Raptors mascot eats Nets fan

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Emotions definitely run pretty high during the postseason. And not just among players — I’m talking fans and mascots as well. Check out what happened last night in Toronto, where a Nets fan was blindfolded and essentially fed to the Raptors’ inflatable Raptor mascot. I’m not saying this wasn’t set-up in advance, but, well, either way it’s pretty funny…

VIDEO: Raptor eats Nets fan

(via TNLP)


  1. Hahaha says:

    This is hilarious. Good to see more of the Raptors. They remind me of the Warriors squad from last year.

  2. skrutz says:

    Best mascot/version of a mascot in the league

  3. Baller says:

    lolol go raps

  4. vinsanefan says:

    The Raptors are growing on me more and more.

  5. BasketBallIsLife says:


  6. Lucky Star says:

    My favorite is when he eats a cheerleader. Something very primal going on there, metaphorically.

  7. KingJamesBallin says:

    Its not laughing matter. The Raptors are going to eat the Nets because their rookie coach is out of touch.

  8. BREAKER says:

    the RAPTORS team is even hungrier than their mascot… keep it rolling…

  9. Javier says:

    The Raptors are blessed with such a funny mascot lmao, I wish Burnie would eat Lakers fans at the next game.

  10. bd932 says:

    This is hilarious I LETS GO RAPTORS

  11. Ar says:

    Lets go Raptors!!!

  12. BigLuke says:

    We The North!! LET’S GO RAPTORS!!!!!

  13. jugular says:

    hilarious…!!!!! yup the most unique mascot

  14. Jake says:

    Why is no one cheering ??? weird

    • GoLo says:

      Glad to have the Raptor back eating them up…. Wonder why so many cheerleaders are disappearing lately lol

      Lets Go Raptors!!!

  15. CS says:

    that’s got to be the ugliest mascot I’ve ever seen.
    nets are gonna crush these fools.

  16. ha good stuff for drakes raptors team… hope they win series