Anthony Davis makes sushi, plus early MUSCLEWATCH appearance

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis had a terrific sophomore season in the NBA, averaging a double-double and leading the league in blocks at 2.8 per game. But after taking a few weeks off, he’s right back at it in the weight room…and the sushi bar?

Let’s start in the weight room. It’s a little early to begin our tradition unlike any other, MUSCLEWATCH, where we keep an interested eye on the increasing size of various NBA players, who seem to perpetually inflate each summer by 10-15 pounds of muscle. It’s not quite the summer, I don’t think, but I’m calling an unprecedented early start to MUSCLEWATCH, as the Pelicans released this video of Anthony Davis working out.

VIDEO: AD Works out

According to one writer, Davis is up 17 pounds (of muscle) from his college weight…

And while he increases his muscle, Davis is apparently also spending time working on his acting skills, here playing a sushi chef in a new commercial…

VIDEO: AD makes sushi


  1. lbj says:

    Where are the Pacer fans? lost already when the Pacer gone fishing? I already told you before the season starts Miami will gonna 3 peat with our “king” LeBron! We can still trade players such as James Jones, Hamilton and future hall of famer Norris Cole!!!

  2. None Of The Above says:

    Well done to Lang Whitaker for being the first person (that I have seen) to post an article about Anthony Davis without talking about or mentioning his brow.

  3. Ren Wu says:

    Weight is just a number. You need to find the right balance with your body type and your style of play. If you gained weight and sacrifice your mobility and your ability to make shots, then it’s meaningless. There needs to be a balance.

    • neil richards says:

      exactly, but by the way he looks and type of workouts in the video i seriously doubt it will affect his shot or mobility. Stop trying to add your two cents where its not needed, you made yourself seem dumb.

    • Duh says:

      I’m pretty sure that Davis, his trainers, and everyone else for that matter knows this. No need to write a book…

  4. Bigmatta23 says:

    He needs to keep that fu man chu mo-stach for the upcoming season