Fan gets lifelike Kobe tattoo

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve seen fans honor their favorite players with haircuts, even with the occasional body ink. But this Kobe Bryant tattoo received by a Lakers fan may be the most detailed and realistic yet. Below is a video and a few pics from a tattoo artist who goes by QTattoo Lee…

(via B/R)


  1. lbj says:

    Getting a lifelike tattoo won’t gives this fan a ring. He needs to get a LeBron James tattoo on his back like the other guys did 2 months ago and that guy will get his first ring by June!

    • tmd says:

      Ranting about how getting a lifelike tattoo won’t give this fan a ring won’t give you four rings. You need to team up with “The Big Fundamental” Duncan and you will win four championships and your FIFTH ring by June!

    • meow says:

      maybe its time to cut the act and get a life lbj

    • I'm Right says:

      lbj strikes again HAHAHA LOVE IT TROLLOLOLOL

  2. Nicely done says:

    Very good job by the tattoo artist. That tattoo was done exceptionally well.

    However, why would you get a tattoo of Kobe Bryant? Probably the most overrated NBA player of all time. The guy made a career of of pure media hype.

  3. Shut up lbj u are such a fricking annoying piece of crap the heat are gonna suck without lebron cuz there trash and the lakers are a franchise team great fans great players and the heat arent a franchise they can only win with baby lebron on their team #lebronsucks #lakeshow

    • skrutz says:

      Wow, you sound like a giant baby. And go directly against the “great fans” of the Lakers comment. Get a life, learn some respect.

      • Darien says:

        Franchise team that went 27-55?

        you say heat can’t win without lebron (which they have done multiple times) Lakers clearly can’t win without Kobe, plus the lakers roster is trash if anything

        Come on man

  4. J.Soh says:

    People should just appreciate great art and not sound so useless by commenting he should get a lebron tattoo. if you think a lebron tattoo is a must, go get yourself one.

  5. J.Soh says:

    Geez, appreciating great art and not trying to sound like an extremely biased Lebron fanboy isn’t that hard.

  6. BLUV says:

    Man, people kill me. This had nothing to do with Lebron but people are such haters, anything related to Kobe has to be compared to someone else. We’re not talking about Lebron here. This article was about this EXCELLENT piece of tattoo art. Now as a Laker fan, I would not get this on me however it is probably one of the best tatts I’ve seen in my life. Very lifelike from the sweat beads on his forhead to the depth of his eyes. This tattoo artist did an incredible piece of work. That is clear for any eye to see.

  7. - says:

    The tattoo is very well done, but the guy needs to be locked away for wanted that mug on his body for the rest of his life.

  8. Mr.splashman says:

    Derrick rose tatoo

  9. Mr.splashman says:


  10. averagejoe says:

    this is not a tattoo, this is a body paint.
    nice job though…

  11. Quincy F says:

    As a tattoo fan I had to check out the video because as BLUV mentioned, its so life-like from the sweat to the glare in his eyes. a complete masterpiece. I don’t give a damn what team you root for NO ONE can deny Kobe’s skill and accomplishments. Btw this is coming from a Lebron Fan, KOBE will go down as one of the illest to ever do it. 5 Rings don’t ever lie. Stop the hating and appreciate the work done and talent of one of the greatest players and clutch shooters in NBA History.

  12. comeback says:

    the irony is that this is almost the exact place where kobe injury had happened.

    wish kobe and d-rose best of luck & sorry if the my english is not so good

  13. r says:

    my favorite part of this is the nike logo on paper shoe/sock

  14. Kobe fun not LBJ fun says:

    It’s pretty cool! I think a LBJ tattoo will be larger than a Kobe one considered that his face is wider.

  15. Roy says:

    That is bonkers! 1. To get tat of another man is weird unless it was your father or man you love 2.all Kobe will say is thanks for the support, unless he sees my msg and does more for this guy and 3.dude why get a tat of your favorite athlete? I think being a fan is good enough. If you ever run into Kobe he might think you want to rip his skin off and wear it. It’s just weird.

  16. Roy says:

    Btw…the tat is extremely sick. Respect to the artist.

  17. Phil says:

    Now that is one talented tattoo artist!

    • kaybee says:

      What an idiot!!!!!! I simply cannot comprehend this..How can you be so stupid to do this to your body..Im sure Kobe thinks you are an idiot as well..

  18. TRUTHTELLER says:

    LeBron James > Kobe

  19. Ed says:

    The tattoo artist did an amazing job. Kobe is, in my opinion, the best active player in the NBA and one of the top 2 players to play in the NBA in the last 30 years (second only to Magic Johnson). He is not overrated. Never has the world seen such dedication from a young man to perfect his trade. My only hope is that he continues to contribute to the game after retiring his jersey.

  20. chuckcigarello says:

    you guys ar dumb. Respect th artist, respect the tattoo. Probably the best portrait tattoo of a celebrity on ahuman body. thats it. anything else, cut the noise man.

  21. Dope artist! I wonder why that photo of all the photos available. Saying that, what are some iconic photos of Kobe that would make for a good tat. Him with the CHIP maybe.

  22. Jamie S says:

    Far out!!

  23. dd def says:

    that is an AMAZING piece of work. kudos to qtattoo lee

  24. Lisa says:

    Wow, very nice. That’s simply amazing work. I’m a die-hard Lakers fan because of Magic Johnson.

  25. Blog-So-Hard-2014 says:

    Wow.. but on your leg, though?

  26. Blog-So-Hard-2014 says:

    Can’t ever auction off that Rembrandt, huh?

  27. Marlon says:

    Admirers marveled at how lifelike it was when it started screaming at his other tattoos to give it the ball.

  28. dwade says:

    lbj get out of here

  29. kashae says:

    That tat is CLEAN!! Getting a Kobe tattoo is a bit “much” but the artistry and detail is probably the best I’ve seen. It’s difficult to get that realistic finish, especially on the shin where it’s rounded.

  30. Franky says:

    Rape leg!

  31. matt says:

    too bad kobe’s jersey is purple in the picture but yellow on the guy’s leg.. By the way, that tattoo artist is f’ing amazing.

  32. joseph says:

    LeBron James have long way to go

  33. joseph says:

    Kobe been there done tha,t already

  34. joseph says:

    Jordan and kobe best all time you no that

  35. Doucheku says:

    The tattoo artist is amazing. I am seriously in awe. Good job, man-
    Too bad it wasn’t a tattoo of Michael Jordan though. G.O.A.T

    Kobe Jordan
    Seasons 17- 15
    MVP’s 1 – 5
    Final MVP 2- 6
    All Star 15- 14
    Chips 5- 6
    Scoring Title 2- 10
    Rookie OTY No- Yes

    • Nba says:

      You forgot to mention 4th all time scoring, 600 points away from being 3rd. And 9 All-Defensive 1st Team. Kobe overrated? Please…

  36. wak9 says:

    thats an incredible tattoo!!!

  37. Doucheku says:

    Lebron vs Jordan

    Season 11 – 15
    MVP’s 4-5
    Finals MVP 2-6
    Allstar 9-14
    Chips 2-6
    Scoring Title 1-10
    Rookie OTY Yes-Yes

    Jordan. G.O.A.T.

  38. cash says:

    Please stop comparing lbj to kobe Bryant! Basketball today not even the same one kobe came to the nba its soft af now just for players like kD and lbj it was so many competitors its like 4 in the nba right now or maybe 3 so stop,start compare lbj to kD his competition..


    Has Kobe always been on the Crack-pipe?

  40. ivan says:

    all players are great players all shine individually unfortunatly kobe’s light is fading and new ones will come in his place but i fear that kobe’s competitiveness might not let him admit that he might very well be done.

  41. bj says:

    wow, the best I have seen till now !!! kudos, creds, thumbs, kegt

  42. lbj says:

    Lebron James the best but d-wade is old and bosh isn’t that good. If lbj wants another ring he should team up with a couple hall of famers in their prime and a few all-stars. Maybe CP3, K.D., Aldridge, Love. Then he’ll win not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, not 8, not 9, not 10 but 1. Giving the goat 3.

  43. leohchan says:

    Kobe. U either hate him or you love him. There is no in between or indifferent.

    81 pts – 2nd highest in NBA game history
    5 rings
    1 MVP
    2 Finals MVP
    16 times All-Star
    2 Olympic Gold Medal
    Future Hall of Famer

    Stop being a hater.

  44. MIke says:

    The kobe tattoo will probably have a falling out with the tattoo on the other leg and will insist that either that tattoo goes, or he goes. Then the kobe tattoo will demand more and more money for every year that it’s on that leg. Eventually the kobe tattoo won’t be as impressive as other tattoos but it will insist on having a say on what other tattoos can be added.

  45. kd says:

    nice tattoo, bad choice

  46. Ftb says:

    Lbj lebron sucks rockets will get melo and win the nba finals just get it pacers will win

  47. this guy is going to get so many ladies with that tattoo!!! hahahah

  48. Kenn says:

    @lbj what are you doing all day? Man cut the act.. work to live life.. You do not get paid by what you are doing. Instead apply a job instead of trying to troll all the articles here.

  49. Shutout says:

    This just in…Kobe fans calve gets arrested for raping a woman in Colorado!

  50. sally says:

    Lebron has had two or three fans with tatoos of him covering their back. What’s the big deal ???

  51. G3 says:

    This post is about an amazing tattoo, but people still feel the need to debate on who’s the goat. At this point it doesn’t matter, eras are different, the game is played differently. Just admire a great work of art and stop with the irrelevant debates.

  52. carl says:

    Why is lebron james name up for? have nothing do with lebron is about tattoo of kobe

  53. Kenny says:

    What an idiot!

  54. Bolo says:

    Tell me dude, what is the cost of this TATOOOOOO? It is awesome, outstanding ETC…

  55. basketballz says:

    Why do you Kobe fanboys forget that he played 2nd fiddle to Shaq during the first 3 championships. Lets not act like Kobe led the way to five. He was a helper for the first 3 and SIDEKICK to the most dominant center in the game at the time. We can say he was leader for the last 2.. but Shaq was the leader and 3-time Finals MVP for those first three.

    81 points, maybe a missed MVP due to negative media…but generally over hyped and no he can’t even sniff Jordan’s greatness IMO.

  56. Lol says:

    3rd Championship I feel it


  57. Rg10 says:

    Lbj got ugly face…haha i dont want to put that face on my skin 😀

  58. J-Man says:

    What next!? Is he going to bow down to a statue of Kobe?

  59. Most people if they want to have tattoo, usually depict their mother or their girlfriend, this guy had a basketball player on his.Is this a great compliment or what. What is this guy thinking.

  60. James says:

    5 rings > 2 rings

  61. heswhite says:

    he white!

  62. ZenithRO says:

    Someone should get a lifelike Birdman tattoo:D Tattoo inception

  63. hydlaker says:

    nice one

  64. Kobe’s the man. And that’s coming from a Knicks fan. This tattoo is a bit much for me, but to each his own. Still Kobe is the man. Who else in this comment thread has 5 championship rings, MVP’s, Gold Medals, and NBA Records? (Crickets)

  65. carlos says:

    I am always wondering what is the guys smoking. LOL
    Look numbers mean ssst. He is a ball hog with the percentage very low among many more player.
    Anyone adoring a stupid ball player need to stop smoking that stuff.

  66. carlos says:

    How soon we forgot that ballhog did not win til Pau Gasol came. So the mvp WAS Pau. Go see the freaking games. Fanatics.

  67. Le Croissant says:

    He should have gotten a Boris Diaw tattoo.

  68. Agudo says:

    I guess thats why they call them tattoo ‘artists’. He ain’t playin!