Kobe drives car to help kid (in a peanut costume) escape an elephant

By Jeff Case

Most news surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers right now has to deal with who will be their next coach. Will it be Byron Scott? Mike Dunleavy? Lionel Hollins? Alvin Gentry? Who knows.

What Lakers fans wait on that bit of news, their star of stars, Kobe Bryant, has a new commercial for them to enjoy. In it — and it’s an odd one — a kid in a peanut costume is “chased” (we use that term loosely) by an elephant. The kid ducks into a nearby Smart Car (driven by Bryant) and a wild/funny little chase ensues. Check it out below …

(h/t ProBasketballTalk.com & the L.A. Daily News)


  1. Luide says:

    This ad aint new?

  2. bzzzzzyman says:

    you know your career is over when themost exciting thing you do are your commercials

  3. hal says:

    In Chinese?

  4. kenjah says:

    I think with 5 rings, 3 season and finals MVP’s, few scoring title and move for a kid out of high school would be a great way to end your career. Be grateful for the years of showmanship Kobe gives us all, respect what this player represent to the NBA.

  5. kalbo says:

    your spirit is willing but the body cant take anymore.. kobe pls retire..

  6. Abraham Diaz says:

    You will NEVER catch Kobe in one of those

  7. Seeya says:

    There’s no way Kobe fits in that car.

  8. Kobe24 says:

    We need 2 more rings kobe..

  9. boston rules says:

    Kobe > lebron