The NBA reacts to the Spurs’ title

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night the San Antonio Spurs won their fifth NBA championship, and the Spurs players, as well as players and team officials from around the league, took to social media to respond…


  1. lbj says:

    winning a ring wont win you a ring unless you win it with our King “Lebron” in Miami!

    • blah says:

      Are you going to shut up for once? Your “King” saw who are the real kings of this league. Please go back to your corner and keep crying.

    • visitor says:

      simply video showing why we hate lebron

    • wade says:

      that ring should’ve been mine! we had it all along!! look at the last picture on the post. See how happy we are?! I truly love my boys with all my heart and souls. we have two rings together and they’re not just championship rings!

      • wade says:

        I’m no Chris Collins or anything, but *hugs and kisses* to my my boys lbj and CB1. Always and forever!

    • I'm Right says:


    • sports fan says:

      All of your prior comments were funny except this one. Whatever credibility you had just went out the window.

    • norris HOF says:

      and norris cole future hall of famer!!!!

  2. Jack23 says:

    Congrats to SA!! well deserved win…im still a HEAT fan…thats the life of basketball, u win u lose…comeback for a stronger season,..and will do it again…i hope big 3 will stay, they need is a big man really to protect the rim, it really showed that flaw this series…HIBBERT…join the HEAT!! LOL

  3. Warren says:

    Thanks Spurs. You have put an end to the Jordan Vs James debate.
    We can come back to this in another three years. Right now it’s Jordan by a very long shot

  4. GoMavs says:

    When did the Heat turn into the Cavaliers? Looks like LeBron will have to trade teams again! LOL

  5. Outside observer says:

    I know that posts are editted for content. Perhaps they should be for punctuation and grammar as well? For example, Phil Jackson’s had at least 2 obvious errors. And what could he have meant by “spiritually”?

  6. bjl says:

    This Finals is too one sided. Miami Heat. No pride.

  7. mee(a)t says:

    I’m shocked that Tony Parker has a twitter

  8. lebron says:

    At the end of the day, lebron james got 2 ring and he still young.. congrats to san antonio. Theres lucky people like koby bryan and Lenard for san antonio spurs, they just came to the league the already had a good team. lebron wasn’t that lucky he had to go get one he wasn’t gonna win a ring in cleveland, you could still see cleveland hasn’t even make it to the playoff without james….

    • Ok says:

      Kobe didn’t win a ring for a while when he first came in and CLE won 60 games with LBJ. That team was formed around him and made the finals. They may not have been great teams but they weren’t just horrible. Lebron has had a tremendous career but his record in the finals is underwhelming to say the least. MJ didn’t come into a great team. Who knows how good they may have become if he stayed in CLE? Not to mention the fact that Lebron’s second finals appearance (first with Miami), he played an absolutely horrible series while Wade was very effective. All I’m saying is don’t make excuses. When I heard the press conference the day before game 5 and they asked, “What would this do to your legacy if you lose tomorrow”? And your boy Lebron replies, “Well its just basketball. Its done a lot of great things for me but in the end its just basketball”. I knew they were gonna lose. MJ, Kobe, Bird, Duncan or Magic would NEVER say something like that. The great champions in NBA history have this never say die and I’ll put the whole world on my shoulders ATTITUDE that LBJ doesn’t have. He’s not the guy that wants to take the shot at the end of the game. Not to say that’s a bad thing about him. Imo he’s the most selfless superstar I’ve ever seen and heck everyone knows he’s an incredible player. But he just shouldn’t be compared to those aforementioned players. Give him some more time before you hail him as one of the best ever, because I don’t care what you say, guys who are in the top 5 best ever players don’t have losing finals records.

      • hahahah says:

        so why does kobe lmfao. he inherited his first three rings… what about his losses? what abt his first round exists? but yes, lebrons thirtst and desire needs to grow publicly, his hunger isnt there

  9. melvin says:

    lbj says: help melo, help melo i need your desperate help, im falling and get up.. help melo please help..

  10. Beastmode says:

    At the end of the day, the spurs has 5 championships and the BIG 3 has the most post season wins period! Best team > Best player.

  11. kahwi says:

    lebron will never ever get another ring. last year was just his lucky day….

    • Dave says:

      How dare you sully Kawhi’s name (which you didn’t even spell right) with stupid comments like that…take your LBJ hate and lave…..

  12. ugproduction says:

    Duncan: Virgin Illslands
    Parker: France
    Ginobli: Argentina
    Diaw: France
    Tiago: Brazil
    Patty: Australia
    Cory: Canada
    Marco: Italy
    * THANKS TO THE CITY OF MIAMI on beating the U.N last year
    Ps.Now let see the U.N. Win it consecutively like the city of Miami did.

    • LeFlop says:

      Are you trying to say that US has not the best basketball in the world?

      • Dave says:

        No he isn’t. Are you trying to start something that isn’t there to begin with?

        Of course you are just one look at your “name” says all that needs to be known about your trolling ways…..

  13. ugproduction says:

    Congrats in order to the United Nations of San Antonio vs Lebron;)

  14. NIck says:

    Lebron Fans be like:

    He still is the GOAT 😛

    We have next year

  15. Scott C says:

    Spurs left no doubt!!!!!!!!!!…….. TEAM is Everything!!!!!……. no rebuilding needed in Santone, our next dynasty was born last nite!

  16. Edgecombe says:

    Its Funny how every comment has something to do with the Miami heat.Did Miami win the championship? gosh stop talking about them talk about how good the spurs was and this coming from a heat fan.

    • Kalbo!! says:

      i’m a spurs fan and i’m proud of heat fans like you.. because of your mates are dumb and immature.

  17. DP7 says:

    Congrats to Spurs. They won because of great coaching. If there was a coach swap, the Heat will sweep the Spurs. That’s how good Pop is. Ginobli is 36, and made Wade look like he’s 45. This is what happen when you don’t work at your 3 point shot, your career is going down like Dwayne Wade. If I were Pat, do not resign Wade and use that money to bring in Carmelo, for the sake of Lebron to get a true number 2 player and not a lazy one.

  18. smyers1222 says:

    Kawhi Needs to be the new face of the league! Young and a champion already

  19. dustydreamnz says:

    Spurs have been the best team by far all year, the only surprise was my bookie offered even odds. They play as a team unlike the Thunder and Heat that rely on 2 or 3 guys. Tim Duncan the first player to win a title in 3 different decades. They should have won it last year yet most people wrote them off as usual. They were always going to be tough to beat with the addition of Bellinelli and the development of Mills and Finals MVP Leonard.

  20. Lebron James says:

    I twisted my ankkle in the second game, and Dwade swallowed his tongue

  21. Sam & Rommy Cal says:

    Hate you, Spurs! You not gave us a close game to watch but game 2. Congratulations!

  22. Sam & Rommy Cal says:

    Hate you, Spurs! You not gave us a close game to watch but game 2. Congratulations to the job well done!

  23. sammmmmmmmy says:

    DYNASTY … best pro sports team for the last 15 years!!! Job well done, good team basketball Spurs

  24. SpursWon says:

    Guys stop saying Lebron. He wasn’t the onlyplayer on the Heat. Its not like he faced them 1v12

  25. Antonio Perez says:

    the spurs played so good that they made the heat look bad , the spurs had a chance to win last year and slip away but the heat never had a chance this year the only reason the spurs didn’t swept the heat was because the heat won game 2 just by 2 points thanks to Chalmers elbow to parker ribs wade flop cost 2 point and the 4 straight free throw miss 2 by parker and 2 follow by duncan the spurs won all 4 games by more than 15 , the heat think they can win championships just by scoring points without playing coach pop is an excellent coach the spurs are a great team that’s why they won , the spurs play clean basketball and the heat are dirty players queens James let his team down what a leader

  26. Antonio Perez says:

    the heat team everybody wants to shoot the ball and score points but nobody wants to play defense that’s why they lost , you don’t need melo or any other offensive player what the heat needs is defense and to get rid of lebron i’m a san antonio fan and i only feel bad for wade not for lebron not for bosh not for allen nor the rest of the heat team much less the heat coach , wade don’t need lebron is lebron that needs wade

  27. Sparkle says:

    Lebron really believed those who called him the king, Well , he just got knocked off his throne. Last year’s lost for the Spurs was just a setup up for this year . The Spurs are thankful for the journey. Trials come to make one strong.

  28. JustFun2Watch says:

    Congrats to the Spurs organization. It was so fun to watch basketball played the way it’s supposed to be played. Looking ahead, it’s crazy to think how good this Spurs team can get. Their role players are still fairly new in their system. They are only going to get better as they become more comfortable with their roles and with each other. Give Duncan the back-to-back championship that he’s been seeking his whole career.

  29. Oh God I could not free load this year what’s wrong with my team. Fire Erik and the big three waaaaaahhhhh…

  30. Clevelander says:

    Looked like James was having major Cleveland flashbacks, especially in the third and fourth quarters.

  31. Pk21 says:

    My son was to young to witness Jordan (GOAT). I was rooting for hometown Akron boy, but James couldn’t pull it off. Maybe next year in Cleveland!

  32. jason says:

    Just an FYI to all the Miami Fans, you folks got your butts kicked in all 4 losses to San Antonio. Congrats to my San Antonio Spurs on winning!! Congrats to Kawhi “Sugar K” Leonard for being the 2014 NBA Finals MVP!!! But I got to give a well deserved shout out to Lebron James and Dwayne Wade. Even though I dislike Lebron, I commend him on being humble and his professional response to questions he was asked after the loss.

    GO SPURS GO!! Congrats Timmy and Pops on number 5!!
    RC Buford, time to keep the bandwagon together and build upon it!!

  33. mico says:

    be a fan of basketball and not of just one or 2 people. those who love seeing lbj, dwade and cb play together are not a basketball fan. basketball is a sport and sport is competition. you are getting melo now? common man. probably get kd, rondo, howard, blake, cp3, noah, aldridge, love and also lenard to complete your roster. that is why lbj is nothing compare even to barkley and malone on there prime, they compete with the best which is mj and not play with them. lbj is nothing compare to kobe and worst not even to mj bird and magic.

  34. wuffe says:

    ahhh come on guys ,, show a little respect.. The Spurs played one of the best teams on the planet ., and yes one of the best players on the planet. … and beat them. That makes the Spurs champions. You can’t really belittle the Heat. , cause then your belittling the Spurs.

  35. LoveFromSingapore says:

    Best Coach Best Team, Well deserved… Stay on for another year, chances are high for the sixth title. LBJ should try to play in the western conference and taste real competitiveness.

  36. General James says:

    For LeBron to get to another level he is going to have to get selfish on the court and make demands from his teammates. Be friends and boys off the court but on the court be like Mike. Congratulations Spurs and don’t forget acknowledge the Silver Dancers. No one ever publicly acknowledges the cheerleaders/dancers when a team wins a championship. Be the first.

  37. Kal says:

    hate to be the bearer of bad news but…

    time for LBJ to take his talents back to Cleveland…


  38. qiang says:

    When the “King” said his team has the championship DNA before game 5, I really laughed.

  39. jakobe says:

    Kids of today who knows only LBJ as the king of bball needs to shut up. Media hype will get you nice good looking expensive shoes but not a real good ol’ basketball champion. MJ is the greatest nba player of all time.

  40. Joel says:

    SPURS played grest basketball for 48 minutes. NO superstars just pure basketball. I wish my Lakers was in the finals. But to the SPURS and fans my congratulations to you. And to LEBRON…Karma nowadays is digital.hahaha Lebron and Dwayne are vtrash basketball. Have you heard of selfie SELFIE basketball? hahaha

  41. Mace1xONEx1 says:

    James and the Heat will be right back to where they were these last four years!….This demoralizing defeat that was the 2014 NBA Finals, they may have needed just that. After four consecutive Finals appearances (five overall), including two straight titles (three overall), the league may have awoken a sleeping giant. They have the greatest weapon in LeBron James and the team is yet to utilize that advantage to it’s full potential. The Heat’s mastermind Pat Riley is too talented not to know what it’ll take to keep James in South Beach. As long as the “Best Player in the World” resides in Miami, the Heat aren’t expected to dwindle anytime soon. Besides, who would question James leaving the Heat? He knows better. Everyone does.

  42. imisswatchingthethunder says:

    I love that picture of Fish Bosh, Wade and King Lebron! It kinda makes me sad to think that this era actually may be gone. I’m not a Heat fan, but they were fun to watch and really were the 3 Muskateers. Best wishes guys. Hey Lebron, I hope you go back to Cleveland, that would be exciting!

  43. Straight out of SA says:

    Micheal Jordan would have done the same to Lebron’s Heat. He was the perfect team. But Ill take my spurs drive for five in trade any day since father time took the best to ever play the game in ’98.

  44. FrankL2010 says:

    It seems I’m seeing LeBron in another uniform again 🙂

  45. Respect! says:

    It sickens me to read so many people blinded by their hatred towards miami and the big 3 (mainly lebron) to appreciate what the spurs just did in this series, don’t sit there being keyboard warriors turning this into a mj lebron g.o.a.t debate, neither of them should be brought up, open your eyes and be thankful that you witnessed a finals series like you just did! I have the biggest respect for the spurs for what they did with their shot at redemption, im also happy that miami lost and im a heat fan myself, this was a blessing in disguise for miami and they should know that themselves, but for now congratulations to coach pop and the whole spurs organization you truly deserved the title! Now for goodness sake people leave lbj, mj, magic, bird and whoever else you want to add into your petty little arguments out of this and congratulate the spurs like they deserve.

  46. LoyalLaker says:

    First of all, Congrats! Spurs!! 22 -6 and a win ?!? Incredible basketball!

    You aren’t considered a real King if you abandon your own kingdom in search of a crown .. A true king will flight through anything to bring pride to his own kingdom and by not being selfish .. you do not have to sacrifice anything ..just try to be a king with some pride .. Your people are awaiting back home!!! Especially my good friend from Ohio!!

  47. Ballin on the court says:

    Does anyone else notice that Lebron Chocked in Cleveland in Game 5 and gave up before leaving to Miami. He did the same thing again. Is “your” king Lebron deciding to leave the heat. Possibly back to Cleveland or somewhere else?

    • Ballin on the court says:

      I forgot to mention that the Your King thing was pointed towards the spammer LBJ the commenter crybaby not the real deal

  48. JX says:

    I’m sorry… No one crowned LBJ as a king except himself.

  49. Duke says:

    Amazing the Spurs averaged an NBA title every three years for the last 15! Incredible and unparalleled across all four major sports

  50. dmh says:

    It is obvious who the fanboys and who the realists are on this thread. Hats off to the spurs and their sustained greatness through the 3 eras of Tim Duncan in which produced 5 championships. The media has counted the spurs out the past 5 years but, they continued doing it the spurs way and made the necesary tweaks to stay competitive throughout and return to glory. The best part is that each one they took no-name players and turned them into either productive role players, stars or both.

    Nobody denies Lebron’s individual talent. Nobody denies that he has been to the finals 5 times and won twice….. once with Cleveland where he lost to the spurs and 4 times with Miami and won twice. What is so arrogant is that he claimed that he had no help in Cleveland but yet he actually had less help this year in Miami than at any time during his Cleveland days. Granted he had vets with names in the NBA but if you look at the whole picture, this Miami team was worse than most of his Cleveland teams. Back then Orlando, Chicago, and Boston were actual competition for his Cleveland teams. Nowdays it is a flawed Pacer team being the only competition in the East for Miami. Everyone else is either rebuilding, a little brother rising through the ranks but not there yet, or just treading water with no real prospects of going up but, one stupid move away from the lottery. It waters it down drastically. That is part of the reason why the heat were able to get to the finals with such ease. They also lacked post players to deal with anyone coming out of the west as well.

    Pat Riley will have to conquer that issue to have any hope of winning another Lebron based championship. Bosh also should be playing power forward instead of a Rashard Lewis of 09 inspired center. It doesnt even have to be a great center, it just needs to be someone who will clog the paint and do the things that Bosh obviously hates. Birdman was a good start. Oden was a valiant effort at best. However Miami needs someone like a Steven Adams or a Dieng. A young center to rebound and put the fear of God into anyone who even dares to drive to the basket. Plus the point guard issue will have to be dealt with as who knows what was up with Chalmers.

  51. Chris Bosh says:

    I am HOF like 5 years ago…although i dissapear when my team needs me

    Some people get there shot contested and some others are just… “cold chested”

  52. Antonio Perez says:

    the only reason it was a good series thanks to the spurs they did their part , i can’t say the same for the mediocre heat team they couldn’t match the spurs level of basketball to make it more competitive it was only one side basketball entertainment , i understand the heat playing bad the first year they got together but after 4 or 5 years playing together they trutly have no excuse they simply lost to a better team that really play basketball the way it should be play “team basketball” Lebron egomaniac think he is the best in the world is obvious he’s not , Kahwi Leonard played both sides of the basketball court making Lebron look obsolete Kawhi took it to Lebron and took it from Lebron we jordan fans have to listen to your non sense that Lebron is better than Jordan but when you have to face the facts and have a dose of reality you lebron fans get mad if lebron was truly the king he should be 5 and 5 in nba finals tied with kobe and 1 steps behind jordan but lebron is 5 and 2 in finals and we an all star team there is no excuse

  53. Antonio Perez says:

    2007 nba finals lebron first nba appearance spurs swept lebron’s team , jordan never got swept in an nba finals i don’t think kobe either

    2011 nba finals lebron first year with the heat , the mavs beat the heat to win the championship

    2012 nba finals lebron finally wins a championship

    2013 nba finals ray allen saves lebron to win a second championship

    2014 nba finals the spurs beat the heat to win the championship

  54. mac says:

    It’s all about team. Clearly something miami heat can’t do. Lebron can only win when he begs other players to join in one team. Poor saps they tried their best but even at that they couldn’t beat the best. Even with the ref on their side.

    • John Spurs Fan says:

      Great Point, Spurs got robbed by the refs or Lebron would have 1 out of 5. Spurs will repeat in 15 over probably the Pacers or Bulls.

  55. NoExcuse says:

    First of all congrats to the SPURS team and to its TRUE fans..BANDWAGONERS?BACK OFF!!!GO BACK TO YOUR OLD SUCKING TEAMS hahahaha.Anyway,I am a proud Lebron fan and just love basketball since the man named MICHAEL JORDAN emerge to be one and be the GREATEST of ALL.I don’t see the reason why some comments here is still reflecting last years Finals,just doesn’t make sense.My Miami Heat won that one period,OK we got the breaks on that Game 6..but the SPURS have all the time in the world to redeem themselves in Game 7,why in the world it didn’t happen?And some are saying that the Spurs have already deserve and won it last year?!hahahaha.Luck happens on every game,anytime,anywhere.Even the GOAT experience it not only in the regular games but also in the big stages of his career.But that doesn’t define his greatness of course but his work ethics..Lebron might not have the killing mentality MJ have but they have at least the same work ethics.Lebron doesn’t born already as a NBA SUPERSTAR.He earned it by those practices,by those sacrifices,by those defeats and trials.I hope all of the basketball fanatics have a logical mindset before putting any comments here.I love Lebron and I appreciate all the NBA champions PAST and PRESENT.Because I appreciate TRUE BASKETBALL.Again..MY CONGRATULATIONS to the SPURS team and community.YOU ALL DESERVE THESE.

  56. John Spurs Fan says:

    Maybe if Miami just goes out and buys every superstar in the league they will win again. Sadly, the Lebron fans actually want this to happen and feel it’s a necessary thing to do. Sad.

  57. Media flop says:

    Spurs played at a level beyond any other team in recent years, destroyed the Heat with SUPERSTAR and best player in the world! It is precisely this what destroyed Miami’s chance. The entire media talking, focusing and orgasming over LBJ rigth in front of his teammates, in their own face!! Are you surprised they didnt perform and compete? Who would have? Im sure their self esteem is as low as NYC subway. Thats what you get when ONE man ( no matter how good he is ) has to face an entire team! No chance..

  58. bball fan says:

    For ya’ll who are, just like me, bball fans, stop growing a team against another.

    Yeah, my saspurs just won a well deservced title, but that doesn’t put away the suprematy of the HEAT in the league. 4 finals in 4 years, c’mon guys, give’em the respect they diserve.

    I can understand the arrogance of LBj turns some of ya’ll of, but you can’t throw away his amount of talent.

    I’m a purist of the game so I’m a great fan of Pop and the Big 3, Lebron is nto MJ and will never be, stop the comparison, they’re “different”.


    Let’s get ready for a Back To Back Try.