John Wall’s surprising pregame ritual

By Lang Whitaker,


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During the late ’90s, Darrell Armstrong made a name for himself as an energy guy off the bench with the Orlando Magic. How did he fuel this energy? By drinking several cups of coffee before every game and eating chocolate at halftime. Unconventional, perhaps, but whatever — it worked for Armstrong.

Yesterday, the Washington Post‘s Dan Steinberg talked to Wizards guard John Wall about his own pregame routine, and discovered that Wall has his own unique procedure

“I just like hot chocolate that much,” he explained. “It’s a habit. I have one before the game and one in the morning. If I don’t get one in the morning [on off days], I’ll at least get two after practice to go home.”

Someone suggested that Wall adds extra sugar packets to the McDonald’s drink; “only like one or two,” he said. “Not too much. They make it extra chocolatey and stuff, so it’s good.”

And teammates are well aware of Wall’s habit.

“All the time,” Garrett Temple said. “He has to have his hot chocolate before the game. It gets him up. People do a lot of stuff before games.”

“It’s spilled a couple times in my locker area,” Drew Gooden said. “You know, we share a locker [area], so I definitely know about the hot chocolate.”

And why McDonald’s hot chocolate? Just chalk it up to personal taste.

“I don’t know. It’s just good to me,” Wall said, adding that he started the habit while in grade school. “Some people use coffee and Red Bull. This just gets me ready.”

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  1. lbj says:

    Having a hot chocolate pregame ritual will not help you win an nba championship you need to play with our king “LeBron” after you get swept by the heat next season we will trade future HOF Norris Cole and future first round picks for Wall.

    • lakerphan24 says:

      imagine how fast he would be if he replaced his coffee with red bulls

    • dh12 says:

      having super flopping skills will not help you win an nba championship you need to play with dwight howard and james harden after losing to the nets in the semi finals we will trade u future HOF jeremy lin and a couple of first round picks so u can win more championships than kobe.

      • I'm Right says:

        lol but DH12 and Harden couldnt’ even make it out of the first round… heat have gone to 3 straight finals and the nets haven’t even established yet (AND they wouldnt’ have even made the playoffs in the western conference)…. so not sure what you’re talking about….

  2. celentano says:

    Of course those” CHEAT” bandwagon trollers posting nonsense again and again ! Always thinking to buying championships with no honor,tsk tsk… !!!

    • I'm Right says:

      lol every dynasty has had 2+ HOF … buying championships?! you can buy players but championships come with hardwork LOL welcome to professional sports hater

      • Kim says:

        LOL Celentano you do realize whoever thats posting as lbj is probably a heat hater right?

        Some people just don’t get sarcasm…