No. 74 — Stockton, Olajuwon regular rivals


The countdown is on! We’re offering 84 facts on the ’84 Draft – one every hour — in advance of the June 9 premiere of The84Draft on NBA TV.

The Rockets and Jazz were regular rivals.

The Rockets and Jazz were regular rivals.

Names: Hakeem Olajuwon, John Stockton

Colleges/Countries: Houston (Olajuwon), Gonzaga (Stockton)

Drafted in 1984: 1st overall by Houston Rockets (Olajuwon), 16th overall by Utah Jazz (Stockton)

Draft fact: Over the course of their respective careers with the Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz, Hakeem Olajuwon’s teams faced John Stockton’s 74 times during the regular season. Stockton and the Jazz won 39 of those 74 games. As well, from the 1984 playoffs to the 1998 playoffs, the Jazz and Rockets met five times total, with Utah winning three of those series matchups.

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