Shaqtin’ A Fool: Worst Of Round 2

VIDEO: Shaqtin A Fool: Worst of Round 2

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  1. Bill says:

    Kendrick Perkins is McGee reincarnated!!!

  2. samba says:

    its really funny lol

  3. Boris, Boris, Boris says:

    Boris “RIP City” Diaw .. lmao and Nene’s “No-No”, gtf outta here.. :/

  4. Fool says:

    Pop Reaction is priceless…

  5. annieg1986 says:

    chalmers in canadian

  6. Kalbo!! says:

    Kendrick’s the man.. young needs to grow up.. LOL

  7. TJ says:

    Did Kenny just say that Brazil is in Europe?!?

  8. Dan says:

    Kenny is the Shaqtin’ here: “…is this an European invasion?” when Nene appeared on-screen. I’d like to rate this :))

  9. Webster my man says:

    Nice head fake from Webster!

  10. None Of The Above says:

    Like many people who represent France at sports Tony Parker IS NOT French (Dutch mother, American father, born in Belgium). Also Boris Diaw’s father is Senegalese.

    • max says:

      Don’t care about their parents’ nationality. They play for the French Team, they feel French so they are French to me. I’m proud those guys represent my country.

    • Cardinal69 says:

      They ARE French given that they have the French nationality ! They just are people from immigration, and so what? What you say is that you can only get the nationality of your origins ! Please, you can’t say they’re not French just because of the origins of their parents.

    • skrutz says:

      Yeah, the fact that if you asked Parker, he’d say “I’m French” doesn’t mean anything.

  11. halamadrid says:

    he’s not funny anymore.

  12. GM says:

    For me the Shaqtin a fool winners this week are the TNT overtime team ! Nene is an American since he was born in Brazil ( America is the name of the continent before being used in the USA name / South America for Brazil ).

    • skrutz says:

      No one does that, and it’s annoying. You say America, EVERYONE knows you mean the USA.

  13. mainman says:

    shaqtin`a fool is the only thing that keeps Shaq on this show…

  14. Lol says:

    Javale McPerkins

  15. NENE says:

    Nene is Brazilian!

  16. Cardinal69 says:

    They ARE French given that they have the French nationality ! They just are people from immigration, and so what? What you say is that you can only get the nationality of your origins ! Please, you can’t say they’re not French just because of the origins of their parents.

  17. The practice of elevating oneself by lowering others seems to be in full bloom once again. It amazes me how many imperfect men, such as Shaq, feel that they are so much higher, so much better, wiser and qualified that they are entitled to mock, belittle and put down others.

    How refreshing it would be to hear some of them offer words of encouragement and support rather than falling into the childish practice of “follow the leader” and pick on the guy who is struggling but doing the best he can.

    Size does matter! How big is your heart, Shaq? And the rest of you who are sitting and splashing in the same mud puddle as he?

  18. None Of The Above says:

    To “max” – You’re obviously biased if you’re from France.
    To ” cardinal69″ – Origins is what nationality comes from. You are talking about taking out citizenship which is a different thing.
    To “skrutz” – Have you talked to Tony Parker recently and asked him?

  19. Someone Else says:

    To “max”, “cardinal69” & “skrutz”. I agree with “None of the above”, nationality is something you inherit not something you pick up through immigration. Some people take out citizenship for 3 or 4 or more different countries so by cardinal69’s argument that would make all of those countries a person’s nationality?

  20. FUTURECELTIC says:

    Boris Diaw to who? WHO? WHOOOOOO? C’mon Boris you’re better than that. Also, Tony and Manu need better communication. That play could have been easy bucket for Manu. Nene’s play wasn’t really bad, its just that he’s a big man and doesn’t have that fast reaction time that J Wall has. Congrats to TNT Overtime group, cuz they finally got something as funny as Javlae making Ty Lawson his little horsey. Perkins has done it twice already though, so we should stop making fun of Javale, who is an effective player. He doesn’t deserve to be humiliated especially since he and Iggy pulled Nuggets out of a slump after Melo left.

  21. thunderfan says:

    at least the thunder beat the clippers

  22. Glen Gaculais says:

    hahahahahah swaggy P can swagg, but the thing is JAVALE spirit is in PERKINS! wahahahahahah 😀

  23. bimbyla says:


  24. GameBundle says:

    poor poor chris paul

  25. GameBundle says:

    no no nene

  26. jwt7000 says:

    I can’t believe Perkins is trying to do the same piggyback ride on a player like McGee. Oh me, oh my.

  27. guloz says:

    Absolutely Perkins!!!!!!

  28. N.B. says:

    OMG)) ofcourse B.I.G. Perk #1

  29. Chris says:

    Shaq’tin a fool moment of the week:

    Kenny (I believe) says in that video (“worst of round 2”): “Is this an european invasion”, after Nené appears on screen!!! 😀 Dude, he is from Brasil and Brasil is in South America.. Oh my, Kenny – what were u thinking 😀

  30. Pinoy Camper says:

    #Spurs fan here. Diaw and Parkers makes me LOL!

  31. Kevin Lin says:

    Pretty hard to find a lot of goofy moments during the playoffs…..not as good as in the regular season….give Shaq credit for trying

  32. byron says:

    Perkins get the L

  33. Max R says:

    To you racists “none of the above” and “someone else” up there: your arguments don’t hold, if someone’s nationality can only be linked to origin, then by your standard none of the NBA players are American, because everybody immigrated to the American continent at some point. That would make most Bostonians Irish, Louisianan locals French and what not. May I ask where you guys come from?

  34. Tomek says:

    For me Andrea Bargnani is SHAQTIN’ A FOOL all time MVP, second place: Russel Wesbrook, thirth place: Kedrick Perkins, fourth place: James Harden, fifth place referees, sixth place: Marcin Gortat, seventh place: NBA., eight place Blake Griffin. nineth place Derick Rose and his doctors, tenth place: rookies.

    • John Doe says:

      Have you even seen past seasons? Javele McGee was on on average twice a show. And this season with Nick Young…

  35. bob§§ says:

    that was the worst Shaqti’n a fool

  36. Sarniak says:

    Really, Nene is from oversees ? meaning Europe dammit you are so educated!
    European invasion from Brazil! This should be in Shaqitn’ a fool.