The ultimate I Love This Game mixtape

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you, like me, grew up during the ’90s, and were a basketball fan at the time, you probably have fond memories of the era. We can argue how the players of today would do against the players from back then, and that’s probably something someone is arguing somewhere right this minute. But what I loved about the NBA then was the relationship I had with it. I loved this game (I still do, to be honest), and I wore jerseys and hats and bought the highlight tapes and loved all the NBA commercials that used to run. You couldn’t just dial them up on YouTube, you had to be watching TV and hope you caught one live. And speaking of those commercials, here’s an eight-minute long supercut of some of the best (and not so best) NBA commercials from the ’90s. Nostalgia is a powerful thing…

VIDEO: I Love This Game

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  1. artifex says:

    oh my, memories!!!
    My favorites are those from the 92-93 season, with the cheesy blue, yellow, pink, green “ILTG” tag.
    There was the one with “can’t touch this’ and “Get up (Sex machine)”, too.
    Also the one feat. Domingo (is it him?) from the 94-95 season… how they blend the action with the music, they should revive that.
    I still have a few VCR tapes where I sat watching NBA action (Yeah, we got that on free tv on sportkanal in Germany back then…), trying to cut together all the best scenes… naturally the first 2,3 seconds were always missing.
    One of those things that can be soo aweful and soo cool at the same time!
    Thanks Lang for this trip back (I’ll see, I think my mom still has a VCR player….).

  2. artifex says:

    in Europe we get that “gear up for the game – nbastore” before every spot.
    And besides it’s frustrating to always have a 30 sec spot before some 1 min clip
    I absolutely don’t like how Parsons comes up travelling with the ball – making 4 steps before putting the ball on the floor.
    I know, it’s not a game but only a commercial but they could have done that right. No player ever comes up running with the ball in his hand…

  3. jwt7000 says:

    Where amazing happens…. and I still love this game.

  4. Panos says:

    Dude, for us 40 yolds, NBA was a feel good time. The second to last clip is maybe the best nba clip of all time.
    Thanks Lang.

  5. Most if it is from polish television Channel 2

  6. naud_c says:

    Where is.. When the moon hits youre eye like a bigga pizza pie

  7. The Worm says:

    I saw many of these growing up as a child in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe only has one TV station and in the mid-90s the NBA came to our screens. The songs on these adverts became the soundtrack to my life. After the 1999 lockout we stopped getting coverage. I am glad to be living overseas where I can once again connect with the league. Thanks Langs great memories of many great personalities who gave the league character like Barkley, Nick the Quick, Muggsy and young Shaq.