Nick Young got his nickname from God

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We learn more and more about Nick Young every day, and this is a good thing. We’ve seen him volunteer to coach the Lakers, throw out a wild first pitch, visit a hockey game, even unleash his swag too soon. But one thing I’d never thought to question was how he got the nickname Swaggy P.

As it turns out, according to a video Nick posted on his must-follow Instagram account, the nickname was a gift from God. Literally.

Me and God tight like that

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  1. V. says:

    he always looks and acts high as hell

  2. Terence says:

    Jeez I love this guy lol…How could you not…If he was on your team, you’d be his biggest fan…He just needs to really buckle down on the court there is no reason he shouldnt have been starting last year with his skill level.

  3. Another Heat Fan says:


    You know I used to hate the Lakers, but this….I would never wish this for anyone’s team lol….

  4. P says:

    very funny!!

  5. Swaggy P says:

    True story.

  6. Someone Else says:

    Nick Young has a habit of coming across as very conceited and claiming god gave him a nickname that stupid is ridiculous.

  7. reallyOhreally says:

    Since when did Nick follow, or listen to God? This guy is funny, fun to watch on the court, always smiling – but really? God came to me in a dream. Come on Nick. I wish you would read the Holy Scriptures though. That’s where you’ll really hear God speak.

  8. Kobe Fever says:

    I am a Kobe fanatic. And I have been contemplating what I am going to do when the greatest player ever decides not to destroy all competition anymore… I thought about praying for an early Armageddon –because who wants to live in a kobe-less world, but I thought that to be a tad extreme… Alas! Swaggy P! I am hoping that Nick Young can keep the legacy alive. I see the talent, and the charisma …..after one more for Kobe!!!


    Swaggy G.

  9. Looks Good says:

    I’ll have what he’s having.

  10. lbj says:

    getting a nickname from god will not gives you any ring you need to get a better nickname from our King “Lebron” like he gave to Rio “Chalmers” and Flash “Wade”

  11. Blog-So-Hard-2014-NBA-Playoff-Edition says:

    Nick Cannon’s brother from another mother