The newest online meme is “lebroning”

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We talked earlier about LeBron cramping up during the game last night. At one point he had to be carried off the court, and that image has spawned a new internet meme: #lebroning


  1. Ian says:

    While he will be the butt of jokes, The main reason he was carried was to get him off the court quicker. Otherwise the Heat would have been charged a timeout (their last by the way) at 7:30 left.

  2. Greg C. Young says:

    Cramps are no joke. It’s like trying to play with a pulled hamstring. Give him a break

  3. Michael says:

    I thought “Lebroning” was flopping.


  4. oh yea says:

    “Lebroning” should be changed to wearing attention grabbing clown clothes to a post game interview……or is that “Dwading”?

  5. Nate says:

    That’s dumb. You literally cannot walk when your leg cramps up. My leg cramped up in the second game of a back-to-back where I played 60+ straight minutes and you cannot walk or run on it. This is an issue LeBron has been dealing with since his high school games and has nothing to do with him. If you could’ve played it out he would’ve but his body wouldn’t let him. Half those people mocking him would be on the floor crying and wouldn’t have even attempted to come back out and try to play.