Here’s a song about Manu Ginobili

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Winning an NBA title comes with all kinds of perks, from parties to popping bottles, but here’s one perk you probably weren’t aware of: Someone might write a song about you. Here’s a video of Texas-based artist Kevin Russell, from the band Shinyribs, performing a pretty self-explanatory song called, “Manu Ginobili.” (He even ends it with a bit of a Barkley tribute.)

VIDEO: Manu song


  1. Buddy says:

    Gotta Luv that Manu, his a Gun of a player

    • lbj says:

      Giving Manu “bald” Ginobili won’t get his 5th ring. Tim

      Duncan talked to LeBron about his retiring year that’s

      why our “king” LeBron so kind enough to give the ring

      to Timmy but this 2015 season LeBron will be back on

      track and Melo wants to play with him now. We will

      win again another back to back championship ring!

      • Polak from Poland says:

        you will not win anything anymore.. LEbron.UNSUCESSFUL SEASON James won’t give you any ring , I remember his words before the game 5 “follow my lead” jeah heat followed james to lose finals GREAT JOB LBJ!!!