Atlanta Hawks bring back ‘Pac-Man’ logo

By Lang Whitaker,


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just hours before the Atlanta Hawks host a Game 6 against the Indiana Pacers with a chance to eliminate the Pacers, the Hawks are attempting to rally their fan base by re-introducing a classic logo. The new logo is known as the Pac-Man, because the silhouette of a Hawks head also looks a bit like the old Pac-Man video game character swallowing a dot.

More than a cool logo, it’s a logo that for Atlanta fans is evocative of the 1980s, when that was the team’s primary logo and the Hawks were consistently among the best teams in the Eastern Conference. And while the Hawks will officially reintroduce the logo as an alternate logo for next season, they rolled it out a little bit early in order to get people even more pumped up for tonight’s big game.

As someone who grew up in Atlanta and has seen many iterations of the Hawks logos through the years, I thought I’d select my three favorite Hawks logos of all-time…

1. Atlanta Hawks Primary Logo 1972-95


The classic. When I was a really young kid I remember staring at this logo for like a year or two before I realized exactly what it was. They changed it in 1995 and we entered a stretch of about a decade where the uniforms looked as though they had been designed inside a video game.

2. Atlanta Hawks Alternate Logo 1970-72


Remember when the Hawks wore green and blue? Me neither. This logo looks like something a character in a Wes Anderson film would come up with. I love how spare it is.

3. Atlanta Hawks Primary Logo 1968-69


I guess this is what a Hawk would look like if it actually played basketball. I mean, also if it didn’t have wings and instead had those hand-like things. Nice kneepads.

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  1. The _man, manny paq says:

    Love it! it’s perfect and just what we needed. hopefully the media will pick up strongly on this and AFTER the fact that the hawks eliminate the first seed! PAC ATTACK!

  2. Roscoe says:

    I will always remember those green and blues because of Pistol Pete.

    • DJ3 says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. I wasn’t even born then but I remember those colors and jerseys just because of Pete.

  3. JoeBlogg says:

    The Bobcats can use a logo like this, something like the “Thunder cats” logo

  4. Dave Willis says:

    I grew up watching the Hawks of the “pacman” era. Dominique Wilkins was unstoppable. Kevin Willis was an Adonis and then there was Doc Rivers running the show. Still remember the playoff game where ‘Nique and Bird went head to head in the 4th quarter. Best playoff game I’d seen. Now if we could also get the Hawks to go back to those jerseys as well. That would be sweet. I loved those!!

  5. nyctraffic says:

    The green and blue should have been brought back instead of red and blue. From the days playing at GA Tech before the Omni was built.

  6. Andrew Reid says:

    Loved the old green and blue unis from the early 70s- as I remember, it was more of a lime green with a swoosh-of-sorts down the side. It was a lot like unis worn by the Bullets and the Floridians of the ABA. I have always wondered how that team would have done if they could have kept Dr. J along with Maravich and Lou Hudson…

  7. MIke says:

    Yea that’d work, except they’ll soon be the Charlotte Hornets.

  8. Marlon says:

    I’m with Dave too…Idolized Nique, Tree, Willis, Spud and Doc. The “new” logo is tight.

  9. lbj says:

    changing your logo will not help you win nba championship you need to play with our king “LeBron” if you want to win game 7 against the paces. We will trade future HOF player Norris Cole and future drafts picks for teague, horford