2014 Social Media Awards Update

By Joe Boozell

The NBA offseason is officially here, but social media is an outlet that allows fans to interact with their favorite players beyond the parameters of an NBA schedule. Which is fortunate, because how else would we survive an entire offseason without romantic advice from NBA superstars like Kyrie Irving? (Click the top left for sound.)

The social media universe appreciates a man who has his priorities in tact, as Irving is the winner of the “Best Vine/Video” award.

Voting is live for the NBA social media awards, with the “LOL Award”  next on the docket. Here is a look at the award winners thus far.

Jrue Holiday takes home this year’s “Best Selfie” award, but big props have to go to Anthony “The Brow” Davis for the assist:

Blake Griffin is the winner of this year’s “Best Hashtag” award. But like Holiday, the Clippers’ star big man had his fair share of help. Griffin was assisted by his big brother, Taylor Griffin, a snazzy green polo and, of course, a fresh pair of jorts. #theoriginalduckface

The awards run through Sunday, June 22. So keep on voting!




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