Iverson documentary trailer debuts

By Lang Whitaker, NBA.com

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The story of Allen Iverson is one of the most compelling, amazing, divisive, interesting stories in all of sports. And for those of us from my generation, we got to live through it, seeing The Answer as he fought for his place among the NBA’s great, eventually scoring an MVP award and a trip to the NBA Finals. Now that AI is officially retired, he’s telling his own story with an upcoming documentary, simply titled Iverson. The movie debuts this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival, and will certainly make its way to a larger audience soon…

VIDEO: Iverson Documentary


  1. lbj says:

    Making Iverson documentary debut won’t bring him back to nba and get a ring. He needs to create documentary debut from our “king” so that LeBron will get him as bench player for his 1st ring. We will trade bench player to Tribeca Film Festival!

    • wade says:

      oh naw nah…tell me you’re not talking about bring AI back to PRACTICE! not the game, but practice? not the game, not the GAME! practice?!

  2. Olan Lasquety says:

    Allen Iverson!!! He is a Great Player He always plays with toughness and heart!!! I salute You Allen Iverson!!!

  3. KOBEman says:

    Easily one of the most compelling, inspirational, and entertaining careers in the NBA of all time. Allen Iverson baby, future 1st ballet HOF.

  4. shmidgee says:

    Lots of great players don’t have a ring. Shush son! If you ever watched AI, you’d know he’s no bench player-acting-coach. No once great player wants to get their only ring by sitting on the bench FOOL!

  5. Tyteagle#3 says:

    Allen Iverson single handedly changed the face of the NBA. He is a true iconic figure in the world of sports and one of the most influential players. He was the Tupac of basketball so yes there was some bad/negative that followed him but a whole more good/positive. Will check out the film for sure.

  6. lbj troll says:

    Making foolish redundant comments won’t bring you any attention to nba forums. You need to create a new original comment to debut show the “people” so that LBJ will get as much attention for his ADHD needs. I will trade a future idiot to go and join lbj to get any comments needing their `first like`

    • Molotov says:

      Your comment makes about as much sense as his do. Trolling the troll makes you just as bad, and you didn’t even reply directly to his comment.

  7. I wish and hope Prokerov would call Allen Ivorson, and offer $100million for 3 years to play with the Nets. Both parties would sign off on that deal in a heartbeat.

  8. Nastyn8 says:

    Top 5 of all-time!!! Yes even without a ring!! His Stats (before the trades, and outside issues), Fame, Talent,Personality, and TOUGHNESS speaks for itself. Took his team to the finals on his back and helped the Sixers become the only team to beat The Almighty Lakers in the post season…(cough…Tyron Lue). Even though they didn’t win we all know his capabilities and know that only what could have happened if things went differently. My biggest inspiration growing up ( And MJ)… Wish you were still in the league, a true fan ……..

    Congrats Answer on a Great Career!!

  9. Michael says:

    For those who take AI as a joke yall dead wrong. that was is one of the greatest basketball players period. as much as i like lebron james….lebron cant say he crossed jordan. cant say he went to the finals and battle kobe at his best. so like i said shoutout to Allen Iverson my favorite basketball player of all time.

    • JG says:

      Yeah…Lebron can only say he has 2 rings and 4 MVPs, and has the opportunity to 4peat. And btw Kobe was far from his bast in the ’01 finals, he may have been in his athletic prime, but ’05-;10 is Kobe at his best.

      • AD says:

        4-peat? I think you might be ahead of yourself here. Let’s just see how these playoffs end first.

  10. MrBuckets says:

    Allen Iverson had and still has one of the biggest hearts in basketball history. That thing you cant coach into a player, Iverson through his life experience demonstrated that if you keep getting knocked down you just have to keep getting up so that no matter how many times opposers look down on you, they can never break you. Never make you what they think you should be. Love him or hate him he played the only way he knew how and thats “with all his heart”. Seeing this dude get up off of the floor so many times, over and over again, his unshakable and unyielding determination is what made me become the basketball fanatic that I am today. Thank you AI, for all you gave to the world of basketball.

  11. elkhoury says:

    Allen Iverson is the 2nd best player my eyes have ever seen. First ballot Hall of Famer.

  12. ringoli01 says:

    My forever Idol AI, seeing him from a rebel from to a superstar. Firstly impressed by his killer crossover, really pity that he just one step away from Championship.

    • AD says:

      One step? They won ONE game in that series…in overtime. If anything, they were 3 (very large) steps away from winning it.

  13. ANTOINE says:

    he was one of the best ball player much respect to A.I

    • Pmoney says:

      Thank you Allen iverson for bringing what you brought to the game of basketball… You are the reason I am a huge nba fan today!!!! Even without a ring, you are still one of the greatest to ever play in the nba, hands-down!!! God bless you!!

  14. Ari says:

    Fav player of all time

  15. DP2016 says:

    Inch for inch, pound for pound the best NBA player to ever lace ’em up period!

  16. adrianne says:

    allen iverson simply amazing he said ” i don’t wanna be micahel, i don’t wanna be magic , i don’t wanna be bird i say i don’t wanna be those guys you know when my career is over i will look in the mirror and say i did it my way” and that’s what ALLEN IVERSON DID ……………….. the first ballet HOF my boy AI3 The Answer my idol for all time history

  17. fakebron/flopbron says:

    (cinderalleman)Fakebron wishes he had the footwork like AI ! flopbron is like a two left foot ballerina AI will go down as the toughest ever to play the game .

  18. Lol says:

    Allen iverson Had Special Moments in the NBA

  19. RealNBAFan says:

    Oh man, I don’t even know were to start with A.I. As a shorter kid I use to try to do his cross overs, go into the paint like him, wear long shorts like him, this guy changed the game completely!! HE created the game that all these point guards are today. From Wade to Westbrooke.

  20. william lucas says:

    allen iverson is the answer !! even though some didnt like his lifestyle off the court but u know what they take about jesus slandered his name without knowing him . i just wanna say thx for the debates ur amognst the greats n my eyes !! im a celtic fan who happen 2 live n philly

  21. Ted says:

    Iverson was a thrilling player to watch, especially at Georgetown and early in his NBA career, but I think he was ultimately a victim of his own talent. He listened to very few people, probably too many of the wrong people. If he were a humbler man, he’d have won a championship and cemented his legacy. As is stands, he’s basketball’s Icarus.

    • AD says:

      I think any references to Icarus might be lost on some of these people in this forum…particularly LBJ.

  22. tj says:

    i first came across AI in a Scholastic World Record book as a kid.He is part of the reason i started watching basketball.and the HAIR!Lol im growing out my hair right now to get it like him

  23. Kal says:

    one of the 12 greatest players ever. underrated.

  24. Adams S. says:

    I cannot believe some people are still amazed by robot Lebron…I am feeling the Heat struggled a bit to be first in Atlantic, maybe they should ask Dwight Howard to bring is talent to south beach…lol this team is a joke and will stay a joke for long, they are the same joke that happened with soccer in europe and psg, real, barcelona etc…

    Allen Iverson brought something different, like jordan, like magic, like kobe, like shaq…they had a presence…Lebron is an amazing player but no presence at all, i am not denying the incredible talent of Lebron, not at all, but there is nothing behind, Allen Iverson brought an average team to the final alone almost…it s just different…by saying he has no ring it could have been the same case with Lebron if he did not choose the easy way by going to Dwayne Wayne s bench 😉