Lance Stephenson takes a nap

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERLance Stephenson turned in a heckuva game for the Pacers last night. Though Indiana lost to the Heat, 87-83, Stephenson was the Pacers’ most consistent performer, finishing with 25 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds. And on this play in the third quarter, Lance also turned in his most expressive play of the series, trying to draw a foul on LeBron James and then just laying it down right there near midcourt…

UPDATE: Stephenson was fined $5,000 by the NBA for violating its anti-flopping rules

VIDEO: Lance takes a nap


  1. heatPR says:

    So, the logic of miami haters is that any player can flop, but LeBron is the biggest flopper? I got Miami in 6.

    • lbj says:

      This is the greateast flop of all time you can see on his eyes looking for the refs to call Stephenson should be fine the maximum penalty at 2.5 million same with David Sterling. Just to let you know taking a nap won’t give you a ring you need to play with our “king” LeBron and finally taking a nap with him once the final is over!

  2. Brainundrum says:

    ROFL. that is all.

  3. Karlos says:

    How about Lebron’s flop? Nothing like a dive (perfect Oscar nominee) trying to get a technical foul…

  4. BIG3ERA says:

    What a character Lance is. He’s got game but tried flopping ridiculously twice in a game. He should receive a technical, a fine or a Shaqtin.

  5. CG says:

    He will be doing a lot of naps once this series is over.. lol

  6. Aram says:

    This is way too obvious. He should be fine. LOL

  7. teamfirst says:

    flopping is a tactical play, lets be real, these refs are idiots…if it requires you to act to get a call then do it, nba style basketball is all about strategy …its not how street ball is obviously…so if players flop to get to the line then so be it…people needa quit whyling about it…ya lebron flops, and every other player when they go to the rim and someone smacks the ball out their hands so they throw their hands up as if someone shot them or when they shoot a jumper and they moving around like they got electrocuted just so the ref sees they got hit….what i don’t agree with is when players tryin to sell the call ie flop, and they dont get the call, so they sit their and dont move…just get up and keep going…ie lance nappin extra longer so all a sudden refs turn around and realize ok hes still on the floor, lets go ahead and call it? lol…people chill…

    • AD says:

      Do you have any idea how difficult the refs’ job is? If you did, you wouldn’t call them idiots.


    Monster flop from the not so scary Lance Stephenson

  9. Heatles says:

    LOL He fell like someone shot him.

  10. Randy says:

    Flop! Truly sad!

  11. jwt7000 says:

    Another Shaqtin A Fool nomination too soon for both Stephenson and Hibbert?

  12. TeamHeat says:

    Clearly a flop. I think players should get fined twice when they know they clearly flopped, and then overreact like laying on the floor an extra 10 secs. What are you thinking? Why didn’t the refs just call my flop? I sold it so good. Should have been a tech for delay of game and $5k.

  13. Boink says:

    Shaqtin a fool

  14. MIA vs SAS says:

    What a joke. His famous tenacity has been just collapsed.

  15. Z for 3 says:

    Seems like he took inspiration from the Big 3

  16. Big Dog says:

    Rumor is, lance’s fine was for such a poor job of imitating “The Lebron”. Check out u-tube “Lebroning” … Rumor has it kids are being suspended if they do it poorly.

  17. Quiet Observer says:

    I do agree with the fine. The flop was made worse by laying on the floor and not getting up imediately. But also along with that flop was the one by James after the West foul. Yes it was a foul, and the refs did make the correct call by not calling a flagrant, but James did flop and spent as much tie on the floor that Lance did. Where is the fine on James. Ido understand that the NBA will not make an example of their poster boy, but at least try and keep it even.

    • logic says:

      Because lebron was ACTUALLY fouled you even said it yourself. you dont get fined for getting fouled and trying to sell it to the refs.If that was the case damn neaar every foul would be fined cause players ALWAYS sell a foul to the refs thats why flopping is so bad right now cause they sell evrything. Yes lebron does flop i will definitly admit that but the dude gets fouled alot more then people want to admit. Shaq was fouled all the time but shaq fought back lebron chose to sell the fouls

  18. nba says:

    @ Z for 3 imitation is the best form of flattery. Don’t be upset please little guy.

  19. Mike says:

    Flop on the flopper.

  20. Miami says:

    You dont win championship ring sleeping near the teams logo.

  21. WesternConferenceChamps says:

    You know what you won’t see in the Western Conference finals. Flopping (Lance) or Diving (Lebron). Those two teams are actually balling out west (Can’t hurt on the Ibaka injury)… Just saying. I hear a whole lotta yappin coming from out East, but not a peep from the Western Foes. Out West. They’re just worried about playing ball. This ain’t 2013 no more.

  22. Sam Reye says:

    5k for the nap factor 🙂

    Keep it up Lance!! ;P

  23. Lebron James flopped in the first or second quarter almost as bad as this one. Just because Lebron is what people call a “King” his flopping is the worst in the NBA. Check this site out.

  24. Akron Big Mike #1 Fan Of LBJ says:

    The NBA is a brotherhood and no body should be trying to purposely take out a fellow basketball player just to win a game. Labron has been wrestled to the floor, cracked in the head and just been mauled by defenders, but he’s a real man who can take a licking and just keeps on ticking. The same with the rest of Heat teammates. Stay focus on the winning of the NBA Championship and it will happen for you. The whole team is being prayed for your success and injury free games. Bless You Heat.

  25. xoul says:

    Can’t wait to see Shaqtin a flop

  26. 501Laker says:

    ok this is just funny. Lance has a vivid sense of humour or he is just a bit looney. A bit of Rodman, mixed with a bit of Hansbough brothers, a bit of steven jackson, a bit of JR Smith. I love this guy tho. Reminds me of a guy in Belize.

  27. GamePro says:

    Relax Peeps…

    The Guy just needed a break from giving so much and all that adrenaline.

    He as just exaggerating a little humour in it as well.

    Lets Go Heat!

  28. airball says:

    man… that maybe the worst flop… and an ugly one tsk3.. its very obvious man…

  29. Blog-So-Hard-2014-NBA-Playoff-Edition says:

    Someone pin him for the 3-count

  30. I’m still not done LAUGHING AT THIS! hahahahaha FLOP OF THE CENTURY! Second to none! OSCAR BEST ACTOR AWARD…hands down…no questions asked…hehehehehe

  31. Kevin Lin says:

    That should’ve been a Shaqtin A Fool nominee!

  32. wmresrfge says:

    Didn’t he get fined for that?

  33. wmresrfge says:

    wasn’t he fined?

  34. wmresrfge says:

    he had to pay 4000$ for that,no?

  35. lbj big fan says:

    5k people cant u read

  36. lol says:

    Nothing wrong with someone giving the players and fans a slapstick comedy during the intense game.

    If anything, he should be paid for acting like a clown.