Meet the Li’l Birdman

By Jeff Case

Shortly before Monday’s Game 4 between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, the Heat got word that shot blocker/fan favorite ChrisBirdmanAndersen would miss the game due to a thigh contusion. For one young, loyal Miami fan, that news had to be a little bit of a letdown … especially considering he went for the full-on “Birdman” look — including drawing on virtually all of Andersen’s trademark tattoos — for Game 4:

(h/t SBNation)


  1. lbj says:

    Lucky Birdman he will get his 2nd ring! I’ve already told you before the start of 2014 season. This will be 3 peat for the Heat with our “king” LeBron. Where are the Pacer’s fans right now saying that Heat can’t past Pacers this year bec they are improved team! look they are done 3-1 compare last year at 2-2. Just like what Sir Charles said no one in the team right now eastern or western team can beat our “king” LeBron in a 7 game series!!! Mark my word!

    • lbj says:

      werd too boy my son lebron going all out in the finals

    • okc says:

      really, i have a pretty strong feeling that okc is going to spank ur so called “king” lebron.

    • john says:

      wow you sound really dumb, the spurs are gonna beat the heat this year. they are more hungry for a title and have a better team this year as well. If it werent for ray allen the heat wouldn’t even have a asecond ring. Besides watching all heat games the calls all favor them. I bet you weren’t even a heat fan before LeBron was on that team lol.

      • lbj says:

        Even they are in starvation they will never ever beat our “king” LeBron in a game 7 series just like what Sir Charles keeps on reminding all of you! Kevin Durant impossbile to spank our “king” because in the first place they can’t beat the Spurs. They will gone fishing together with Pacers within this week!

      • lbj says:

        if not because of parker luk in game 1 last year they will not went to game 7 with Miami. fooolll!!!

      • Mr.MikeLove says:

        Bosh’s offensive rebound that lead to Allen’s shot? Heat winning game 7 after that game 6 hustle?
        The Heat did not get lucky, the Spurs were outplayed.

  2. GoMavs says:


  3. Kobe Bryant says:

    In your dreams King Flop.

  4. Mateus says:

    Let’s see my friend, Don’t party before is done.

  5. LOL says:

    LOL Spurs will beat the heat

  6. anh says:

    im not pacers fan but reason y he winning cuz paul geogre hurt

  7. Michael Jordan says:

    I’m the only King in the NBA. These dumb fans who never see me play, think that Lebron is the last Coke in the dessert.
    My God, what a bunch of bandwagon fans.

  8. lbj says:

    lebron sucks

  9. Guess says:

    I guess is because Danny Granger is not on the Pacers’s bench anymore and now Paul George has no one else to impress lol.

  10. mattew says:

    Lakers are taking it this year

  11. Kobe24 says:

    If kobe is not injured i dont think your lebron will get another ring.. Smh

  12. Kobe24 says:

    If theres someone who could stop lebron and durant its gonna be KOBE! Wait til he comes back,!!!!

    • Don't Click on My Name says:

      yeah you, right. Miami heat has L.J , D.W, & C.B. what if lakers has Kobe, K. Love & C. Anthony. The King will cry like a baby

  13. Juwan Howard says:

    The Milwaukee Bucks will win the NBA title this year and next year. I can almost guarantee it

  14. LBJ4EVER says:

    Yes SPURS are hungry for a Title! Yes THUNDER is Eyeing for a Title…… But the HEAT are starving for it! They want the 3rd ring so badly.

  15. KevinDurant-OKC says:

    I don’t care who the heat have, heck even if MJ was in his prime and joins them now, it won’t matter. Its all KD. First he gonna screw the Spurs up, and then its time for LeBron to fail

  16. You’re missing the point tit for tatters! The post is about a loyal fan who went all out, you may be loyal to you’re teams and favorite players but their time will come soon enough.

  17. DB20 says:

    Nice look kid! 😉

  18. netanel says:

    that my step step brother

  19. BRIAN says:


  20. LOL says:

    its gonna be kd? kd cant win without serge or westbrook, dont make me laugh , hahahahaha

  21. K Jo says:

    Don’t get why anyone would let their kid dress up as birdman after he pushed out of Denver after his charges of crimes against children on the internet… whatever that even means.

  22. Nate says:

    Michael Jordan Response: You said “the last Coke in the dessert.” That would not be too bad because at least you ate the whole dessert first then big deal, you had one Coke left. I believe you meant DESERT. Think of it this way genius, would you rather have two deserts or two desserts? Thus, you have two S’s in the word dessert. Just helping you not to sound like a total moron when you post things, that’s all.

  23. JaKobe824 says:

    This kid just dethroned Lil’ Wayne as Birdman JR