Paul George addresses Pacers haters via Twitter

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Indiana Pacers have had a very public struggle the last few months. After looking like future champs for the first few months of the season, the Pacers have stumbled badly and can’t seem to find their footing. Most visible in their swoon has been Roy Hibbert, who went from an All-NBA candidate to losing his confidence, and in Game 1 against the Wizards he finished with 0 points and 0 rebounds.

Last night, Hibbert’s teammate Paul George, who has had his own struggles as well during the losing streak, stood up for both of them on Twitter, addressing rumors that the Pacers weren’t getting along. Unfortunately he did this by posting a photo of himself, Hibbert and George Hill when they were gone fishing, something that could be happening again soon if they don’t straighten things out…


  1. Haha! Who took the photo? Larry Bird?

  2. lbj says:

    Pacer is a big joke right now in the playoffs. We will not even trade our very own Greg Oden to him he will cancer the whole Miami team. It’s better to have Greg Oden sitting in the bench than him playing!

  3. Hibbert_MVP says:

    PG is a cool guy with a decent sense of humour. It takes guts to post that picture, acknowledging your own team’s fate. Gone fishing it is, my gut rests with 4-2 wizards but without ref interference this series could hardly go more than 4 games.

  4. juan.dough says:

    Watch out, HIBBERT!!!!! Dont let it bite your hand off!

  5. skrutz says:

    The “gone fishing” picture may very well turn out to be super ironic.

    • Majk says:

      Guys in the studio won’t even have to bother putting together a photo – it was delivered to them by PG himself =) Pacers should write to Kenny: “Gotcha – we’re already fishing” 😉

    • Courtney says:

      Haha so true. I hope Inside The NBA uses it when the Wizards eliminate them.

  6. Will says:

    R. Hibbert 0 pts 0 rebounds 1 Fish

  7. Oski says:

    well put that bait on a hook and fish already

  8. JCVSPHL says:

    there are lots of other fish in the sea PG

  9. light says:

    Danny Grangers expel curse them lot!!!

  10. misbahu says:

    Common guys,I’m Miami fun but i like to meet Indiana at conference final. Roy, reorganize your self and belief in your self . You are one of the best centers in the league

  11. chabob says:

    Pacers gone fishing already? Ha ha..

  12. CG says:

    I like this photo. Indeed they will be gone fishing soon!!!! lol

  13. Patrick says:

    Where is Stevenson in that picture, he is the problem in the locker room.

  14. Patrick says:

    Picture looks like it was taken last year. lol

  15. Ted Guevara says:

    Full 7-game series are money-makers. You see where the big fish is now?

  16. r says:

    fake photo-op

    and the person behind that post is 99% likely to be someone other than paul george… i fail to see how this addresses anything because it actually makes it worse that you have to stage crap like this.

    also… gone fishing? during the playoffs? really?

  17. john says:

    My friend Glen Gubbay loves the Pacers! hope they make it to the playoffs!

  18. LUKA says:

    Haha and that’s how it ends after this series..

  19. A sign of things to come? hehe Oh come on Pacers, I know you can do better than what you’re currently showing. Much respect to the Wizards though who are also a very good team.

  20. Presently says:

    He just destroyed in game 2 y’all should have waited for another 0 & 0 game foist

  21. Jerome Griffin says:

    Pacers are definitely not losing to the Wizards. George Hill is a defensive guard trying to play offensively. Make him lockdown Wall. Put PG on Beal. Let HIbbert be Hibbert. The Pacers will be fine. Best thing about these two teams is they like to SHOOT. One game you may shoot 45-50 percent and the next barely shoot 30. Gortat and Nene will always be the biggest issue because they got size but they’re not premier defenders so go at them…

  22. Kws1066 says:

    Stop hating on the pacers! They won’t be gone fishing for awhile, and when they do it will be with a nba title! They will figure things out and beat the wizards, just like they did with the hawks, and we all know they play five times harder when playing the heat.

  23. o9p0 says:

    What the picture doesn’t represent is how the fish is 4 feet long.

  24. Kws1066 says:

    Haha pacer haters, these guys proved me right by winning game three tonight. Don’t toot your own horn before the buzzer sounds, pacers have the wizards by the neck and ready to squeeze

  25. rueben says:

    Pacers rule