Lance Stephenson dunk attempt sums up Pacers frustrations

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Indiana Pacers were one of the NBA’s best teams for most of this season. And then the last two months happened, when absolutely nothing was going right. And now the Pacers find themselves down 3-2 in the first round to the Atlanta Hawks, the Eastern Conference’s worst playoff team.

Last night the Pacers fell behind with a brutal home performance, which included going down 30 at one point before a furious late rally made it a bit more respectable. When things aren’t going your way, nothing seems to work out, as we saw last night on this drive and dunk attempt from Lance Stephenson. (Hey Starters, I demand a recount!)

VIDEO: Lance dunk wedgie


  1. bless says:

    The Pacers are a bunch of GIRLS playing in MEN’S clothes…they disgust me… ESPECIALLY PAUL GEORGE! Larry Bird should TRADE ALL OF THEM!

  2. kdtrey5 says:

    pacers need two calm down and step up there a game

  3. jwt7000 says:

    Now that’s Shaqtin A Fool, and this might sum up the Pacers season. By the way, that was a layup attempt, not a dunk attempt.

  4. Tsu says:

    I rooted for the Pacers in the beginning of this season. Thought they were an overall good balanced team with talent that know what they were doing on the court until after All-Star game. They just shut themselves down. I would not be surprised if they could not make through the 1st round.

  5. Javier says:

    That’s a layup attempt, but I couldn’t stop laughing when this happened. Pacers, especially this clown Stevenson, deserve these struggles.

    Btw, has anyone noticed how much Copeland looks like Jordan Hill with the headband?

  6. #30 says:

    Hibbert? where are you?

  7. hellon says:

    I’ve been saying it for a long time,Pacers are going down….

  8. Go Heat says:


  9. RAY says:

    lol WEDGIE…

  10. #fortheloveofsports says:

    That is just….weak. The Pacers are on track to get FLATLINED by the Wizards.