Gatorade has an idea to stop LeBron from cramping

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — AS you probably know by now, last night LeBron James had a heckuva time dealing with cramps during the fourth quarter of Game 1 of the NBA finals. If you’ve ever dealt with cramps, you know they aren’t a long-term issue, but they can absolutely render you completely unable to move, at least momentarily. This is what happened to LeBron last night, as he spent most of the fourth quarter either on the bench or in the locker room getting worked over, unable to play as the Spurs closed out the Heat.

As the situation was unfolding, several people took to Twitter to ask Gatorade why their product wasn’t working. And as the Gatorade Twitter account pointed out, repeatedly, LeBron doesn’t drink Gatorade — he’s a Powerade endorser.


  1. pissed says:

    Those idiotic cramps cost the miami heat game 1..
    Hope lebron comes back stronger then ever, he had much more sucsess against the spurs in game 1 then last year..

    • Who Cares says:

      Right, cramps cost them the game, they got outplayed. I can just imagine the reaction of Miami heat fan when they fall to the Spurs.

  2. Caleb says:

    It’s very unfortunate, had LeBron played full 4th quarter, we might be looking a different scenario. I’m not telling that he was going to have a great scoring 4th and then win the game, but differently his difference. Hey, if he don’t drink Gatorade, we can’t blame them, it’s like having a headache don’t take medications, and them blame Tylenol >>

  3. Victor says:

    That’s why LeBron will never reach MJ’S greatness (and everybody knows that): stamina and mental toughness.

  4. Caleb says:

    Who Cares
    All fans have the same reaction when their team loose a game….I’m a Miami Heat fan and I can know Spurs have a better team this year and they had the best season because they are GOOD, however Miami demonstrated to be tough enough to deal with them. I was really disappointing to see a the Spurs playing like there is not tomorrow when Miami gave up because the had no chance in the last 2 minutes. I know must teams on NBA bring the bench just to finish the game.

  5. Xavier says:

    I dnt understand why this league among others, put their players through so much scrutiny and take them on these emotional roller coasters year after year. When was just playin the sport not enough, now they doctor up all these drama filled stories. At their hand, I bet a nightmare will ensue for the loser of these finals.

  6. Roldgold says:

    Lebron James was asked if he had change for a Dollar,Lebron responded he only had 3 Quarters.

  7. comeback says:

    i hope lebron don’t go in angry attack beast mode against the spurs…

  8. PHIL CANT HELP NY says:

    what sports have you played in extreme temps? COD

  9. Ron says:

    This just proves Miami is NOTHING without James. They might be an 8th seed without him

  10. Matthew says:

    It is only 1 game…. and bananas do more for cramping than gatorade..

  11. jimbo says:

    Well folks, this demonstrates how good a team Miami really is. Without James they have no hope of beating the Spurs. The Spurs came within a gnats eyelash of beating the Heat last year with an ailing Parker (hamstring)… and he still played ! James, a hint…diet has a lot to do with muscle cramps. GO SPURS !!!

  12. MAVS Fan says:

    Both teams played under the same conditions, so there’s no excuse for the heat and the whining attitude. ust tell the Hat to MAN UP and stop crying.

    As for the so call “Heat Fans”, for how long have you been Heat fans? two years? three years? or maybe since the Three Arrogant Kings got together? that’s not a fan, that’s a bandwagon.

    Spurs were the better team in Game 1, so just get over it …

    • Real Talk says:

      I agree. Most Heat fans only liked the team after Lebron came, if he goes, so will the fans.

      I for one never had a problem that they teamed up even though they were way too arrogant , only that there was less competition in the already weak East making nearly half of the playoffs boring.

      The Spurs organization is the epitome of what a franchise should be and deserved to win last year so I hope they win this year. Tim should get his fifth ring to tie Kobe he deserves it.

    • mikmaks says:

      speak for yourself.. bandwagon? you dare defend the spurs while your name is Mavs fan. whose the bandwagon now.

      • HeatFansDon'tExist says:

        So mikmaks is probably a bandwagon Heat fan. MAVS Fan saying the Spurs were the better team in game 1 isn’t jumping on the Spurs bandwagon, it’s stating a fact. The Heat were only up 2 before Lebron left and Duncan sat for a pretty long time prior to Lebron leaving. Duncan sitting for a good stretch and the Spurs only being down 2 proves the Heat weren’t outplaying them even a little bit.

  13. Michael says:

    Abdomen cramps and leg cramps will sideline your for sure!! Sucks it happened right after Lebron scored on Diaw effortlessly. WHERE IS THE COMEBACK SUPPORT POWER AIDE??!? You gonna let them throw jabs at the king like that. I’m no Heat fan just a Basketball fan, and that sucked to see such a competitive game end like that. I can’t believe how many people on the poll thought the heat would still loose if LBJ didn’t get cramps. at the end of the day all the players faced the same conditions and the spurs pulled it off.

  14. tdot2016 says:

    wow, some ppl just ignant! Heat do have a good team and bad coach,,,why have a 9man rotation in the finals against a well prepared and predictable spurs team, especially in such bad air conditions? pun intended.
    why didnt coach have a strategy that includes more bodies like Oden, who can play even 5 min to put more weight on spurs big men and tire them out, or what about Beasley who can play some and spurs likely didnt prepare for…
    and why is chalmers allowed to play so poorly when we have other guards (even if not as good as chalmers on regular basis) who have either the foot speed or the length to show parker or his bench equivalent something different sometimes…Coach Pop knew how to distribute minutes…even in this irregular situation

  15. rt1999 says:

    Heat have a great coach; Riley has managed his Heat to take on any team in the NBA. Spolestra is also an amazing analyst and has no problems responding to changes from the court or the office.

    The Heat defense was also sound, forcing turnovers and taking advantage of the fast breaks; San Antonio can’t shoot like 4th quarter forever (as was evident two years ago). If the Heat defend the arc, the Spurs can easily go inside with Splitter and Duncan. On the flip side, the Spurs can’t defend Miami’s quick rotation; Bosh, Battier, Cole, Chalmers, Wade, James, Allen, Lewis – all guys with high-% shooters.

    The Heat went with a good strategy of forcing the Spurs to shoot. The lack of a/c kept Miami out of the paint (except on fast-breaks), but notice they were still good at shooting. All SA can do is close-out shooters; it leaves them open inside, but no player can stop Wade/James from penetrating. The Spurs just need to be tighter with ball-handling; Miami WILL make you eat those turnovers.

  16. Knicks fan 1st/ Lover of the game says:

    weve all played basketball in hot weather they grew up playin in da park in summer its just dat now they r spoiled it was da AC its not like it was 90 degrees in there. smh and da cramps is just a freak thing dat happens to lebron this isnt da first time. it happened against OKC also so we need to focus on da finals not if lebron got his menstration smh. give the spurs there due and may da best team win enough bout one mans ailment its gettin corney

  17. “Extreme temps?”
    Milktoast and butterbread… That’s all I got to say.

  18. Brian I.E says:


  19. jdub455 says:

    lol.. hell yeah, a lebron – durant commercial will do…

  20. F"!k Haters says:

    Game was close… wire to wire…. until lebron left with still 7mins to go in the 4th…

  21. F"!k Haters says:

    just love reading Lebron haters comments… coz in the end, they’ll eat all that crap after Lebron and the heat win the championship this year….

    • HeatFansDon'tExist says:

      Lebron is the best player in the league. You can’t deny that. But I can still hate him all I want. He cries about every foul called on him when he gets away with more than anyone else in the league. If he just played without so much whining I probably wouldn’t have a problem with him. I can’t wait to see all the Heat “fans” use the AC being broke as an excuse if the Spurs win the series.