Robin Lopez customizes his shoes

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Turns out Portland’s Robin Lopez isn’t just a fan of comic books and nerd culture, he’s an artist himself. Thoughout the playoffs, he’s been posting pictures of his adidas shoes, which he’s been customizing for each game — often this means drawing intricate shapes and designs on the shoes. Lopez is a talented artist, and he’s been chronicling his work on Instagram…

Second playoff customization – The "Inkwells"/"Phantom Blots". Let's get it tonight! #RIPCITY #NeverSayDie

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Playoff Customization 3: Rockin the "RIP CITY Reds" #RIPCITY #NeverSayDie

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Had to redeem these kicks tonight…helluva effort from our #GOONIES #NeverSayDie #RIPCITY

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"Blaze of Glory" tonight. And TRob's pb&j in the back #RIPCITY #NeverSayDie #GOONIES #WhereTheCrustables??

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  1. Aus Ric says:

    Great Stuff. Very cool indeed. Adidas needs to bring those designs to market.

  2. Polak from Poland says:

    I think this might be Robin’s own art work?!