Toronto Raptors release cool playoff promo

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Canada has some of the most intense basketball fans in the world. Unfortunately, the NBA’s lone franchise in Canada, the Toronto Raptors, has had a five-season drought of not qualifying for the postseason. All of that changed last night, however, as the season ended and the upstart Raptors officially won the Atlantic Division. Now, as they ready for the postseason, the Raptors have released a pretty cool video to rally their fans. As the video says, “We are the North side, a territory all our own. If that makes us outsiders, we’re in.”

VIDEO: We The North


  1. Marcelo says:

    The King of the North!!!

  2. Raptors 416 says:

    we dont get respect from the league… i went to nba(fb) they made all those c.rings for every team except raptors. so much disrespect.

  3. VCkilledtheraps says:

    nba is so corrupt and no one wants to see the raptors advance. that is why garnett and pierce still get more respect from the refs than any raptor player. how can there have been no fouls called in the fourth qtr. i love this raps team, i just hope they can overcome the lopsided officiating.