Watergate 2: Blake Griffin vs. Fan

By Nick Margiasso IV

Maybe NBA franchises just need to buy less-slippery cups.

After fouling out of Saturday’s Clippers-Warriors game late, Los Angeles’ Blake Griffin made it two controversial drink spills in the NBA this season. This time, there was a victim. This time, it was water. Call it “Watergate,” but that’s already been taken. Purposely or not, Griffin doused a Golden State fan positioned directly behind him at the scorer’s table as the L.A. star reacted by throwing his arms back in disbelief upon seeing the replay of his last foul on the arena jumbotron.

And, oh yeah, he had a cup full of water in his hand. So, this happened…

VIDEO: Blake Griffin of the Clippers douses fan with water

Remind you of anything?

VIDEO: Jason Kidd, coach of the Nets, spills drink on court mid-game



  1. NBAFAN says:

    That is so immature and professional. It’s one thing for a fan to just say something but it’s another thing to throw something physically at a fan. If the GSW player gets a technical for barely punching a ball into the stands, then Griffin deserves a technical or suspension for throwing water at a fan who probably made alot of money for a front row seat. Now I know why so many NBA fans and players find him annoying. Besides all IMO all the flopping and whining, he treats a NBA fan terribly too.

    • LAC4me says:

      Hey NBA Fan…your communication here would read a lot clearer if you actually learned simple sentence structure. Suggestion: Get yourself a book on syntax. The only fans that find Griffin annoying are GSW fans. Indeed, when it comes to GSW fans and players, Griffin doesn’t have the lock on whinning. Enjoy your win. GSW will choke in this series. No doubt.

      • The City says:

        NBAFAN’s comment made total sense. Hilarious how you advise him to brush up on the English language yet you yourself can’t even spell “whining correctly”. Also, if you look at ESPN’s conversation page for this game, you’ll see plenty of non-GSW fans calling out Griffin AND CP3 on their ridiculous theatrics.

      • hey says:

        You are correct about nba fans communication issues. In turn you still understood what he was saying. I really do not get when people point that out. Oh wait only when they are losing a argument. Seen this often to much on blogs, great strategy though. Thumbs up

      • Steve says:

        Ha LAC4me – NBA fan may need a book on syntax. You just need a dictionary.

      • ultimate warrior says:

        spelled whining wrong. learn spelling while your at it

    • John says:

      He clearly didn’t do that on purpose. He didn’t acknowledge the fan until after it happened

    • Dirty says:

      You a hater it was a mistake he didn’t do it intentionally

  2. Tom Thibodeau says:

    Come on Blake. That was dirt bag move.

  3. Don says:

    Not a sporting deed

  4. 3ptdagger says:

    It was funny. I doubt it was on purpose. But, wow, only OKC capitalized on home court advantage.

  5. slider821 says:

    his postgame response was hilarious

  6. Andrew says:

    That juvenile move by Griffin will most likely get at least a fine from the league. The NBA can’t allow to do that type of stuff to fans, regardless if the fan was heckling Blake or not. If the league let’s that slide, then it will be open season on NBA players with fans doing the same to the players, and we already know how that went at The Palace before.

    • JayCeeAnd says:

      Who gets the $$$ when the NBA fines a player??? Does the league keep the $$$??? If that is the case fining a player $100,000 (or what ever amount they get fined) is not going to accomplish anything should the league keep the money… If anything, in my opinion I would like to see the league donate the money to charity rather than them keeping the fine $$$.

      • yepyep says:

        They do donate the money to charity so they say. Idk hoe much of that is true, but its not a big deal. I dont think it was on purpose, and its just water. Lot more issues in the world to worry about, thana fan getting doused with a little cup of water.

  7. lbj says:

    spilling water on opposing fans will not win you a ring. go to miami. we will trade the future hall of famer greg oden for you blake. you will definitely win multiple rings (6) thanks to our great and mighty king.

  8. Kimitzki says:

    He should get a FINE for that inappropriate act

  9. g1ng3rxs7ay3r says:

    Such a cry baby d-bag. He should be fined or suspended for doing that to someone in the stands.

  10. Piddy8 says:

    It’s a cup of water! Who cares! He definitely shouldn’t be fined, even though he probably sleeps on a mattress full of cash.

  11. 10th seed says:

    At least the fan was a good sport about it. Can’t say much about Blake. He gets heat from other nba players and he just takes it without reacting physically. Whatever. Clippers. Yuck. The best part of this game was it appeared there were quite a bit of warriors fans in the staples/lakers center.

  12. hey says:

    I call that being cowardly hahaha

  13. Boere says:

    I would have respected him more if he was just being honest about it. The way he behaves all innocent in the press conference is awkward to watch. It’s obvious the league can’t ignore this.

    The Malace in the Palace also started with a spilled drink.

  14. black says:

    only a 12 year old would do that… come on blake, grow up.

  15. Oregonized says:

    It appears strange that if it was unintentional than see where he throws down the empty cup . . . coincidence?

  16. Greg says:

    it’s obvious that was intentional. He should get fined and suspended. He needs to grow up.

  17. Terry says:

    These are some ridiculous comments. I hate Blake…but to be honest it was amusing and looked unintentional enough. Did any other commenter actually watch the video?
    His reaction is amusing as well. “…I apologize(with his popular I’m really dumb but serious look on his face) it’s water”

    • The City says:

      Anyone who thinks it was unintentional….look at how he throws the empty cup directly at the fan afterward too. Yeah, totally unintentional.

  18. Nemo says:

    Wow, you guys need to chill out. He obviously didn’t do it on purpose. Did you guys even bother to watch the video? This doesn’t deserve any kind of punishment. And it was only water. If anything, the fan got to take home with him the story of how Blake Griffin accidentally splashed him with water.

  19. disrespectful says:

    That was totally disrespectful. He represents the NBA poorly with this type of behavior. Athletic careers are short and he should be grateful to this fan who probably paid good money for a front row seat at Clips. Without these fans who contribute to his paycheck, he may not be able to sustain his lifestyle. He is now the most annoying NBA player to me because of his disrespectful behavior, whining after calls or non calls, and flopping.

  20. Jer says:

    The comment above. April fools has come and gone buddy.

  21. dmamba says:

    really not a big deal.. if any superstar spilled water on me, I wouldnt care, now if it was someone like Matt Barnes Id punch him lmao

  22. rb says:

    NBA SHOULD PROTECT THE FANS. Blake Griffin should be suspended for unsportsmanlike conduct.

  23. YUCK says:

    That is not just water because Griffin drank from it. It has his bacteria and what is that white foaming thing coming out of his mouth? GROSS. I would not be happy if that “water” got on me. I think the Warriors said something that annoyed him and he strategically tossed the water back. After all, his shots and acting has improved and it is one thing for a fan to say something but another thing for a professional basketball player to throw something at a fan, accident or not. I hope the NBA fines him. Plus, he flops so much, it makes me head dizzy. We watched a part of the game at a restaurant and people literally laughed out loud at some of his flops.

  24. LBJ says:

    i dont understand why everyone is so mad at Blake i mean it was pretty clear that he didn’t mean to, it was just a response to fouling out.

  25. dominicanrepublic Fan says:

    that is so inmature, NBA must fined Blake Griffin and maybe a suspension, because the players must respect fans, they are the soul of the game, it doesnt matter what team they support, that was really bad by blake griffin, he has to pay the consecuences of his acts.

  26. Boca_Fan says:

    Nothing was more of a disgrace then what Kidd did, dirty player, dirty coach. If a coach plays dirty, you know you’ll get that from the team…. and we have.

    Not a big fan of Griffin’s but he does get the bad end of the call more then most.

  27. Magic Man says:

    Come on guys, i think everyone is getting soft these days. We live in a society if someone bumps into someone they can get sued. It was freaking water, is the rain supposed to apologize when it falls and you weren’t expecting it? It’s water, now if he threw a punch that’d be a different story, but water? (Chris Carter voice) Come on man!

    • The City says:

      So if the fan “accidentally” threw water on Griffin, you think he’d let it go? C’mon bro…he’d thrash and try to turn that into a flop too.

    • hey says:

      If it happened to him. Do you think he will take exception to it? It’s the type of player on the court mr. 32 has been know for now. Likes to complain but he in turn loves pushing buttons.

    • hey says:

      I want to see you’re reaction when someone dumps water on you. And if you do not react then you are soft.

  28. AL says:

    Blake threw the cup in front of the fan afterward; that tells me he knew what he was doing. Hopefully the league will do something about it. I don’t know how much those seats costed, but I will never pay my money to get water dump onto me.

  29. gee says:

    Didnt know a small cup of water can kill someone lol…a bunch of stupid haters on here

  30. Common Sense says:

    I’m a huge Clipper fan, but am sad to say that’s not cool. He’s a power forward, we all know how good they are at pretending they aren’t doing something when they are. They are professionals and grabbing arms on accident, elbowing people on accident, and accidentally grabbing jerseys. If anyone says they did something on accident I’ll believe them but no power forward is ever honest. Ever! Blake, you need to apologize, League you need to fine him, and Clippers you need to win the game and stop complaining…or this season is gone. Let’s not forget that Warriors actually wanted this matchup more than any other. Understand that and take the challenge!

  31. Andrew says:

    It is … entertainment anyway. A little ‘drama’ like that will attract more people to watch the games.

  32. ecdoesit says:

    No doubt he did it on purpose. That fan was in his ear throughout the game and took the splash like a champ. Why would Griffin even pick up a cup of water from the scorers table as if it’s his? Yea he’s in all these commercials and can flop with the best of them, but he’s a terrible actor. It was funny though.

  33. zaki says:

    All want attention

  34. Warren Antida says:

    How is he not getting a fine for this.If we as fans throw anything @ players we get tossed or arrested.

  35. pokie says:

    That wasn’t funny, it was stupid. What’s even dumber though is letting Glen Davis put a giant donut on the front and back of his uniform. Glen Davis. Giant donuts. That’s hysterical.

  36. Rufus says:

    I don’t know, it’s pretty hilarious and harmless to me. If Charles Barkley did it, we’d all laugh, so what’s the difference?

  37. JackInTheBox says:

    Blake did this purposely, there is no doubt about it. If you still think he didn’t mean it, well, what can I say…

  38. Cpt G says:

    one game suspension…..that was a fan…..next time he will be more careful

  39. theyeoclan3 says:

    Luckily BG is not a horse and is not drinking from the bucket…

  40. KD>LBJ says:

    Wow. What’s the big deal? This is as ridiculous as suing over spilled coffee. He’s a great player that provides the fans with highlight reel plays week in and week out. If the GSW fan didn’t react much, why are you? Yeesh. And no, I’m NOT a Clippers fan.

  41. MT says:

    Serious childish move on his part. Reminds me of something Bill Laimbeer would have done in the 80’s.

  42. Drawrof says:

    Mr.Griffin, this cup you tossed at me … would you please sign it? Thanks. No,no it’s Jerk Griffin, not Blake Griffin.

  43. John says:

    No need to act like Blake did such a horrible thing to a fan. That fan has an interesting story to tell and he’s the only person who left the arena more famous than he was when he entered it. Also, water, you know?

  44. Kylw says:

    maybe I’m just a crazy fanatic but if I paid good money for any court side seat and had ANY interaction with the players I’d be pretty psyched. Whether it’s them high fiving me or pouring water on me, I think I’d be pretty happy lol Maybe it’s just me but Blake Griffin pouring water on me is a pretty cool story to tell my friends/family. Plus it’s just water, it dries off in like 2 minutes. You guys make it seem like he peed on someone

  45. Blake Griffin says:

    Come on guys you know I didn’t mean it. It was a reflex reaction. From now on I will play basketball 48 minutes without whining at the referees. I will not flop anymore. I will not throw elbows and cheap shots. I will now concentrate on my specialty dunking. I hope every fan knows that these guys play dirty though but I promise to do nothing but play no matter what the score is or the number of my fouls.

    • Aunt Melody (Clipper Fan) says:

      Ok Blake I will let this one slide. Remember the world is watching. Be a good boy and make Aunt Melody happy.

  46. Aunt Prisca says:

    Come Melody he was always a mama’s boy you know it? That little whinning boy. Lets be honest.Grow up you little spoilled brat.

    • Aunt Melody says:

      Prisca I will appreciate it if you call me direct instead of exposing our dirty laundry on this site. You know his mama raised him better than that. It was just a reflex. He was always a good boy smiling and making us happy.

  47. EnBeA says:

    Demarcus Cousins has been suspended for less. Blake MIGHT get a fine. Only a fool would believe that was an accident.

  48. #30 says:


  49. NBA4Life says:

    So NBA, are you going to be cowards and not suspend him for dousing a fan with water and then throwing the cup at him? I suspect you are going to fine him and let him play Game 2, but I’ll see if you can prove me wrong!

    Don’t forget the big fight in Detroit. It all started with a beverage thrown at Ron Artest.

  50. Mr. Miller says:

    That was too funny. That fan seemed like he thought it was too. All you people saying he should be fined need to get a life. It’s entertainment. Don’t like it then don’t watch it. Wasn’t a Blake fan till I saw this. Lmao!!

  51. Ryan Mclawhorn says:

    Go griffin! Listen to these whinning warriors fan awww awww 😦 quit hating.on griffin he will slam on any warrior anyday! SHUTUP whining

  52. vinsanefan says:

    This just makes me like Blake even more. Come back strong in game 2!!!

  53. what r u? says:

    Seriously, Where Is The Fine or suspension?

  54. what r u? says:

    Comish,right is right fine him .You let things like this happen.Well,we have another detroit indi brawl again.And they are headed to oakland.people dont take to kind to disrespect there.

  55. Jurgen says:

    What a punk! Griffin should be suspended one game at the very least!!! Yes, its just water but you cant be doing that to a fan. If thats allowed with no consequence than the NBA has a rough future instore. Getting heckled from time to time is part of being a professsional athelete. Deal with it you big baby! Griffin rubs a lot of people the wrong way and its because of the way he carries himself. Griffin is full of self entitlement, you can see it on his face. Throwing water on a fan only proves that. If that were Dmarcus Cousins who threw the water the media would have torn him apart limb to limb by now and the NBA would have suspended him for the rest of the playoffs before the team even got on the bus leaving the stadium. Fact “hypothetically”

  56. Guadalupe Galindo says:

    Why is Griffin so dumb? He needs to grow up and b a professional. Who cares what the fans say…

  57. MiamiCeez says:

    He did do it on purpose. It’s so obvious and you all know it. Yes, it’s just water but seriously disrespectful. He should get fined but no suspension. If he doesn’t or does not publicly apologize, I would not be the least surprised if he started to get cups thrown back at him at every single game from now on……

  58. B says:

    What a chump…

  59. KL says:

    When you’re in the playoffs, and the emotions are high to win…..you tend to be too caught up to realize your mistakes immediately…..that’s my honest explanation