The Knicks were Shaqtin’ A Fool

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Shaqtin’ A Fool, the weekly compilation of lowlights on “Inside the NBA,” has become one of the most popular segments on the show. (And if you frequent the All Ball blog, you know we post Shaqtin’ each week right here on this blog.) And while we all know Shaq has his favorite players to regularly appear — JaVale McGee, Kendrick Perkins, etc. — in retrospect, for this season at least, it seems like Shaq also may have had a favorite team.

In this Youtube compilation video, someone cut together all the different Knicks appearances on Shaqtin’ A Fool from this season. Warning: It is over 5 minutes long.

VIDEO: Shaqtin’ A Knicks

(via TNLP)


  1. LeggoHeat says:

    LOL This is GOLD! 😀

  2. ray says:

    can’t beat amar’e this year

  3. lkk says:

    Where is Bargnani’s fail dunk attempt against the Sixers. That was the funniest one.

  4. Mr.splashman says:

    Haha funny

  5. jwt7000 says:

    This NY Knicks team pretty sums up their season of foolishness. Oh, my gosh.

    Next season, everything will change when the Zen Master takes charge.

  6. sonofabbas says:

    zen master aint doing s**t, average coach, the worst owner in american sports, and jr the shoe lace bandit! NYC were number one lol

  7. Air Mingo says:

    Got 1 min in and had to stop. Way too depressing for a knicks fan…

  8. whats good? whats really good? says:

    The New York Shaqtins! What a Franchise. Legendary, already.

  9. sunny says:

    wished lin was still here

  10. JM says:

    Knick-tin a Fool… LMAO

  11. Ryan says:

    And Knicks are pointing fingers at Woodsen.

  12. Austin Koenig says:

    Well this where you really feel bad for Mike Woodson

  13. watdafaa says:

    Bargnani ‘s late game 3pt was the funniest wahaha
    he should be at d league XD

  14. rollin says:

    thanks for taking bargnani from us new york … very kind of u!!!!!

  15. Sam Reye says:

    im not a knicks fan but i like Melo making the playoffs, hope he gets a ring somehow.

  16. being on shaqtin will not win you rings melo and amare. go to miami and play under our almighty king. you’re gueranteed to win multiple (6) championships thanks to him

  17. Cameron DeJournette says:

    this was very funny

  18. DJScope says:

    I was literally in TEARS laughing at this.

  19. PMS Tester says:

    Knicks at its best!!! hahaha

  20. MrBiggs333 says:

    Mike will be fine. lets see what other BOLD sensible moves Mr. Jackson will make to revamp this group of Knicks.

  21. Tootsilog says:

    Well, this clip REALLY sums up how shameful NYK is this season. It would be better to overhaul the team. Let go of all the windbags, starting with Carmelo Anthony!

  22. So funny, at the beginning of the season Bargnani said he was happy to finally be in a winning atmosphere and that he was looking forward to the playoffs.

    That awkward moment where the Raptors are the 3rd seed. and the Knicks are getting their golf clubs out!

  23. artifex says:

    It would be interesting to count the number of appearances on Shqtin per team.
    I have the impression that the Knicks would rank in the top 5.
    That – and Amares defense effort – sum up the season: slumpy.
    Some coach decisions may have added to the drama but if players – and not some rookies but veterans with playoff, allstar experience – put on such a lack of effort, you can’t understand.
    It certainly happens to everyone that you have a bad game or a bad strech. Though if there is a collective stretch…
    Anyways, room for imrpovement for next season

  24. Michael J says:

    2014 – 2015 will be even worse for the Knicks hahahahaha


    AB77 SIMPLY THE BEST. AND THEY LOST BARGNANI IN “i believe i can fly”, the funniest one .
    even the amare’s defense not bad