Gilbert Arenas trains for comeback

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just yesterday we checked in with former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas, who was trying to figure out what to do with his extensive shoe collection. Not long after that post, Agent Zero returned to Instagram to post a few videos of him working out while wearing what looks a Bane mask. As Gilbert said in one of the captions, “Too be a beast you have to work like one…using my training mask so it’s harder to breathe.”

(via Sportando)


  1. jdub455 says:

    Go Hibachi!

  2. lbj says:

    Training for comback won’t give you any ring. You need to train and go to Miami with our “king” LeBron for your first ring and 4th for our “king” LeBron next yr bec this year is his 3rd straight

    • Lukee says:

      No he needs to come back to Washington and do right by his team cuz we sure could use a back up scoring point guard/ shooting guard

    • tmd says:

      Ranting about how training for a comback won’t give you a ring won’t give you a ring. You need to train and go to San Antonio with our “Big Fundamental” Duncan for your first ring and SIXTH for our “Big Fundamental” Duncan next yr bec this year is his FIFTH

      • ChuzzyChu says:

        You are a great optimist, but do excuse my doubt because i really don’t think the Spurs will go by the Thunder, i just don’t see it happening. However, i must say there is a glimmer of hope just because of Ibaka’s injury… But my money is still on the Thunder to rout the Spurs unfortunately.

  3. Henrik Jensen says:

    He’ll need to join the Blazers, they will be beastly next year

    • lbj says:

      Blazers was just 5th best in the West. 1st Spurs 2nd OKC 3rd Clippers 4th Houston just got lucky of the Dillard 3 point shot!

      • ChuzzyChu says:

        I really don’t think he’ll have a solid (impactful) role with the Blazers.

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      • QYoung says:

        well when your the 4th and 5th seeded teams in the playoffs that doesnt really determine whos better because its too close to call. according to the way the playoffs turned out Portland was the 4th best team. lucky shot or not they still won 4 out of 7

  4. Trevor says:

    Yes come back and join the Bulls we’ll get you a title gilbert.

    • QYoung says:

      Sadly thats false. And the bulls are one of the teams i like but they had a serious problem scoring the ball this season, mainly because their leading scorer was out majority of this season and all of last season. they play hard though. but when rose returns its doubtful hes going to be the scoring machine he once was. you can be a star in this league one minute and a shell of yourself the next. not unlike tracy mcgrady

  5. ARENAS IS DONE says:

    In todays point gurad league there’s no reason a team will sign with this dude and keep givin checks to him. He had the chance but never had the mental power to stay in the NBA. Also rippin off so rediculusly players like Stevenson and Hibbert doesnt make him better. Especially, when those guys compete in the playoffs while you Arenas are sitting home.

  6. Jayquan says:

    Straight to LA with Kobe .

  7. Eman says:

    Hey gilbert arenas one of the best point guard..he should team up with Carmelo Anthony or Kobe Bryant..but if he wants a ring
    then lebron and wade are the best option imagine arenas on pg,wade sg ,James sf ,beastly pf ,bosh c..don’t forget the birdman,ray Allen and Greg oden…wooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww

  8. Ballin' says:

    He got some handles

  9. ChuzzyChu says:

    Good to see that Agnt zero is still looking shape… I would love him in Miami, however i believe his legacy would be better if he goes back to the Wizards.

  10. ChuzzyChu says:

    C’mon back agent zero, the league needs you… Also, i’d love you to join my Heat, but i have a feeling that going back to the Wizard wld be best for your legacy.

  11. Sean says:

    Gilbert just get back in the league some kind of way your talent , skills, and leadership will do the rest but what will be the most important thing is your ability to Lead off the Court.

  12. Carvin says:

    I watch Gilbert play last summer in Chicago’s Pro-AM and he still has the tools to contribute to a team. His last venture was after the suspension and he played not to be a distraction. If his mind is free of all that why wouldn’t any smart team in need of a quality backup sign him, he’s still getting paid from his last contract so money would not be issue, ball players like to play.

  13. raptors fan says:

    This guy SOOO slow… No one will want him. I hope he doesn’t join Raptors…

  14. CB says:

    Gilbert should sue James Harden for stealing his game. That’s how Gilbert could get rich!!! And he should do like (H)Akeem and have a basketball camp…I STILL ROCK AGENT ZERO JERSEY!!! One of my alltime favorite players! love my Cuban brothers!!!!

  15. Lexus Nexus says:

    Gilbert is not serious about returning. His knees are shot. His days as a serious baller have long been over.

  16. ju says:

    yo gilbert! how about some defense training. you should get to rodman to teach you something.

  17. Allan says:

    yeah. train those fancy moves then join the globetrotters. hehehe . not the real one. the cartoon will do. there yall get your ring.

  18. jg says:

    he would easily score 80 against duke.

  19. Kaneman says:

    C’mon Agent Zero! I’d be happy to see him back in the NBA.

  20. MIke says:

    Did anybody else notice that he double-dribbled at the end of that last clip?

  21. GOD says:

    GO To Raptors! Young team could use some experience.

    • QYoung says:

      very true. i dont think hes going to come back into a chamionship situation with a team like miami or san antonio because these teams already have good roleplayers with experience. but a young team like toronto that made the playoffs this year could use some veteran leadership. if hes enough of a leader. dont forget hes had some off the court issues outside of the whole gun thing

  22. mark says:

    Gilbert is DONE! Go to the euro league mabybe they will except?

  23. Ftb says:

    Come to houston

  24. ayyyyy my boy gilbert is comin back ya’ll

  25. marlon green says:

    are guys serious? Cant we find something else better to talk about? Gilbert Areanas is done. Why dont you guys start a column about all the players that possibly would have been chamipions and legends but lost their chances due to injury.

  26. Amnesia says:

    A team that does aim playoffs and have strong frontcourt but lacks skilled guard can sign him as back up scorer-pg. What can they lose, he can bring some momentum like J.Crawford if he still got game.

  27. pokie says:

    After his workout he has Javaris Crittenton’s liver with some lava beans and a nice chianti.