Nick Young volunteers to coach the Lakers

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Los Angeles Lakers need a new coach. Their swaggy shooting guard, Nick Young, who is always up to something interesting and could become a free agent this summer, could possibly need a new job.

So in some ways it makes perfect sense that Young would volunteer to coach the Lakers. After all, who is more Hollywood than Swaggy P? Let’s make this happen, Lake Show…


  1. Miles crane says:

    Hell nah u serious???

    • lbj says:

      If Lakers and Kobe want to get back into championship form. They need to hire our “king” LeBron as playing coach to get Kobe his 6th ring to tied up with Michael Jordan

  2. After seeing Young throw a baseball (over the backstop), and watching the Dodger relievers throw away another game last night – I think Young’s future in in the Dodger Bullpen. Yeah, at least it will give us something to laugh about…

  3. Blog-So-Hard-2014 says:

    Swaggy P gotta organize his messy sneaker collection closet first..