Coach Spo gets a pregame gift

Hours before Miami stepped on the court to play for their fourth straight Eastern Conference finals trip, coach Erik Spoelstra arrived to the podium for his requisite pregame exchange with the assembled media.

Then came the sound that coaches love to hear from journos and bloggers, but rarely do: silence. A few soundless seconds after sitting down, Spo left the podium a giddy man. If Gregg Popovich could get the same treatment, that would make him happy.

VIDEO: Erik Spoelstra conducts the shortest interview of the NBA playoffs


  1. Karlutoy says:


  2. Julio Morales R. says:

    I guess the media finally got tired of asking the same questions over and over. They finally figured it out! That’s why Erik left with a smile on his face. This is what the Heat set out to do when they signed both Lebron and Bosh. Not three, not four, not five but six rings. We just have to wait.