Lance Stephenson blowing on things is the NBA’s newest meme

By Jeff Case

ICYMI somehow last night or this morning, Lance Stephenson had a great game last night. But he made a name for himself not so much for his on court-play, but for doing what he could to get in the heads of the Miami Heat (and, specifically, LeBron James) in Game 5 of the East finals. That meant playing in-your-face defense, bumping Heat players here and there and, oh yeah, blowing in LeBron’s ear:

VIDEO: Lance Stephenson blows in LeBron James’ ear

Well, a good screengrab/video excerpt like that can’t survive on the Internet without becoming a new meme. So, this morning, we present the best memes of Stephenson blowing on things:

Lance Stephenson takes over a famous scene from Titanic

If you grew up in the 1980s, you remember doing this with your Nintendo games …

Why 50 Cent whiffed on that opening pitch so bad the other night

Lance Stephenson blowing bubbles at LeBron

Blowing out a birthday cake & blowing a pinwheel

Lance crashes a classic photo with the ‘Friends’ cast

(h/t SBNation)



  1. lmao! the nintendo NES cart was funny too

    • SJ3 says:

      To a kid!

    • lbj says:

      Hey Idiot blowing the ears of our “king” LeBron won’t gives you any ring. You need to play with him in Miami you still have one last change there still 1 game to go before our “king” LeBron beat the Pacer at home. We will trade good blowing whisting players such as James Jones and future hall of famer Norris Cole! 3 peat for the Heat by June!

  2. lmao! the nintendo NES cart was funny too. the 50 cent pitch gone to the side is hilarious

  3. rodjane says:

    NBA should not allow this.. this is not a basketball act. it should be punish with technical foul..

    • Anthony Pereira says:

      *Russian Voice

    • Majid says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking!
      I mean what he does in the court is not basketball!! I was really surprised when I watched a video on NBA today and the folks were saying this shows his competitiveness and so on!! You shouldn’t let people ruin the game!

      • Tom says:

        Majid…have you ever played organized basketball?? I did. We elbowed, stepped on feet, pulled jerseys, etc. And my team regularly won sportsmanship awards because we did less than most. What Lance did was minimal. Have we forgotten the antics of Detroit’s “Bad Boys”. Dennis Rodman would’ve done everything Lance did before the first quarter buzzer. I enjoy this kind of competitiveness. Bring it on.

    • SJ3 says:

      A M E N!!!!!!! If his game wasn’t so weak, he wouldn’t have to worry ’bout “getting in someone’s head”

    • Rox says:

      I second this motive, totally ridiculous he should be fined from the NBA for this Antics.

    • Kel says:

      Are you serious? That’s ridiculous. The NBA is already handing out way too many tech’s. You think we should give it to someone for blowing into another guy’s ear? Come on. I say we should go back to the 90’s rules, where handchecking was allowed and people played physical and flopping was not common. We need to toughen the league back up.

  4. Tero says:

    He`s great, love see him play like this and all the stuff he does

    • Kunjaymaster says:

      Great taste there buddy. He’s a mediocre player doing desperate things, the mighty Pacers are just showing their inferiority.

      • Exactly if you have to result to these type of tactics and not your abilty to play the game people talk about back in the day u think he would have done that to shaq barkley rodman rasheed wallace micheal jordon karl malone chris weber charles oakley them dudes would have went in his MOUTH ASAP true story

  5. Jose says:

    This needs to stop, in my days and in this era, it should be a fined or suspension of a game and it makes it hard for a man to tolerate this idiot.

    • Gloria says:

      Agree 100%…… he is an idiot.

    • Tom says:

      “In my days…”, please elaborate. How old are you Jose?? Did you just start watching the NBA?

      • Kel says:

        No kidding. It’s amazing how much the NBA has changed from even the 90s. People got away with so much more. This is not a big deal.

    • jo1 says:

      Let me guess @Jose, because you are a HEAT fan and you lost that’s why Lance is an idiot? Man get a life, this is BASKETBALL. Do all in your power to win the game. What’s the difference between this and flopping? NOTHING. On my watch, this is some old skool style. Can him whatever you want, he was doing his job. And he’s sure good at it.

      • rightbackatyou says:

        or the other way around, you are just a hater and thinks everyone who dislikes lance’s antics are heat fans. yeah?

    • Troy says:

      I agree with you..I know all James hater will jump in saying how competitive he is..

  6. Max1979 says:

    LMAO …. James deserves this punk out …. He thinks he is a prima Donna with his antics on court when he whines and cries when he is called for a foul running from base line to base line with his arms in the air …. I am so glad the NBA finally called him for the fouls he gets away with all the time like dropping his shoulder and plowing through players …. This is the NBA not NFL … and I do not believe so called super stars should get non calls … Stephenson treating him like a regular player instead of fearing him is how it needs to be …. Bring James’ ego down a few levels cause his head is WAY TOO BIG …. Let us all remember if Miami had not bought the last 2 NBA titles James would still not own a title …. He could not do it like Kobe and Jordan and others did with their original team and with building a team instead of buying a team …. So all you idiots that say Stephenson should be fined etc …. Get your heads out of your back side …. James with all his chest beating and crying at refs and arms flailing …. I hope more players bring this ego idiot back to earth like Lance did

    • AI says:

      The NBA is a business, if the Heat”bought” players to win then so be it. Teams are no longer loyal to players and vice versa. If James was on your team, would you still feel the same about him? IJS.

    • dee35 says:

      you’re just a lebron hater i can tell you’re bias…. i like people who can talk basketball not some hater who’s trying to express his anger.
      it’s ok not to like a player but you need to be objective and fair if you decide to publish your opinion.
      like myself i dont like Kobe Bryant but I’ll be the first to tell you he’s the closest to MJ and LBJ doesnt have nothing on him skillswise.

    • mikmaks says:

      are you really that dumb? they should act professional and not like this. you have so much hatred man.

    • Tim says:

      Making all you haters upset is priceless.. Keep watching James, keep watching us! Let’s Go Heat!

    • Heat in ACT says:

      You should talk some sense!!!

    • Baller says:

      ^^ this guys, bought the last two titles lol what are you smoking, they destroyd okc in in 5 games, and last year they beat the best team of the decade, losers make excuses, cry me a river

    • kaye says:

      Lol its obvious you are a hater.u need to know that.lebron james is the best player in the world!

    • doCJ says:

      cry me a river and grow a pair you sound like a whiney lil girl maxine

    • TheQuickBrownFOxJumpsOverTheLazyDog says:

      another H A T E R LOL

    • SharpieOne says:

      LMAO. Like Kobe? The Lakers practically bought every team Kobe ever played with. Umm are you even familiar with how Kobe won all of his championships? They won them by signing the best free agent players money could buy. Honestly I don’t like Lebron and I’m definitely not a Heat fan but you’re talking nonsense. I think there is probably one one team in the last 20 years that has won a championship off their own drafting (if you could even say that) and that’s the Spurs. However it’s worth noting that the Spurs probably wouldn’t have won 3 out of their 4 championships if it wasn’t for players brought there through free agency. Guys like Bruce Bowen and Robert Horry were bought and each helped S.A. win multiple championships. Honestly I doubt very seriously you watched the game in question (game 5 in Indiana.) Lebron was called for quite a few questionable fouls. You could honestly tell the NBA and it’s refs wanted Indiana to win, and force another game which would in turn bring in a lot of money, as soon as the gave Lebron his 5th foul. I believe Indiana was down by about 7 points at the time and right then you knew Indiana was going to win, no matter the score. Lance strips the ball and is right after is all over Lebron, then grabs Lebron around the waste and pulls him backwards and doesn’t get called for a foul. However Lebron simply tries to box out while going for the loose ball and he gets called for a foul. It’s obvious they want the Heat to go to the championship but they’re purposely stretching out the series to make more money. It’s sickening to watch.

    • zac says:

      well, shaq wasn’t drafted by the lakers, and rodman wasn’t drafted by the bulls, nor was pippen. just because Jordan and kobe stuck with the team that drafted them doesn’t mean everyone should, Cleveland was not willing to put the players around him he wanted, much like Minnesota didn’t for garnett, and milwaukie didn’t for ray allen. or did everyone forget that before Miami “bought” their titles, the lakers did it, the bulls did it, and the Celtics did it. and if you want him called for the fouls he commits, which I don’t have an issue with, then he should also get all the calls that someone smaller than him get. yes he plows thru people. he also has many no calls with people hanging off his arm, because he doesn’t fall over, and finishes the shot. take your pick.

    • quint says:

      hey!!!still BITTER?? ‘coz LBJ didn’t went to your fave team…just for the respect of the game…that’s a child act, well, i wouldn’t be surprised ‘coz you’re acting like a child also…just shut your big mouth and watch how will HEAT thump your PACERS face especially that “special”-childish act STUPIDSON of yours!!! MOVE ON DORK!!!i can see how you gritted your teeth when LBJ beat your INDIANA LO-CERS!!!! hahahahahahaha!!!!

    • Kel says:

      I know. Lance isn’t afraid to tangle with the best. It’s just competitive spirit, and maybe he takes it a little overboard sometimes. But people act like James walks on water. He’s a great player, true, but I think people forget how good the league used to be. Think of Jordan’s era. You had not only MJ but players like John Stockton, Karl Malone, Shaq, Gary Payton, Isiah, Ewing, Reggie Miller, Penny Hardaway, Charles Barkeley, Dikembe Mutumbo, David Robinson, Hakeem Olajuwon, Alonzo Mourning, Dominique Wilkins, Grant Hill (all of his injuries still sadden me)… I’m sure I’m forgetting more. This day’s NBA might have more athletes, but there were more ballers in that era. Teams actually played defense (some do now, but it’s not the same). I wish we’d go back to that type of tough, physical play. I also liked how teams actually seemed to hate each other. The last we saw of that was Garnett and the Celtics versus the Heat. Now they’re all AAU buddies.

    • D says:

      Max1979, you make me laugh dude. Saying James deserves this i bet if lance was blowing in your ear you would be the one having a cry and yet James kept a cool head and didnt retaliate just does what he does best in game 4. Yeah game 5 was a different story with pacers picking up the win but only by 3..
      And how can you say Heat bought their last 2 championships they fought has hard as any other team to win… and you sitting there saying James can’t do it like Jordon.. Please how dare you discredit the rest of the Bulls winning team like they were all no good? Jordon had a solid team around him that’s why he never had to leave and that’s why he wears 6 rings. One man can’t win a game and everyone saw that in game 6 how well heat played with James on the bench. I’m not against a bit of foolishness on the court it makes good entertainment but you gotta draw the line like Lance joining the heat huddle that’s very disrespectful even the commentators said so. You still got to hold some dignity. What would you rather be none for being a brilliant player or being a clown.

    • Todd says:

      Wow. How did Jordan do before that drafted Pippen? Or without adding the best defensive player of all time Rodman? Oh, yeah, Kobe won with Shaq… not to mention a HUGE safety net of three point shooters. I guess haters gonna hate, Max. Haters gonna hate.

    • TMac says:

      Lebron got punked?? How is blowing in somebody’s ear and being silly punking somebody. Dude was worried about fouling out rather than what Lance was doing lol…..c’mon bro. Lebron even laughed about after the game. Yeah, Lebron was pinked alright….Lance sure did show Lebron…blowing in his ear and all lol.

  7. rodjane says:

    unprofessional!!!!! NBA officials should do something about it!!!

  8. Jason says:

    yall need to stop hating on him ifs that what gets him going then leave it alone its not that serious its the nba i bet you if lebron was o do that to him yall all would not say nothing

    • dee35 says:

      do you know who the biggest trash talkers in the league were: Gary payton, Reggie miller, Jalen rose…and they could ball too but look at the end result no rings!!! trash talk wont talk you anywhere trying to get in other players head is not new and it doesnt work…. those would have multiple rings if it did… lance you’re young concentrate on sharpening your skills instead of playing old tricks in the book that dont work.

  9. Adri says:

    he thinks he will ne remembered he defended legendary LBJ. NBA would punish him for his trash-talking, mastering the “art of flopping” and being a nuisance to great players. He needs to be tamed. Looks like he has escaped from a Zoo.

    • dee35 says:

      i can tell you’re a LBJ fan, and again we need to be respectful…you’re right the Pacers were the first to call the Heats a team of flappers and look at the records to see who be fined more for flapping, but you cant take away lance’s deffensive skills he can guard he’s just not consistent. He knows LBJ is a great player he’s just trying to crack his code to help his team win the series whatever it takes. lol

    • BigL says:

      Lebron mastered the art of flopping before stephenson was even in the league. Remember the finals against the mavs, of course you dont . Heat fans have selective memory when it comes to people trash talking, (dirk and his illness) and flopping (that mavs/heat had so many flops from the heat the league had to bring in the anit flopping rule) And you still lost.

    • Kel says:

      He does flop a lot, but so does LeBron… Who cares if he does all these antics? It’s not hurting anyone. It hasn’t affect his play, so whatever. No big deal.

  10. Mohammed says:

    He must appear in NBA cares with childern what a child!!

  11. jay says:

    O my God, can’t imagine his stinking mouth and sweat. Please must be stopped.

  12. LS says:

    Lance is just a joke, a bad imitation of a clown, any player can be a tough player and still can be a great player, but this guy is just a ugly buffoon trying to get some attention. Pacers has enough great players like George, West and Hibbert, they don’t need this 8 years old doing this kind of stuff. At the end Pacers do the right plays and win the game, and the Heat make too many mistakes, as simple as that.

  13. David says:

    Song title for the bubbles pic. “Tiny bubbles”

  14. lance you in the ear says:

    nice to see guys not cowering to the beloved stars. let’s get some nasty in there.

  15. Jeff says:

    The NBA should have asked for a drug test after Lance Stephenson’s antics last night. He is out of control and something needs to be done. He has a total lack of respect for the other professionals on the court.

  16. Keith says:

    I agree completely with Max1979. James is a prima donna and it is nice to see him get punked. And I couldn’t agree more about how he lowers his shoulder and CHARGES uncontrolled to the basket EVERY TIME HE DRIVES! I grew up a HUGE Jordan fanboy and even I will admit Jordan got away with A LOT of travels. But NOWHERE near the amount James does. Or how about Rasheed Wallace? Anybody remember how he got a technical foul every time he so much as snickered at a foul call? Every Heat game I watch I wonder why James doesn’t get a technical ever time he gets called for a foul. He complains more than his bandwagon fans do! Running around flapping his arms and yelling and carrying on like a little girl and NOT ONE TECH! Yeah the NBA isn’t fixed, I really believe that!

  17. pablo bualo says:

    I agree. This should NOT be accepted. He must be fined, charged a technical, suspended…. If you want to keep this league serious you CAN´T allow this stupid things. And please, rent a brain for Lance…..

  18. Eric says:

    @Max1979 Anyone who is immature enough to say that Miami bought its titles shouldn’t be talking about basketball. What do you mean do it like Kobe? He one two championships on his “own” yet he still had the best team around him in the NBA. The Lakers front office did a great job of putting winning players around him whereas the Cavaliers front office gave him Mo Williams? Where is that guy again? And Jordan had the same thing, he got great players around him. Let’s not forget that Jordan didn’t advance to the second round of the playoffs until Scottie Pippen joined the team. So that whole line about doing it himself is bull and anybody who knows anything about basketball knows that Lebron is great. Let’s also not forget that Lebron is the only one of those three (Kobe and Jordan) who took his team to the finals by himself. Also, illogically hate on Lebron for choosing to go to a team that would actually put players around him is so dumb it’s laughable. I’ll get back to the real topic, foul calls. A few of them were good calls, but only 2, maybe three. The charge was the craziest call I’ve seen in the NBA. His 4th foul on Hibbert in which he did not even touch him should not have been called. The other’s are ticky tack and shouldn’t be called. But to single out Lebron and say he’s a “prima Donna” is ridiculous considering we had Paul George calling “home-cooking” and complaining about every call that existed. The bigger problem is how wimpy the NBA is. To end this rant, get your head out of your butt because you’re an illogical person with no facts whatsoever. Heat in 6, send the most whiny team in the NBA home (the Pacers, if that wasn’t clear in your illogical head).

  19. Hank says:

    People should just chill out. What Lance did yesterday is really nothing compare to how they used to play in the 90s. I believe if LBJ couldn’t handle these kind of stuff only proves that his mentality needs improvement. I think if Lance did the same thing to MJ, MJ would probably scored 50 and shut Lance down to 5 points. I honestly think it’s these kind of little stuff that brings players to the next level and makes the game more interesting. Bottom line: Lance does flop, but he should not be punished for blowing LBJ in the face.

  20. BoomPanes says:

    NBA Game 5 Globetrotters 93 vs Heat 90

  21. RJL101 says:

    LS new face of NBA cares.
    Pro. Bully
    It’s set good moral standard your children.
    I hope the NBA will take actions.

  22. Me says:

    NBA should suspend Lance, that is chillness.
    Lance please grow up and play Basketball like professional.

  23. Frida says:

    NBA should not allow this type of behavior. At this point its ridiculous it’s not basketball its bullying and annoying. So disrespectful how he decided to join the Miami heat huddle.

  24. Karmasilver says:

    Lance is great, don’t act like you have never trash talked, a game is a game, all in good fun if it gets under lebron’s skin so what are you guys his mom do you really care that much…

  25. Stunnas says:

    I don’t think ppl can’t put on jersey for lance Stephenson , cuz for hem to win the game suppose act stupid but tmw king James is gonna make hem stupid.

  26. olegrady says:

    Come on, this a league for professional athletics these tactics should not be tolerated. So i guess some of you would be fine with what JR Smith did. Lebron did what he had to to win championships so stop hating on him.

  27. Knuckz says:

    The sad thing is that this serious was suppose to be about basketball. However, Lance Stephenson’s immaturity and selfishness has overshadowed the whole series. He’s a blacktop player, not a professional.

  28. dave says:

    “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  29. Lol says:

    Laugh Out Loud!…… When Well Lance Learn?

  30. Matthew says:

    Just because something was done in the past does not mean it should still be done…. stuff like this is ridiculous BUT it is entertaining and ultimately spectator sports are about entertaining people.

  31. Ahmed says:

    NBA rules no taunting if this isn’t taunting then what is!!!!!!!!

  32. james says:

    definitely not professional. the refs shoud pay more attention to this kind of childlyness… and Lebron keeps ignoring him cuz you are on a completely different level than him.

  33. Robert Beckham says:

    When raw talent is lacking, blow in your opponent’s ear!

  34. Suddy says:

    I was thinking the same thing…the NBA should not allow such unprofessionalism on the court. If Lance wants to prove that he can take on Miami, he needs to play basketball and stop putting on a freak show. It is just like we heard a bully bothers others because he/she lacks self esteem, so all he is doing now is showing his insecurities for the whole world to see. I am all for competition and if you want to talk smack…do so, but some things are just unnecessary. Also if it was Labron doing all of those things, he would lose my vote because principle is such no matter who it is. I am so proud of the team for keeping their poise throughout this ordeal, one of the players should put him in his place, but then again there is no time for liabilities…they have another championship to focus on. Lance needs to play basketball more consistently instead of focusing on bouncing players down, blowing in Bron’s ear…He should be ejected from the game…those things are small, but it leads to things that the NBA shows they have no tolerance for. Some of those fouls called on Labron were not the right call, even the commentators said the same thing…some of the fouls Miami ad against them were neglected, but I figured that would happen following the previous game in Miami. Finally, Lance is acting foolishly because he should be kicking himself in the behind knowing that the best player for Miami was sitting on the bench for most of the game and because of a missed shot, his team won…by three…that is what he needs to focus on.

  35. Shep says:

    LOL Wow. Some of you are soooo touchy! This was indeed hilarious. I love my team (MIAMI), but this dude is a pure comedian. Do I get annoyed with him at times? Yes. Was that one of those moments? No. Lighten up. If LBJ didn’t get twisted about it, we shouldn’t either.

  36. Ch40 says:

    Come on Max1979 you’re just jealous you don’t have LeBron on your team. He is just the other hand I find Lance acting like a clown, I’m ok with intimidating shows and all that, but he is going overboard. Rodman was the best by far and don’t remember seeing him getting into conversations from the opposite team… LOL

  37. Akron Big Mike #1 Fan Of LBJ says:

    Some of the remarks made by some of the sport fans of this fine game of basketball really got on my nerves (for example Max 1979). Labron is a great player who does not go out of his way to injure a fellow player. Believe me he has a right to contest some of the treatment he gets when he gets fouled and nothing is done about it. I agree that he is strong and powerful but that don’t nullify his status as being a human and don’t feel any pain. The pain is least that hurts him, but the bad mouthing that this fine young gifted man takes is degrading not only to him but to all his fans who watched him from a little boy to a fine upstanding gentleman. Labron, hold your head up and don’t let nothing discourage you. God is covering you.

  38. nelliventuri says:

    Why are we hatin on the guy just because he’s being himself and having fun on the court? Have we forgotten the antics of Reggie Miller, Gary Payton, Dennis Rodman, and Even Mutombos finger wagging gesture just to name a few? Those gestures and antics are not made to ruin the game itself but is just to psyche up your opponent and hope it affects the way they play. Obviously, most of the reactions on Lance would be from Heat fans themselves who has the dirtiest and floppiest player of all time in Shane Battier (how ironic). Lance is winning by the way because he’s getting all your attention, the more you react to him the more he likes it I’m sure 😉
    So stop being a bunch of moody kids and just watch and enjoy the game whoever your cheering for. And yes what Lance is doing is not basketball, but were not watching a video game right? These are actual persons with actual personality so as long as they don’t do anyone serious harm just let them be themselves.

  39. Ch40 says:

    I think Lance is good business for The League they are making money with this guy about $65,000.00 and counting this year LOL.

  40. joezstuff says:

    He got that from a past player…he said to do anything to get his (Lebron) Goat…even if you have to blow in his ear!! He did it because he was told to do it by that hall of famed!!

  41. joezstuff says:

    He got that from a hall of famed who said to him….do anything you can to get into his(lebron) head….even if you have to blow in his ear!!

  42. Bolan Lan says:

    Another Luis Suarez in NBA

  43. Paul says:

    Check out who had the most triple doubles this year. He may be a loose cannon but Lance has game. Some of the comments on here are a joke.

  44. lakeshow says:

    Stephenson..the new MWP haha

  45. KHW says:

    This is to max1979. u guys need to stop with all this LBJ had to go to miami to win. Jordan did it his way and yet in still he did not win until he got scottie and phil. kobe did not win until shaq came into town so in essence shaq did the same as LBJ and the lakers was shaqs team. Did shaq need kobe to win or did kobe need shaq??? BROn BRON got to the finals when he was just 22 years man all by himself with the rest of that who sqad from cleveland. Jordan got there at what age?????Come on bro. and in 2011 he had dwade and still they lost in the finals.. so wats ur point. now hes winning all the haters can lean on is some make up illusion that he had to go to miami. He is the best player in the league no question about that with 2 rings heading to try for a 3rd. So please yall need to stop. As for the lance situation its basketball man. lets get it on

  46. fablins says:

    its bizarre

  47. Widens says:

    Dennis Rodman used to do that, and he was one of the greatest defender for acting such, so I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

  48. Matt says:

    Here is a guy who will do anything to win. This stuff is right out of college basketball, NBA players are not that used to this competitiveness.

  49. Chubbi says:

    Lance Stephenson is on idiot and a fool. He should have been ejected from the game. The Refs were bad at there job. Paul George went off for 30+ in the absent of LeBron James. The Pacers as a team flop to draw fouls and it work in game 5. It is sad to see the game of basketball played that way.

  50. Trey says:

    What are you talking about bought championships unlike Kobe and Jordan. Are you serious? Kobe has always had an allstar cast and so has Jordan with the most common thing, the coach which is the best coach in the NBA. You do not watch basketball, you just skim through it and pick out things to your liking and say that is what it is. Boy, Let me school you. If you played basketball and you been with a team 7 years that did not bring anyone to you that was worth anything then how are you suppose to prosper on your own.

  51. Abekebe says:

    It is realy sad to see the comments supporting what this the so called Lance is doing as a heroic act. Is this a role model for the younger generation? He can do what ever he likes off the field. But during the live game, it is really crazy. He also joining the Miami Bench during the game is inappropriate. It damages the image of Basketball.

    • You call that getting in his head more like his ear sounds to me like you should be watching boxing or wrestling you make the call,keep control of the NBA you have a lot of children who watch and are also fans

  52. Jim Muncy says:

    I thought the best part was the look on LBJ’s face when it happened. It was one of the best “this guy is an idiot” looks I have ever seen.

  53. Game Time says:

    Nintendo Cartridge FTW! James face looks like Stephenson’s breath smell’s like doo doo.

  54. Fannar says:

    Now we know why he is called “The 8th grader”

  55. TheQuickBrownFOxJumpsOverTheLazyDog says:

    just leave the guy alone he’s just trying to win the heart of their team manager and probably get a pay rise soon. LOL

  56. Dwine16 says:

    Nahh this is just one small part of playing basketball.. it is just a simple flavor in it at least lance is bringing them back unlike before right? more kind of a stuff is did specially in the 80’s and 90’s the game is a lot more physical which i think makes this 80’s and 90’s generation a lot more fun to watch coz their banging their body’s a lot more unlike now… one gentle touch and its a personal foul already. one simple pulling of body to the ground its flagrant foul 2 and ejected plus fine!! that is why this all star players right now are just lucky for the very GENTLE NBA Rulings!!

  57. Moe F says:

    those saying that its unsportsmanlike like act and that it has to be stopped have clearly just started watching the NBA, i’ve seen elbows flying, mouthpiece dropping, j Jerseys torn.. and the refs didnt even call it, its the playoffs and that’s how it should be

  58. pyro7 says:

    lance is a spoiled brat n needs to be suspended for a few games. i mean, messing with other teams coaching hurdles, doing physical actions to provoke other players n disturb the game, these things shud be illegal. FLAGRANT FOUL!

  59. live says:


  60. Karlutoy says:

    That was sooooo gay!!! Lance that is a nice blow job!! Hahahahah !!!

  61. javonte (peanut) says:

    man this was brilliant. most of the people that commented probaly never played sports in their lives. this competive sports man. the playoffs if i may add. we need more players like Resheed Wallace & Dennis Rodman’s in the NBA. the NBA today is boring. its too boring. not fun to watch. where’s the attitude? mind games? i would love to see less technical fouls. that ruins the game. every once in a while i would like to see the best players to ever play ball go at it. its basketball. its to soft and the people that commenting saying he’s an idiot don’t know anything about competive sports. i salute you Mr. Stephenson for getting in the head of LBJ and throwing off his game.

  62. albertoluispr says:

    Well I mean they made it a rule to look profesional wearing ties and suits. They worry about their players looks but not about their behavior. Granted, they cannot control everything but… Little Stephenson trying to be all mean and bad, It just adds up to the Pacers image of immature little boys. It might have been funny for a few internet pictures but it makes the team look bad in MY opinion.

  63. ska480 says:

    This is grown man doing such foolish action in a professional athelete league. When we watch this action on TV and they call it sign of competitiveness, I wouldn’t want my children to think this foolish alternative is how to express their competitiveness on the court. These guys are the professionals, they need to set good examples to society, not just as basketball player but as human being as well. I would certainly expect much more mature behaviror from LS and this is surely a detrimental to Pacer organization, thus I hope they will do something

  64. Bill says:

    I thought that was the funniest thing I saw – I laughed out loud when I saw the video in slow’s harmless, but LeBron handled it well!

  65. indy31 says:

    NBA has gotten soft and has made fans soft.. What Lance did was very harmless.Lets zoom in on other players and see what they do. There is alot more that goes on in the game than someone blowing. I’ll take the blow from lance than a elbow in the head by artest. I guess Lebron can’t play game 6 because of this. I wish Lebron played in the early to mid 90s.

  66. peter6969 says:

    meet the MILEY CYRUS of the NBA ladies and gentlemen, lance stephenson.

  67. markikoy says:

    Wait for it. Wade will give this guy his due.

  68. mismo says:

    lance is indeed an all around player.,., he is really a great player.,.
    he’ll be a hall of famer in the future..

    Pacers in 7

  69. Kay23 says:

    Lance showed unsportsmanlike conduct last night he should be fined the game is not a joke

  70. jhn says:

    he just wants to be in Shaqtin a fool…

  71. Dimon says:

    In game 6 refs will do everything for heat and miami will be in the finals !!!!!!!!!!

  72. jd says:

    Would have been nice to see LeBron smack him across the face or something. He didn’t come to play, but could have at least made a bold statement and check Stephenson for that. I’m pretty sure that most of the great players/leaders would have, Lance will regret doing that I think.

  73. peter6969 says:

    also during this game 5, have you guys seen hibbert’s flop??? hibbert is a baboon, another clown next to stephenson. can you imagine a 7’2″ or 7’4″ guy throwing himself intentionally all over the floor, supposedly from an elbow shove from whom, Mario Chalmers, a point guard??? for Christ’s sake. WTF!!! hibbert is a dumb, MF moron. he’s pathetic.

  74. jon says:

    lebron should be fouled out with that hairline the refs should be calling illegal uturn jk

  75. double drib says:

    This is similar to JR Smith untying opponents shoes. The League warned him then – he did it again – so they fined him $ 50K for unsportsmanlike conduct.

  76. jdub455 says:

    lance likes to blow lebron…. simple as that… damn! lol

  77. heat in 6 says:

    indiana fans that ur last status!!!

  78. sally says:

    you can take the player out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the player…..If the league is going to let players like this get away with doing crap like this, then a lot of fans will go elsewhere, It just makes the whole team look stupid, if I was one of his team mates I would not hesitate to tell him and I certainly would if I was his coach, What the hell is wrong with him?? It’s too bad because they do have a good team, but he is ruining it. He’s an idiot !!

    • old cheese says:

      the only thing that does is make the fans look stupid. basketball has a very mental aspect to it, this kind of stuff goes on all the time, every single game. its a part of the game which apparently you havnt noticed until now

  79. caine says:

    I remember Vince Carter use to do that with stinky breath to Rudy Gay or somebody.
    He should not be fined for this act but just nasty to look at…

  80. heat in 6 says:

    lance want to be popular damn!!!

  81. Jun says:

    A form of cheating! Unsportsman like conduct. Annoy your opponent with honest defense not like this. The NBA should impose a fine and suspension!

  82. swaggy Z says:

    I love this man! I hope Lance keeps it up, its hilarious and kind of lessens the stress of being 1 game away from elimination. KEEP IT UP LANCE.

  83. smh says:

    lol only missing from this post is a comment from lbj.

  84. 6rings says:

    Christ. It’s fans like a lot of you on here that make me hate the NBA now.

    Oh he should be fined.
    Oh it’s un-sportsman like.
    Oh it’s disrespectful.

    What a bunch of whining girls.

    Have any of you even played basketball before? Further more, any of you ever watch the NBA pre 2000 era, before all these nancy rules were brought in?

    It’s a man’s game. It’s about being competitive. About getting the upper hand. Mind games. Trash talking, Getting into your opponents head.

    Lance done absolutely nothing wrong.

    GET, OVER. IT.

    • Jeff says:

      Your parents obviously never taught you about respect, both you and Lance need a refresher course…

      • Suddy says:

        Jeff you hit the nail on the head

      • old cheese says:

        wow, hahahah, this has NOTHING to do with respect. you were probably taught not to tease because the neighbour kid was a sore loser who cried when he couldnt win. nba players dont take these meaningless taunts seriously. ITS TRASH TALKING, PSYCH-OUT, whatever you want to call it, it happens every game. you go out onto the court and you play within the rules, the respect comes after the game. its a competition you fool, they arent out there worrying about each others feelings. smh

      • Jeff says:

        There’s obviously a problem or you and I wouldn’t be going back and forth with these messages. Try to stand back and take a fresh look at the few bad apples and realize that they are just that. Acceptance is half the battle. By the way, respect comes from good parenting which our society is enjoying less and less of.

  85. Dr G says:

    What’s wrong in getting a little extra entertainment, particularly without any extra cost to you? After all, entertainment is why most do us tune in. Am I missing a point?

  86. All lance accomplish was waking a slumber giant he’s going to destroy them tonight and they have Mr Lance stephenson to thank for the hell wich is about to come down on them,if you look at the stats had lebron put up half his average the series would be over done.

  87. zamiLo says:

    These memes are really funny! Anyway, trash talking for me is a ok. Physical play for me is a ok. But, blowing into your opponents ear is not only childish but unprofessional. Sure Stephenson wanted to help his team win the psyche war and ultimately the game but please wear some dignity. Do you want to be remembered as a clown? Step up and raise your game!

  88. lol says:

    Lance has a look that if Lebron blows air to his face, he would go mad and get thrown out. What a terrible dirty player.

  89. nato gallardo says:

    It’s part of the game. Make ur opponent lose focus just like stepping on their shoes b4 he rebound will surely distract him.Kudos to Lance!

  90. rgaines says:

    Oh don’t worry, Lenron will spank that butt. You thought you ticked him off last time, oh it’s on and popping.

  91. I think his antics are hilarious. Don’t look at it as some guy trying to be a jerk, Lance is a 23 year old kid who grew up in Brooklyn playing street ball. Worse things than that happen on the street and I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s where the real basketball is. Not in an expensive stadium with expensive shoes and a rich boy lifestyle…it’s out on the street, playing hard, talking trash, and calling your own fouls. LeBron is living his rich man lifestyle and the 95% of Miami fans who are band wagoners want to make sure that no one upsets their pretty porcelain king. Really? Someone BLEW IN HIS EAR and people are upset? Who cares? Did that make a difference? Did Miami lose the game because LeBron got a tickle in his ear? No? Then stop whining about it.

    This is the definition of a “non story”

  92. sonofabbasblog says:

    lance was born on a full moon, and drinks peri peri sauce

  93. How can you be a fan of Lebron and still be able to watch a Lebroning compilation? It is a disgrace to the sport.

  94. Shortystump says:

    For those who think this is ruining basketball, you’ve obviously never played the game seriously in real life. Although I always hated it when I played, talking crap and antics is something that is a part of the game. I think the 8th Grader blowing in “King” James’ ear is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen in the NBA. Especially because that arrogant fool “King” takes himself so seriously and is such a macho douche. Hi-lar-i-ous.

  95. Lance-Is-An-Idiot says:

    Now that Pacers’s season is done, they can release Lance so he can practice his idiocy somewhere else.

  96. Carlos says:

    Love Lance, he is a competitor and only 23 years old, free agent this year bring him home to the Kniocks! Hibert and Lance for Shumpert and Chandler. I think that switch would benefit both teams greatly.

  97. fablins says:

    wheres indiana fans ? disappear?

  98. retired U.S. ARMY VET says:

    The NBA has an anti-bullying campaign. What Lance was doing to LeBron to provoke him are the same things bully’s use on their victims. Model the message you are campaigning.

  99. Tyrone says:

    It’s funny how many people are mad at Lance Stephenson…..I was watching Game 6 and I couldn’t stop laughing when he stood over Lebron and kept him from getting up! And then on top of it, he tapped Lebron in the face and then got back on D like nothing happened!

    Just chill out, enjoy the entertainment – he’s like a harmless Ron Artest with more talent. Why are you so mad? It’s not like the Pacers won the series….

  100. Peter says:

    In my opinion the worse thing was what he did to Cole…. if you watch the replay you can tell by Stephenson’s face that he hit Cole on purpose. Whatever though. I hope his stupid antics cost him a bunch of money next year contract-wise.

  101. flip says:

    I don’t feel that there’s anything wrong with what Lance has done, he talks trash and tries to annoy his opponents. It’s just part of competition there will always be guys that try to get into people’s heads.

  102. Ha says:

    It’s finally come to this: The Miami fanboys don’t want anyone to even be able to breath on LBJ


    He breathed on LBJ? Double Technical!


  103. dee says:

    He is A clown that’s why they lost that team is full of clowns PG RH AND LS all clowns they still need a player with grangers skill set before he got hurt in order to get be at the level they were they have gotten worst since PG took over the team as the best player.

  104. 6rings says:

    And people say Lebron could play in ‘any’ era.


    Guy can’t even play in this one without getting upset at Lance blowing in his ear – Imagine Bron playing against Dennis Rodman. The Worm would have LBJ shedding tears onto his butt ugly sneakers.

    Imagine Charles Barkley getting in his face and diggin him in the ribs with a few sly elbows here and there.

    Imagine Bird talking BIG trash in his ear after every shot the ‘king’ missed.

    The guy is a tool, and the league today is soft as wet, used tissue.

    Man up.

    • Peter says:

      For someone that hates today’s NBA as you posted previously, you sure are here a lot. I’m not a LeBron fan, but I think he controlled himself pretty well. If anyone came and smacked me on my chin between plays like that would be kissing the floor. But Stephenson knew that LeBron would not go too far that why he did what he did. He couldn’t even look at Haslem when Haslem told him what’s what.

  105. TheAll-Star136 says:

    He should go to the Windy City

  106. Ko8e says:

    Blowing in an opponents ear is a foul. It’s a highly sensitive organ that one can gain an unfair and non-basketball advantage by messing with it, just like it should be a foul to pick another players nose or pull their pants down.

    Is it childlike – yes,
    Is it unprofessional – yes,
    Is it a big deal – NO.

    Call a foul, or levy a small fine and move on.
    This is just a desperate and immature player on a desperate team trying to hold on to the belief that they belonged on the same court with the heat… they didn’t. The Pacers started strong, finished weak, and are now out of the competition like so many other teams.

    What is more alarming is the upward trend of flopping in this series. Heat are the golden standard for flopping and the pacers seem to want to match that too.

    Shameful Eastern Conference. Not half the quality competition as the Western Conference.
    Wish we could see the Heat play against more skilled and deserving teams en route to their 3 peat. Even golden state could have put on a better series than the dysfunctional Pacers and without needing to flop and blow and have a Lebronze-less game in order to extend an already lost series.

  107. Stiz says:

    Eminem Is The GOAT

  108. lbj says:

    Wellllllllll,it looks like it doesn’t matter huh

  109. Mario says:

    He did not just blow in the ear. He did a lot of acts of taunting:

    1. Blow in the ear.
    2. Push Lebron back on the floor and then stay standing over him instead of moving along.
    3. Put his dirty hand in Lebron’s face.
    4. Swing at Noris Cole’s face way after Noris Cole already had the ball.

    What he did is not basketball and is deserving of hefty fines (not slap on the wrist fines). Stuff like this deserves for a huge put Stevenson on his back on the floor fight from Lebron and the Heat. But as soon as they do that, they are the ones who get fined and suspended from subsequent games.

    The NBA cannot eject and suspend players for fighting if they are going to allow players like Stevenson to taunt and go beyond crossing the line for inciting fights.

    If the NBA does nothing, it hurts the brand. My wife who does not watch ball sees this and cannot believe all this type of behavior is allowed and she asks me why the Heat and Lebron do not respond. I tell her they are not allowed to respond and it is the NBA’s job to respond.

    At least they got him for the flopping, but those fines mean so little to someone who makes so much that he just continued flopping more to lead to more meaningless small fines.

  110. For one, Wade not getting his respect! To take notice that “in order for win more rings, even tho Wade was the best closer in the game, teamed up with the “Best on the planet! On top of that……… Lets be honest, he is 6″3 doin the same thing “King James” was doin! Bron didn’t earn the greatness until Wade handed it to him!!! Wade is like Jordan do to the fact help make Bron like 23 helped make Pippen! Who has “King James” developed?

  111. Sharon Richardson says:

    This guy is such an idiot. He is the 90% of why I cant stand the Pacers and David West is the other 10%.

  112. BULLSFORLIFE says:

    I like the Pacers, but for Lance to act like hes a tough guy is kind of dumb. I may not be a big Lebron fan, but Lebron is way better then him and for Lance to try and get into his head is… the antics that he does were not right and I think it was right for Bird to tell him it wasn’t right to do that type of stuff. everyone wants to be competitive and stuff especially in the playoffs, but i think the players should act fair towards each other.

  113. bcgasystem says:

    Epic! He woke up a sleeping giant that series…and “blew” the Pacers chances.

  114. bobyao says:

    love you lance, great effort, keep it up, make nba fun to watch, love to see the expression of the king after the blow, good job blowing, haha