The San Antonio Spurs and the beautiful game

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you hadn’t noticed, the San Antonio Spurs are doing it again — quietly, efficiently, ruthlessly winning their way toward another trip to the NBA Finals. They play their system, they keep pounding that rock, and they never, ever deviate from what got them here. While this has proven to be an effective strategy in terms of winning games, it’s not always all that exciting to watch for casual fans. This video does a terrific job highlighting exactly what makes the Spurs so good and so worth your time. You don’t have to be a fan, but if you love hoops, you should respect the game…

VIDEO: Spurs beautiful game


  1. Jonathan says:

    This video is so touching. Even though I am young but I am a fan of the SAS for 11 years already and I just don’t know how to say how great they are this year.

  2. Valli says:

    The most admirable threesome in the history of basketball—- and a team of perfection on and off the court as well.
    They are what true professional team sports is all about.
    This is what I look at as an example to all— both professionally and personally.

    Congrats to the Spurs!

  3. Rohan says:

    Hoops fans will love this video. To be honest, everybody wants to play this way but very few execute it. One of the most beautiful videos on basketball and team work!

  4. Gerardo Neves says:

    Spurs basketball is a true paradigm of perfect teamwork, a great example of professionalism, but an excellent work of art, too. GO, SPURS, GO!

  5. Armando Capote says:

    We are proud of our San Antonio Spurs. They play as a team as mentioned by an NBA giant such as Magic Johnson. They are not egotistical or show boaters, instead, precise, wining machines. This boring concept was initially mentioned by the media which was unfortunate and now it’s time the media reckons their mislabel.

  6. LeBron will never be the G.O.A.T. says:

    Please don’t comment on this lbj. Show some respect for the Spurs and the way this game should be played. Please don’t comment.

  7. ashley says:

    I was born and raised in San Antonio, and I have watched the Spurs since I was a little girl.

    I just have to say that I am constantly impressed by the team’s humility and hard work.
    Much credit to Pop.

    So proud to have such an inspiration in my city.

    • Just one correction to your words says:

      Your San Antonio Spurs are an inspiration to the basketball playing world. Easily the best Team-work system (under Pop’s) since KC Jone’s Celtics in the 80’s… and, believe me from someone who witnessed that Celtics Team, playing Live, that really is the ultimate comparison & compliment.

  8. Nachote - SPURS FAN says:

    I am from Argentina and in my country this video became viral in only 2 days. I love SAS and the BIG THREE! Thanks Timmy, Tony, Manu, Greg and all the SPURS for the great basketball. GO SPURS GO!

  9. Lisa Gee says:

    Wow, who ever made this video deserves an award.

  10. Jose fabbroni says:

    Exceptional video, thank. You should add subtitles o voice over to others languages.

  11. Cynthia says:

    This is a Team who play like a team. It’s teams like the Spurs that make Basketball worth watching. No glam no lights but the true love for the game. I love the spurs!! Go Spurs Go!!

  12. Liza says:

    I grew up in the David Robinson era of the SAS. San Antonio is my home town and the Spurs are MY team! Pop has reconfirmed the definition of FUNDAMENTAL basketball when he took over the Spurs in the current “Superstar/Super Team” day in age. The Spurs are the quiet giants in this league and they really need to get the respect that they LONG deserve on Sportscenter or shows like First Take… But that’s the difference between The Spurs and The Heat…we don’t need the hype to deliver. Our skills speak for themselves and THIS YEAR we’re taking what should have been ours last year!!! #gospursgo

  13. Louie says:

    Thank you Magic!, it is a good thing when a player of your caliber can recognize what the media is blind to see.. I have been a spurs fan since 1992, I still love Robinson but the spurs have morphed into how the game is suppose to be played. It makes me happy that a great can see what they are doing in San Antonio…

  14. A 2007 PHX Suns Fan says:

    I always hated the Spurs until Bowen and Horry left.
    Go Spurs! Hopefully, you’ll be this year’s champs

  15. Enrique Serrano says:

    The gold standard of team basketball. Absolute epic teamwork, unselfish players, and their will to win is unmatched in today’s sports. A joy to watch. I dread the day that the big 4 (Pop, Timmy, Manu and Tony) walk away from the game. I will always cherish the moments they created for us true basketball fans.

  16. Carlo says:

    The funny thing is… the “Spurs way” is not an odd thing. It’s the way ANY team in ANY team sports should behave. And ANY coach – if honest – will be ready to admit it.
    Any player and any coach in in-game and post-game interviews always talk about “playing together, sharing the ball, blah, blah.” Only, the Spurs just do it (Nike should pay them homage for actually implementing this concept for real).

    But, if your team is built around some egotistical or childlish star, this “way” cannot be implemented (look at the disfunctional Knicks, “headed” by Anthony and driven around by JRSmith).
    The usual way franchises try to build a winning team is by piling up as many super players as money and circumstances concede and let them doing the job. Oddly enough, when this doesn’t work the blame is on the coach!
    Look at the “Spurs way”. They carefully select players, regardless of their fame and all of them have to adhere to the working system.
    Either you fit in or you’re out! If you fit, you can be a part of it whatever your previous status. Look at how an intelligent guy like Belinelli fitted in from day one. Look at how the Spurs built an ever-winning team by selecting neglected players like Ginobili or Parker. They got one 1st pick a century ago and kept moving on and winning (mmh… just like the Cavs, no?)

  17. Jim Lilingpadang says:

    This is how basketball should be played!, NBA might need to consider an award for the best team. Basketball is about a team play, not one man show!. GO SPURS!

  18. mls says:

    Hello from the other side of the Atlantic,

    as an elderly basketball fan I’ve admired the San Antonio Spurs since the times of David Robinson, partly because he has a degree in mathematics like me 🙂 This team amazes me every year, how in the world they accomplish what they have in mind? They are special, they are different, and they play the way I myself would like to play if I had the talent. And not the least, they blend players from different continents into a team so successfully that it’s become surreal.

    Will continue to watch them; and hope the trey will stay together on the court as long as possible.


  19. just sayin' says:

    A great teaching tool for young kids wanting to start playing and young coaches to pattern their philosophy. I am a Melo fan, but more than that I am a basketball fanatic and I wish more teams would play like this. Its fundamental, it has the word fun in it, how can this be boring. ^_^

    Good luck SAS!

  20. Tracey says:

    Thank you so much for this video! It’s about time that people look beyond the glamour and the dunks and start watching some real basketball. The Spurs are humble, smart, and they know how to play as a team. Most people don’t even know that much about the Spurs, but true basketball fans appreciate their game. Something about their game is beautiful and perfect, and they always bring home the win. SPURS FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP!

    PS: Send the link to this video to all Heat and OKC fans, and show them what a real team is.

  21. Bryan says:

    How could anyone deny the Spurs’ greatness after seeing this? I think the praise in the comments section here speaks volumes to that effect. I feel bad for fans of other teams. Not only are the Spurs good, but they do it right and with character. It must be hard to root against the good guys every time their teams play the Spurs.

  22. Eloy Ruvalcaba says:

    I’m tempted to admire Duncan, or Parker, or Ginobili individually, but I realized is about Basketball, then I admire the SAN ANTONIO SPURS. The more I ponder about these warrior’s age, the more I admire Pop. This team is not about hype, nor about arrogance, when you see them play you even think it’s not even about money, but Pop takes to believe in unity, in team effort, in selfishness, in BASKETBALL.

    Everybody should pay a tribute to this great coach; the Media, the NBA, all basketball fans, all basketball players and all coaches out there not only should pay a tribute to him, but should pay close attention. GO SPURS!

  23. Bobby says:

    They play Basketball the right way and move the ball like a TEAM that why there the BEST team ever play in NBA history…. well done Pop, and last but not least wanna thanks the BIG three for knowing how to communicate, sharing the basketball like a real team should do, playing the right way of basketball for your hard work and loyalty…. hope we bring it this year fellas i can fell it…….

  24. Lucas Esandi says:

    It shows us how a team sport is played regardless the ego of every player that many people in the States love with one on one situations of the game. We must return to the fundamentals, these are the foundations of the game. That’s how you win as a team, playing the game and taking the benefits of each fundament. No wonder why the leader of this team, Tim Duncan, is called Big Fundamental. This is a tribute to watch and learn. This team is a model in the NBA and in FIBA!

  25. Washington Muriuki says:

    My best team ever

  26. Linda Slaughter says:

    I am a 72 year old grandmother. The bright spot in my days is watching the group of fine athletes that make up the San Antonio Spurs. They are worthy of respect and are perfect role models for our young people today. In a society where there is far too much bad language and suggestive entertainers, it is refreshing to see a group like the Spurs. David Robinson is one of the finest humans to ever walk the earth – not only as an athlete, but for the great things he does to give back to San Antonio and will always be one of my favorites. Tim is the ultimate professional, and Manu is a study in courage. Tony , IMHO, is the best point guard playing today. Pop has done a wonderful job leading these guys as a team – leaving egos on the sideline – and just playing good basketball. Yes, I love my Spurs!

  27. frank says:

    Spurs SUCK!!!!!!!!!

    • Andres says:

      I hope the Spurs win it all this year and you eat your words. This is one of the greatest teams ever put together.

    • MIke says:

      You’re amazing. You should start writing a novel and fill it with the content of your literary prowess.

    • nbfaninsc says:


      Shut down your computer and gather your bookbag or the little yellow school bus is going to leave you behind.

    • ella says:

      ONLY WEAK PEOPLE HOLD GRUDGES!!!! never credited the suns fans with much intelect, anyway…it’s time to let, kiddo! even steve nash abandoned you!

  28. mikasasukasa says:

    For everybody who loves basketball, this sheer poetry.

  29. fidoogle says:

    Commercials and NBA highlights show so many spectacular dunks by other teams and hardly ever show incredible feats by the Spurs. I think I finally figured why. You see, the Spurs amazing level of playing is in the details. A quick highlight on a commercial can’t possibly capture all the detailed, precise maneuvers that compose s single Spurs play. I mean it’s mesmerizing to watch an entire Spurs play occur in real time. Capturing and showing the big dunks is easy on a typical NBA commercial. Capturing the devil in the Spurs level of play is impossible. It’s like the difference between Thunder and Lightning McQueen. Whereas Thunder is loud and boastful and talks endlessly, McQueen has the engine of a monster. When that engine is roaring on all pistons, take cover. God help us all to appreciate what we are witnessing.

  30. fmshyanguya says:

    Beautiful game indeed!

  31. Hera says:

    I have always been a person that liked certain teams because my favorite players played in those teams. Thus, you can imagine in the past 10-15 years I have liked and supported several different teams, but there has been only one team that I like because they are just that… A TEAM. Spurs have always been an amazing team, not “one man team” like many teams are now in the NBA. It has always been a pleasure watching them. This is what basketball is about and I sure hope they win this season. They deserve it more than any other team.

  32. Enneo Camargo says:

    From Brazil I must say that we are so proud that our Thiago is learning with these 03 fantastic guys.

    And Pop is like a big Dad….

    Go spurs…..

  33. John Philippines says:

    This is the best Spurs related video I have ever seen. Lots of thanks to those who created this, it’s a work of art.

  34. ANDRO says:

    It’s just how the game should be played. Unfortunately, for those who do not clearly understand the game, individual talents are preferred rather than team chemistry. This is the main reason why the Americans are no longer as dominant internationally as compared to the 1st “Dream Team”.

  35. LPack says:

    Finally! A story that gives the Spurs their due. Love their “team” ball.

  36. Best team ever!

    Spurs is the best team in NBA by far, there is no team since basketball creation who can compare with this team, every year is a strong team, they have the best record ever! (Lakers is 1st but they play in NBA since the NBA only was 4 or 5 teams).
    Every year the Spurs are about hit the 60 wins, and when you watch Spurs game you see ball movement and you don’t get bored like other teams, but is sad the NBA sometime want to show us the good dunkers and the rookies who score 30 pts with 6 – 40 FG, they still thinking the pleayer who dunks good are the best. Every player when go to the Spurs get a transformation in IQ basketball. (so sad every league want a franchise like this and the NBA got it and they don’t know.)

    PD: The Heat in 2013 Finals was lucky (JUST LUCKY).

  37. Old Geister says:

    The Spurs are up there with the greats. They remind me of the Knicks from the early 70’s. Intelligent B-Ball. Goran Dragic nailed it, it is like basketball symphony. Refined athletic entertainment. What can one say? I really hope they win it all this year, and I am not from the great state of Texas.

  38. Lie Xiao Han says:

    Bruce Lee once said, ‘be water, my man.’ In basketball, or any sports, you have to look at San Santonio Spurs and make them as your role model. The longevity, the consistency, how to manage your players’ egos, and,the most important thing, how to see the bigger picture when adversity comes. Be Spurs!

  39. Michael says:

    Terrifying. And simply, beautiful.

    You can have individual superstars like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, etc., but this is a team game.

    This is real basketball.

  40. Antonio says:

    I told people this team reminded me of the 80’s Celtics team I loved so much…so glad that type of Basketball is still played.

  41. Phyllis says:

    The Spurs are the most successful professional sports team in North America in terms of success and a business model to follow. They literally have been a dominant force since the late 90s to the present and their draft strategy ensures they’ll be a force to be reckoned with long after their key players retire. This franchise will go down in history as better than the Bulls during the Jordan era. I have never seen a team play so cohesively and soundly defeat any opponent who comes their way. Arguably, they might be one of the best franchises in the world

  42. tay says:

    i think its not only 3 man game anymore, spurs has played with all of their players. every single of them played their system and a deadly weapon.

  43. Mr.splashman says:

    Their Basketball is Beautiful.Great Execution

  44. Vikas says:

    A magnificent video showcasing a truly incredible team and organisation dedicated to playing this beautiful game the way it should be played. Such a rarity in a world dedicated to the flashy, individualistic and high profile way of doing things. Team basketball at its finest. When I watch the spurs, they constantly amaze me with all they do. They have redefined the old adage. The sum of the whole is greater than its parts. They deserve more media attention and acclaim than what they have got so far from the media. Thanks lang for sharing this. The spurs have a strong chance to win ring nos 5.

  45. The #1 Spurs' Fan in the PHILIPPINES! says:

    I’m with the the San Antonio Spurs now for a Decade. I’ve grown-up & watched Duncan, Parker & Ginobili played together. I have witnessed all, Victories, Blowouts, Losses, the Ups & Downs of the team. But I’m still here as a Spurs Fan, I loved other Sports but this is my Favorite Sports Team of all Time. I truly believe and praying that this is their Year. One Last Shot for the Greatest Trio in Sports that don’t live in Glamour, Luxury, Fame and too much Media Attention.

    San Antonio Spurs = Their Beautiful Game the Championship! #Drivefor5!

  46. MIke says:

    They say a team of champions will never beat a champion team. So what happens when you come up against a champion team of champions?

  47. Sid says:

    “You don’t have to be a fan, but if you love hoops, you should respect the game”

  48. fundamental says:

    The problem with most of the NBA Players is that they stop being humble when they receive their insane salaries. Most of the superstars think that they are bigger than their team.

  49. Fabbe says:

    maybe the bigest av all big 3s. ever. Most important these 3 playing pure basketball. no antics att all. no flopping. no hurting other players. and they are humble.
    TD, the best PF ever
    MJ, the smartest player in the world. He is basketball iq is like milion.
    TP, the the best pg overall

  50. John says:

    Anyone know what the musical score/soundtrack is behind this video (especially the latter part during the highlights)? Amazing score to an amazing video.

  51. Auravolga says:

    Yes I am a San Antonio spurs fans Since 2003 and a lot of people thought they are old and this year is the spurs year.go spurs !

  52. Gerald says:

    Do love watching them play. Have a feeling they’ll win the championship this time

  53. Coco says:

    Just make me eyes wet again and again. The thing that they use a Showtimer as Magic on this it´s amazing.
    Anyway Spurs team is not the only team that works that way, you can youtube some Spain or Argentina Nationals Teams videos of the last few years.

  54. Much Respect says:

    I am not a San Antonio fan, and i hated them especially when they would torment the Lakers. But honestly, this is how basketball should be played: a team game. I respect their team and organization, as well as coach Pop who turned this team into the most disciplined and professional squad of today. Not to mention the players who give up their egos and superstar mentality to make their magic happen. Hope that they finally get the championship they deserve and that they should have won last year.

  55. JDACJOHN says:

    I’ve been a Spurs fan almost 30 years – way back when the old downtown arena was rockin’ in the playoffs so hard you could feel the floors shaking. There’s nothing like that and never will be again. I was there when Sir Charles hit that fade away over David Robinson at the end of the game to knock the Spurs out of the playoffs. It still makes me sad, remembering that. There’s so many reasons I love the Spurs. They don’t get the national recognition or acknowledgements of greatness and they never have. This video brings it all home though and crystalizes what makes the Spurs so special. You can’t help but want them to win. To whomever put this video together, Thank You.

  56. Harry says:

    Spurs are a great team with no controversy. Great coach, great Tim Duncan, Parker and good good Ginobili. They play the right way most of the time. But they do have their weakness, once their point guard gets trapped and the flow is interrupted, they will have trouble to score. OKC can do it, just how many games can OKC do it is the question. Heat can do it too. Spurs are not very athletic and legs are not as fast as a few teams. I see OKC get third game and we will have to re-evaluate the situation.

  57. Arreosamba says:

    MVT – Most Valuable Team. Give it to them!!

  58. ella says:

    so proud of the guys! been STH for 6yrs, now, going on seven… i can tell u one thing: the spurs’ success starts at attcenter… from parking attendants, to ushers, security, sales, energy team, silver dancers, … they’re all so nice, and professional, and make you feel like family the moment you get there… we never look too deep when we talk about a team’s success… we stop at management, coaches, players… but, i would like to take a moment to say “thank you” to everybody who works there, because without your hard work, the team would not be the same…


  59. Joe says:

    I am at a lost for words when this team is clicking during games. I live in San Antonio and the Spurs are the only profession sports team and the city and it’s people love them and they love the city and always give back. GO SPURS GO

  60. bd932 says:

    Just beautiful basketball

  61. Matthew says:

    Honestly I like team basketball but most importantly you got to have the players on the team to buy into the system and a coach that is supported from the top and bottom. I still do not like the Spurs all that much. We can sit here and act like they are unfairly overlooked or whatever but this league is built on star power unfortunately which involves the marketability of said stars. It seems that the Spurs always go after the quiet hardworking lunchpail guys and that makes for a winning formula as well but you cannot be surprised if that does not get you air time especially located in a city that is not a top destination. I do respect their game though. How can you not? They do it night in and night out while resting old legs during the season. You would never see Andrew Bynum on that team. I was surprised when Stephen Jackson suited up for the Spurs. Even when he did, he toed the line. You gotta respect the way they go about their business. It is not always the most exciting thing to watch sometimes but the goal is to win. They win.

  62. Norse says:

    I don’t get the article. It’s far better to watch the Spurs than watching 1 guy trying to beat 5, with 4 standing around watching. Seriously, Miamia is boring, the occational fast break excluded. San Antonio is a delight to wach.

  63. ForeverASpursFan says:

    Epitome of the “One Team, One Goal” statement. There are no hidden agendas, no personal objectives – all team oriented. The Spurs proved that they can play with or without a superstar and if that still is Boring… I dont know whats not. SPURS ALL THE WAY!!!!

  64. ForeverASpursFan says:

    Epitome of the “One Team, One Goal” statement. There are no hidden agendas, no personal objectives – all team oriented. The Spurs proved that they can play with or without a superstar and if that still is Boring… I dont know whats not.

    “Beautiful” cant even describe the Spurs brand of basketball


  65. Mikey says:

    I credit the Spurs management and coaching staff for not only making brilliant picks like the ones that landed Manu and Parker, but providing the kind of culture where a very good player can become a great player. Most players who have the good fortune to land in San Antonio become more than what they would have been if allowed to wither on another, lesser team.

    The Spurs are the best-run organization in American sports, IMO.

    And this is coming from a lifelong LAKERS fan!

    • Rafiq says:

      The teams organizational culture and shared values amongst its players and staff are incredible!

  66. From Jakarta says:

    that part where parker led the huddle was very inspiring. a must video for every basketball lovers.
    wish the spurs all the best even when pop and the big 3 retire.

  67. Hans (Belgium) says:

    This is exactly how basketball should be played. Popovitch and his staff have done an amazing job over the years. You need intelligent players to be able to play this way but they seem to find them and they do not need the first pick.
    Okc (in particular Westbrook and Durant) is learning the hard way that team basketball always prevails. .

  68. Lakers fan says:

    I want the spurs to the tittle this year they deserve it

  69. 3PEAT says:

    LEBRON IS THE GOAT AND HEAT WILL 3PEAT. I like the spurs and how they play but im a LeBron fan since 2003 go lebron

    • Timwork says:

      You don’t got it, do you?

      If you dig basketball, you’d be able to read between the lines at least.

  70. Stephen says:

    Jordan is one of my fav player. Kobe and Lakers is one of my fav player and team as well. But honestly, SAS is my fav team ever in NBA. With the best PF ever in the NBA, Duncan also Parker and Ginobili leads the team to the beautiful teamwork basketball plays. But don’t ever forget who is behind this. Coach Pop is one of my fav coach.

    Amazing Video.

  71. Radu says:

    I am a spurs fan since 1996. i was 11 yrs old and enjoyed playing basketball so for the first time i decided to stay up late to watch an nba game – my first one ever (i’m from romania so it’s a 7 hours time zone difference). The Spurs played the Bulls in november 1996 (The public television back then aired all Bulls games) and they lost by 10 (if i remember corectly). Everybody as cheering for the Bulls so i decided that the San Antonio Spurs would be my team to cheer for because i love a underdog story. That season i watched 6 Spurs games in total because the Spurs were losing so the public television anytime they were telecasting the Spurs, they would condider it a off night, but i folowed them online, watching highlights, box scores etc.
    And then comes the Duncan era. I was so happy that now they were starting to play good basketball and win games that it was a no brainer for me to stay up late and watch the Spurs play (now they were telecasting more Spurs games ’cause the team was wining). The rest is hystory.
    In conclusion, i just wanted to say that i feel fortuned that i had oportunity to watch the Spurs play in all this years because it won’t be a team like this EVER!
    P.S. : I’m a little mad that till this day the Spurs don’t get the credit they so rightfully deserved, and we are forced to hear and read comments like :” the miami heat best team ever”, “blake griffin one of the best player in the game”, “the spurs are boring, we want dunks from half court”, “we want 40 point games from players” – but they are not looking that for example Kevin Durant has 30-35 FGA per game to reach 40 etc. SMH

  72. Edd says:

    someone once said Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships

  73. Not a Spurs fan but. . . says:

    Not a Spurs fan, but I must admit they are a great basketball TEAM. Rather see Spurs take the championship than lbj.

  74. LucM says:

    Manu, Timy & Tony :
    the Artist, the Diligent & the Fuel 😉

    But, please why the emotional music? We don’t need any, to know what we have to feel and think, thanks !

  75. Matinho says:

    The way Sugar K. Leonard, Diaw, Splitter, Mills etc. are playing we should consider calling them the Big 12. I’m not even a Spurs-Fan, but i really hope they can get a much deserved ring and make up for the devastating loss of last year. It’s been 7 years now since the last title, the veteran guys deserve to end their career with a “Goodbye-Ring”

  76. Rafiq says:

    The San Antonio Spurs are the most complete team in the NBA league because as this great video showed, the Spurs have always played together collectively as a team with the main focus on accomplishing their team goals as a unit which they all share. Their emphasis on teamwork has been evident throughout their play and the Spurs philosophy has been executing fundamentals in the game of basketball. So they are a very beautiful team to watch every time and every game they play to compete in winning cause the Spurs are perfect in everything they perform on defence and offence. It’s like seeing poetry in motion, artistry at work, and experiencing team greatness by watching beautiful artwork unfold at that very moment when the Spurs make phenomenal plays. Off court the team is just as great! Powerful!

  77. lbj says:

    The honest truth is that the spurs has talent and they play the game how it is meant to be played. The players on the spurs team know their roles and they play them without deviation and that’s the big difference between them and most of the other teams. Miami is one of those teams but the difference between spurs and Miami is the team makeup and that spurs system is better, credit to the coaching staff. The team replayed by executing. What some of you are trying to say is that spurs do not have flashy and very athletic players. Talent is not flash but you can be talented and flashy at the same time. It is impossible to have no talent and play the brand of basketball that the spurs play. They are not the most complete team but they are the closest to being complete. At present they have all the pieces except a superstar, Duncan used to be that and manu was at some point but like Duncan his superstar power has faded a little.

  78. The Truth says:

    Watching that video was incredible. I fell in love with basketball in the 80s, watching how the Lakers and Celtics played. It was beautiful basketball. That is how the Spurs play (I know I’m repeating what Magic, my all time favorite player, said – but I didn’t need him to say it, as I already felt that way). It’s what makes me want to watch basketball!

    I don’t want to take away from this beautiful video and go negative, but I have to say this… if the game was called right, the Spurs would probably have more championships in this era. They outplay their opponents, but the league wants to keep superstars on the court, even at the expense of them being able to foul while others can’t. No one talks about it, but this was on full display in the 2012 Western Conference Finals, when OKC beat the Spurs. They got away with fouling on defense, while the Spurs did not. And when OKC got to the Finals against the Heat, the roles were reversed and it was the Heat who got away with fouling more so than OKC. So while I wouldn’t say there’s necessarily a conspiracy in the league to keep certain teams and individuals winning, their philosophy on calling games almost constitutes the conspiracy. It just kind of happens…

    Anyway, the Spurs are fun to watch!

  79. teebone21 says:

    I live in houston but damn i respect the way the spurs play. Its better than this ISO crap the rockets do

  80. Ron says:

    What is the background music for this?

  81. mike87 says:


  82. Can't Stop Won't Stop says:

    That was a great video of how to play basketball the right way. Now reading some comments about comparing the Spurs to other teams; I think management should be blamed for putting together a team that is dysfunctional and has knucklehead players on a team. Clearly the mentality these days is to stack “Star” players; which doesn’t always result in success (Ex: Knicks). Also many stars players and players alike aren’t willing to sacrifice money for the betterment of the team to get other players like Tim Duncan. Obviously we are talking about one’s livelihood here but even if they did take a pay cut; it wouldn’t set them back drastically. So in conclusion, Spurs just have a superior management team, better coaching, and stars players that actually take a significant pay cut for the betterment of the team.

  83. IbakaFan says:

    I’m an OKC fan, but the way the Spurs play… in a word, it is sensational. The unselfishness in their game is incredible, and they deserve to win a ring this year.

  84. HTP says:

    What a beautiful video. No doubt the Spurs play beautiful basketball. Thank you so much for this video it has been very enjoyable watching it.

  85. dotaleavers says:

    Special mention to admiral David Robinson. He set the standard.

  86. Frenchie says:

    From France. Go Spurs Go ! We will all support you tonight and the next until the end.

    Ps : Go Tony, Go Boris. Make us proud again. 🙂

  87. Luciano says:

    Hi, SAS plays like Argentinien Team in 2002 world cup basketball in Indianapolis….

  88. Peter says:

    Sorry, but this is a bs video. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Spurs fan, but I do enjoy the way they play. But don’t start the video talking about solo players like LeBron and Kobe and then talk about a “team” only to show highlights of Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker… If this video is about a team, where are the other players? Why wasn’t there a video spot of Stern announcing Lennard being drafted? This video was totally off the mark

  89. GoMavs says:

    And who will be the writer that posts an artical of the spurs’ big three era being over this offseason?

  90. prahumac says:

    spurs are the true champions of the basket ball era and they will be forever and ever!!!!!!!! go spurs go 2014 nba champions

  91. Juan says:

    Well, Peter. If there is a TEAM now it’s because those three, among the players, worked more than a decade to build it.

    • Peter says:

      I have no problem with that. In my opinion they all deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. My problem is what Magic (I think that’s him) is talking about “celebrating the individual” about other teams and dismissing the team that is the Spurs. LeBron is the first person to tell you that as an individual he would have won nothing. That was proven in his seven years in Cleveland. Kobe hasn’t won anything without OTHER good players around him. It’s a stupid point to make and it’s definitely incorrect.

  92. Eddie says:

    Last year I told my friends after the Heat vs. Spurs finals that the spurs were the better team. They have everyone involved and that’s what great basketball is. Miami will use all their players but will focus on wade, lebron, and bosh.

    Give credit where its due. I’m a 17 year old heat fan for goodness sake

  93. Rob says:

    Spurs VS. Nielsen Ratings

    Their only real opponent.