Mark Cuban shows off outside touch

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The next time the Dallas Mavericks need someone to knock down an outside jumper, it seems they may have a new option to explore. (Other than Vince Carter.) Check out this Instagram video from a Dallas-based recording artist who was courtside long enough to catch Mavs owner Mark Cuban drilling perimeter jumpers. You gotta chase him off that line!

(via TNLP)


  1. kenkool says:

    That was edited from thousands of shot

  2. hamzah994 says:

    Clicked the link for Mark Cuban shooting basketball. Rewatched multiple times for commentary.

  3. jake s. says:

    Somewhere in a Dallas deli he is inspiring a new kind of sandwich.

  4. L. Wood says:

    “4th quarter, up by 20, Cuban from the corner…..”

  5. lbj says:

    Knocking down outside jumper from Mark Cuban won’t give him his 2nd ring. He needs to be part owner of Miami and cheer with our “king” LeBron when doing tomahawk dunks!

  6. Grapefruit juice says:

    Technically Cuban has a really good jump shot! Definitely better than Shawn Marion’s.

  7. DCHON says:

    Million Dollar 3-pointers

  8. vinsanefan says:

    Wow. I’m a huge Spurs fan, and there have been many times in my life when I have hated Mark Cuban, but he’s on the opposite end of the spectrum from Donald Sterling when it comes to owning a team. The NBA needs more owners like him.

    • Michael says:

      vinsanefan, we defnitely need more owners who play and love basketball, not just about money.

  9. Jon says:

    Looked like he was doing the Lebron knee dance…

  10. Angel says:

    4 out of 500 shots. Not bad

  11. Orszag David says:


  12. roga says:

    I like Mark Cuban ..He desrve to have a second ring….Go Dallas

  13. lbj says:

    The only way cuban can win is if he joins me, lebron in south beach. we will trade douglas/jones/chalmers for mark cuban this summber and we can 4-peat next year after we win our title this year

  14. hydlaker says:

    he sucks

  15. hydlaker says:

    he sucks and is fake

  16. Ron says:

    That video clip was probably edited

  17. ajay143 says:

    better than marion in shooting but marion is the one of the best defenders in nba………..

  18. vin says:

    better than Dwight Howard

  19. kalbo says:

    nice CGI