Rockets, Blazers continue first round matchup on Twitter

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Many pundits have predicted the Rockets and Trail Blazers to have one of the most exciting first-round matchups. The Game 1 victory by Portland seems to be a good predictor of a well-played series.

If you had any questions about the emotions involved in the series, you only need to look as far as Twitter. During game one, when Portland’s Robin Lopez was whistled for a technical foul, the Rockets’ twitter account decided this was a perfect time point out that Lopez may or may not resemble Sideshow Bob from “The Simpsons”…

Then, just a few minutes later, after the Blazers won game one, the Portland Police Department noted that at least in this one instance, theft was perfectly fine by them…

Game two is Wednesday night…

(via NIS)


  1. jdub455 says:

    Go blazers!!! Aldridge and lillard combo is devastating!! All the talk that howard shld lead in order to win is rubbish… Ball movement and outside shooting is the rockets strength.. their main man is the beard. He needs to improve his decision making for them to have a chance. Otherwise, they would be heading to Portland, 0-2.

  2. kyleecheta says:

    The Rockets will still win the series in my opinion. It’s just ONE game that they blew. Kudos to Aldridge and Lillard’s play in Game 1. I love this matchup in the west! The twitter smack and all makes it very good, and I believe everyone can agree to that fact. May the best team win that’s all I can say.

  3. My Rockets are not worried at all…..i hope portland is happy with that win because thats the last one they will win… yeah i said it… what

    • Zeik says:

      gonna choke on those words.. like Howard will at the line after we send him there for over 100 fts this series! :))))

  4. Nadine says:

    Great game i think Damin Lillard is one of the best guard in the NBA i pick the Blazer over Rockets Pls let`s no forget Lamarcus keep playing 46 pts great game stay the course.

  5. T-blaze says:

    The blazers are a fantastic team, i dont think anyone has taken much notice of them until these playoffs. Pay attention now boys! WATCH OUT HOUSTON. may the best team win!

  6. Nate says:

    I wonder if Houston fans will still think they are going to win the series after a loss tonight. #RIPCITY