Hawks’ Korver Loves Swatting 7-Footers

By Nick Margiasso IV

You know what Atlanta Hawk Kyle Korver is really good at? Right, shooting 3-pointers. You know what he’s just as good at? Right, swatting the shots of 7-footers … wait, WHAT?!?!

That’s right, in the Hawks’ Game 1 win over the Pacers, the man with the NBA’s longest 3-pointers made streak sank as many long-distance shots as he had blocks of Indiana’s Roy Hibbert. Read that again. And then watch it …


VIDEO: Atlanta’s Kyle Korver blocks Indiana big man Roy Hibbert


VIDEO: And then does it again


  1. jdub455 says:

    goodbye to hibbert’s grade 3 dream of winning a championship! lol!!

  2. Man.. I thought that team was good…. now they’re gonna go down to a 30 win team?….

  3. 3ptdagger says:

    Hibbert hasn’t been the same since James’ elbow knocked him loopy. Maybe he needs checked out. I’m not surprised Atlanta won. Indiana would be better off starting their bench.

  4. jwt7000 says:

    Hmmm. I wonder if the Korver’s look-alike of Ashton Kutcher can do this too.

    Roy Hibbert hasn’t had a good game lately.

  5. Durantula says:

    PACERS will not win the series getting block by korver is the worst thing to happen. coming from a man with no D!:))

  6. Mr.splashman says:

    He’ll get him back

  7. Manlove Spunk Tastesalt says:

    @3ptdagger AND jdub445
    You guys are both right. Lebron DID knock Hibbert back to KINDERGARTEN with that hit… That’s how he remembers he wanted to win a championship in grade 3. It’s ANCHORMAN 2 all over again.

  8. DRose says:

    blocking 7 footers won’t get him a ring he must come back to chicago and rejoin our Prince D Rose so he can get a ring and achieve greatness

  9. HEATSWAG says:

    He’s not gonna get nothing in the Hawks. He needs to come join our king James here in Miami, to get 9 rings and achieve greatness.