No. 18 – A class with lots of hardware


The countdown is on! We’re offering 84 facts on the ’84 Draft – one every hour — in advance of the June 9 premiere of “The84Draft” on NBA TV.

Hakeem Olajuwon

Hakeem Olajuwon won his lone MVP during the 1993-94 season.

Names: Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Alvin Robertson, John Stockton, Rick Carlisle

Colleges: Houston (Olajuwon), North Carolina (Jordan), Auburn (Barkley), Arkansas (Robertson), Gonzaga (Stockton), Virginia (Carlisle)

Drafted in 1984: 1st overall by Houston Rockets (Olajuwon), 3rd overall by Chicago Bulls (Jordan), 5th overall by Philadelphia 76ers (Barkley), 7th overall by San Antonio Spurs (Robertson), 16th overall by Utah Jazz (Stockton), 70th overall by Boston Celtics

Draft fact: The Class of 1984 has won the NBA Rookie of the Year, All-Star Game MVP, regular-season MVP, NBA Defensive Player of the Year and Coach of the Year 18 times as a collective group. Here’s the breakdown:

Rookie of the Year – Jordan

MVPs – Jordan (5), Olajuwon (1), Barkley (1)

All-Star MVP – Jordan (3), Stockton (1), Barkley (1)

Defensive Player of the Year — Jordan (1), Olajuwon (2), Robertson (1)

Coach of the Year – Carlisle (1)

VIDEO: Michael Jordan wins his second straight MVP during the 1992 season

We’re just 18 hours away from “The84Draft” on NBA TV! Tune in for the captivating story on one of the NBA’s most talent-filled and unique classes ever.


  1. #BullsFanDan says:

    Michael was ROY in 84 not Olajuwan. Get your facts right.

  2. #BullsFanDan says:

    Typo ROY in 85

  3. scorpio2383 says:

    Actually, Michael Jordan won NBA Rookie of the Year not Hakeem Olajuwon.