Tim Duncan has been around for a while

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If it feels like Tim Duncan‘s been around the NBA forever, that’s because he very nearly has been — Duncan has been with the San Antonio Spurs since 1997 and is currently in his 17th NBA season. He has been so good for so long that we tend to take for granted his remarkable consistency. In 1999, at the age of 23, he won his first title. Now, 15 years later, he’s about to try for his fifth ring. It’s quite a span, a testament to Duncan’s amazing ability to play through any and everything. And as the people at Fox Sports 1 pointed out, Duncan’s been at it for so long that when he won his first ring, his opponent in this year’s finals, LeBron James, was still literally just a kid…


  1. lbj says:

    Hey Lang what are you talking about? Tim Duncan will not get his 5th ring as I’ve said since the start of the season Miami with our “king” LeBron will win it all. Look at the Pacer’s fans here they never ever commented back because they are all ashamed they didn’t believe me from the start that Pacer especially Paul George is overrated!!! Look after this Finals I know eventually all Spurs fans will not comment on my post again!!!

    • en. says:

      Lebrum rider worship him like a god smh… bet you weren’t cheering like you are now before lebroom joined

    • jbl says:

      Spurs will win. Heat got lucky last year and won. Spurs in a much better team and Duncan will has a HUGE series. and be the Finals MVP. All these heat fan came out the woodworks when Lebron went to the heat. Where were you when Tim Hardaway and Alonzo Morning was starting. Bandwagon L James worshippers.

  2. Ray Allen says:

    take your talents to the city where me and lbj are…

  3. eugene says:

    it’s not about the age/year..it’s about the game or the played that they win the championship ring..GOODLUCK to the both team..

  4. We need to appreciate Duncan’s greatness while it lasts. He has the opportunity to win a championship in three different decades! How can you not be pulling for this guy? The ‘Big Fundamental’ has been the most consistent, under the radar superstar since David Robinson was in the league. Arguably the greatest PF of All-Time, so I say Go Spurs Go!

  5. Bryce Bollin says:

    Heat in 7. I think that although San Antonio has a better bench, the Heat are more consistant. Look at Tony Parker for example. He was so off and on against OKC. Look at LBJ, D-Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen., and the rest of them. Granted, the aren’t perfect bet they were pretty darn consistant.