat it out of bounds.

    This Shaqtin’ A Fool moment, featured in Episode 17 on the Last (28th) of February, is not so much foolish as it is hilarious, so it probably will not make the Top 5 Shaqtin’ moments of the 2013-2014 season. To put this into context, the last notable Shaqtin’ moment involving more than two players, the Bulls’ inbounds Shaqtin’ moment a season ago, was ranked number 2 of the 34 Shaqtin’ moments of the 2012-2013 season. (In that instance, all five Bulls forgot to send one player out of bounds next to the official ready to hand over the ball for the inbounds play, costing a timeout.) However, as Ernie Johnson described it, a ten man Shaqtin’ A Fool moment does not occur very frequently

  30. vidurawije says:

    thx shaq!!

  31. jugular says:

    I nominate the MVP of Shaqtin’ a Fool of the year Javale McGee……. =P

  32. Javalleee, says:

    Javalee only needs one appearance to take it home! Ride em cowboy!

  33. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Nick young say hello to the d league…plus Iggy is easy

  34. conejo says:

    Well, I think there should be ten nominations. For example – where’s Luis Scola and “give me the damn ball!”? That was hilarious. But still, my vote goes for JaVale, and not for being JaVale, but because it was the best action of the whole season (pre-season included 🙂

  35. JM says:

    TP’s freethrow??? worse than a Shaquille O’Neal freethrow…
    Swaggy P??? Agent Zero as in Zero Points hahahaha LMAO

  36. Mark says:

    how about Scola begging for the ball after the ref blew the whistle

  37. Mate says:

    Wheres Splitter’s airball hook shot thought that was way funnier than Parkers and Harris’ Would be my top 5 for sure

  38. TAGIT says:

    thank god derrick williams wasnt on there

  39. Johnny Kilroy says:

    Swaggy 4 biggest “FOOL” – immortalized in one image.

  40. Paul says:

    I like Shaq but his presentational skills are shocking. It is literally painful to watch some of the shows he features in.

  41. Pat says:

    the worst inbound play of all time is clearly lamar odom! less than 5min, close game and he felt way more self confident doing it than harris 😀

  42. T10D says:

    JaVelle and Kedrik P will always be Shaqtin MVP Legend 🙂 Love it.

  43. NICOLAS says:

    I laughed a lot very good videos, Argentina greetings # ShaqtinAFoll

  44. marlon says:

    there is no shaqtin a fool if there is no javale mcgee…

  45. lbj says:

    our king did that on purpose, its one of his ways of winning a ring.

  46. Michael Double A says:

    Where is the Bulls’ inbounds fail when all 5 players were trying to catch the inbound ball

  47. VJ says:

    I dont know why Parkers FT is on there. The ref told him to not shoot and then he got to reattempt that FT and made it.

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  49. Thanatos says:

    The Perkins “directing traffic -> throw ball out of bounds” should have been on here, it’s way better than his failed dunk.

  50. Philip says:

    Although I love Javale Mcgee, this year’s shaqtin a fool mvp should go to Kendrick Perkins, he should also have the worst play of the year. Come back soon Javale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!