Lance Stephenson gets a taste of his own medicine

By Jeff Case

The Indiana Pacers’ season came to an end on Friday night after the Miami Heat ousted them in resounding fashion in Game 6 of the East finals. One of the big storylines leading up to Game 6, though, was how LeBron James would respond to Lance Stephenson‘s antics (which included blowing in LeBron’s ear) in Game 5.

James, of course, went wild in Game 6, scoring 25 points and setting the tone in Miami’s Finals-berth clinching win. Now that the Pacers have all this free time on their hands, Stephenson went to last night’s Indiana Fever-New York Liberty game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. During a stoppage in play, he got a little bit of his own ear-blowing medicine from a fan …

And, Lance even somehow made an appearance in the West finals, too (courtesy of a creative Vine video that had his ear-blowing “knocking over” Kevin Durant in Game 6).

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(h/t TNLP, FTW & SBNation)


  1. Boca_Fan says:

    There is something seriously wrong with Lance.

  2. rily broussard jr. says:

    Thhis dude is sick! He can be a good enough player, but he has a lot of growing up to do! Why take away from whatever game he has? Undoubtedly he does not think too highly of himself for him to use dehumanizing tactics. I really used to like this player–not enymore!

  3. Russtheman says:

    Lance… My dude they talking non- sense… Your doing great that’s how we Brooklyn people ball…It’s like a one on one at park.. No letting u

  4. aw says:

    Lance was the one guy playing in that Pacers team.George and Hibbert are faggits with tiny pudgy hearts. Lance should join the Heat next season and flash a big middle finger to whole Indiana team and its fans

  5. makdadon831 says:

    honestly.. I think dude has some mental issue thing going on. No Joke! I’ve seen guys like him where I’m from.. Most of em where products of broken homes where mom was like a knock or prostitute. I feel sorry for dude, It’s like He’s this child, stuck in a grown mans body, and he screaming for attention. And this he’s good got to stop.. He’s average! If that!

  6. Matthew says:

    Lance is a destined to be great basketball player with his greatness being ceilinged at the level of his maturity.

  7. Victor Dejesus says:

    Lebron is that man, but the way he led his Miami Heat Team in game 6 against the Pacers¡¿ It has to be one of his greatest milestones ever!

  8. alex says:

    if i were Lance, i’d do whatever i could to win a ball-game. It’s ok as long as he doesn’t break any rules.
    I like his style.

  9. Antonello says:

    Great news for Stevenson….He’s going to play The Finals…..under the skin of Lebron tough :-)… on Lance try to play bball….

  10. sports fan says:

    What Lance was doing is not that big of a deal because in essence it’s actually another form of trash talking. Reggie Miller & Gary Payton trash talked to get in to other players’ heads and Lance’s tactics is purely mind games. Dennis Rodman used crazy antics to get into player’s heads as well. What’s far worse than any of this is LeBron flopping, now that defintiely takes away from LeBron’s game & his legacy (MJ, Kobe, Bird, Magic, & Duncan never flopped).