Shaqtin’ A Fool: Worst Of Round 1 & #ShaqtinMVP

VIDEO: Shaqtin A Fool: Worst of Round 1

Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment from the First Round of the playoffs and tweet your favorite to #Shaqtin.

Don’t forget to tune in to NBA TV on June 11 at 9 p.m. ET for a special 30-minute edition of Shaqtin’ A Fool that will culminate in the naming of the 2013-14 #ShaqtinMVP!



  1. Xerox says:

    Perk made my day with his stunt. A new type of couch – Millercouch! Oh my god…Shaq your segment rules!

  2. Fire McHale Plz says:

    lol’ed at the poster with JaVale McGee. he looked like an evil genius there.

    • Fire McHale Plz says:

      btw, i think Perkins and his Tragic Bronson moves should win the award. that makes the OKC Thunder have 2 MVP’s in a single season. a record worth noting.

  3. Bro says:

    Indiana Pacers is the most overrated team in NBA why nobody is showing love for them in SHAQTIN’ A FOOL?

  4. Juan says:


  5. jwt7000 says:

    One nomination missed: Linsanity’s shot that went over the backboard just got away with Shaqtin.

    Perkins should be this year’s Shaqtin MVP…. because he’s a Shaqtin A Fool legend.

  6. sup says:

    jafail McGee all the way

  7. baftba says:

    Fire Shaq! Get this dude off the air for good!

  8. NBA FAN says:

    Perk for MVP

  9. Perk for the win says:

    Perk with some great defence!

  10. vidurawije says:

    MAN!!! P.E.R.K. but the mvp should go to to swaggy p

  11. Javaleforthreepeat says:

    JAVALE MCGEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. BeReal says:

    I was expecting to see the refs officiating in the Nets vs Raptors series for the whole Shaqtin’ a fool segment. I don’t know how there is no investigation for that series. Nets fan or Raptor fan aside, you have to be blind not too see that biased series.

  13. McGe3peat says:

    poster says, you ain’t stealin my title! haha

  14. jty7271 says:

    Swaggy”s bloopers are flashy but Perk’s are substance. Anybody can throw a terrible ceremonial pitch at a baseball game, but only a naturally goofy guy can sit on another player. I Swaggy tries to be a goofy character, whereas I think Perk tries to be a badazz and then fails miserably. Perk takes this “award” hands dpwn.

  15. Pro-x says:

    Absolutely the funniest show! Shaq rulez!

  16. kendrick for mvp because his just like javale mggee

  17. Deandre says:

    Swaggy P this season is my MVP for sure. Just way more crazy antics and bonehead plays, period.

  18. A fool says:

    Swaggy P will smile when he finds out he’s the MVFool

    Perk would have gotten pissed off, they actually make more fun of Perk than Swaggy P.

    It would be funnier if it was Perk, but Nick Young made more funny shaqtin a fool moves

    Love the intro song, keep it rolling….

  19. mondchopers says:

    Tragic Bronson reverse layup for the win!

  20. Nicolo Quimbo says:

    After being a runner-up to Javale McGee last year, Kendrick Perkins is this year’s Shaqtin’ A Fool M.V.P.!

    As for the best of round 1? I thought BG’s move was sneaky! 🙂

  21. Lol says:

    Vote Perk #ShaqtinMVP 😀 Never Thought I would Use Perkins and MVP in the Same Sentence!

  22. Lol says:

    Who Notices Javale McGee In the Back round of the Picture Of Nick Young and Kendrick Perkins? xD

  23. pejta24 says:

    perkins is the king!!!

  24. Game Time says:

    Leave it to Perkins to invent new ways and parts of your body to foul a player.

  25. JM says:

    Perk is the MVP….. OKC has two MVP’s in KD (2013-2014 season MVP) and Perk (Shaqtin’ A Fool MVP)…

  26. EWATS says:

    I give it to nick young. I would at least practice that pitch before ever attempting it… Kendrick isnt a fool for that hes just funny as hell

  27. Sunni says:

    I was watching the game when Perk did that. It the announcers were laughing for so long!

  28. Johnny Kilroy says:

    The most watchable was Griff, but was not foolish, was GOLD!! Swaggy 4 biggest fool on year. The pre-emptive 3-point celebration shot is an image ingrained in my mind 4 the ages – it transcends the sport. Personally, thought Lance was the pick of this bunch – 2 have eluded every1, b on the cusp of glory only 2 b rejected by the inanimate. DOH!