The ultimate Wilt Chamberlain mix tape

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I am not old enough to have ever seen Wilt Chamberlain play basketball. I’ve seen footage, and I’ve heard stories, sure, but it’s all been bits and pieces.

Well, someone has decided to remedy that, and they put together this 45-minute long video that supposedly includes footage of every known Wilt Chamberlain basket from every level (high school, college, pro) that was caught on film. Keep in mind, however, that most of Wilt’s points were not filmed — so this only represents about 2 percent of the points Wilt scored. Still, this is pretty amazing, and some of the stats and numbers that get talked about here are mind-boggling…

VIDEO: Wilt Scouting Tape



  1. wade says:

    wilt got no chance against my teammate, soul mate, LBJ!

  2. Kal says:

    don’t ever let people tell you the old guys couldn’t play in today’s NBA — they would just make a few adjustments and still dominate.

    Wilt was every bit as amazing as any other center — sadly, we just don’t have all the footage to prove it… Bill Russell was like the Dirk Nowitzki of defence if Nowitzki started coaching the Mavs next season.

    which is may way of saying, put guys like Dirk, Duncan and Shaq back in the 60’s and the Celtics wouldn’t win 8 titles in a row… so it works both ways.

  3. MJ fan 60018 says:

    Most underrated player ever n the best to ever do it!!! Hes so good on the block!! Kids youll never see that today!

  4. Someone Else says:

    Chamberlain’s numbers my be considered by some people to be mind boggling. However, many people miss some numbers that matter surrounding this guy – he was 4 or 5 inches taller and 50 to 100 pounds heavier than every other player on the court, in every single game for most of his career. With a size advantage like that domination is expected to the point that he should not have been there if he could not dominate. Factor in also that defensive play was generally flat footed and lacking in real quality from most players (with a few obvious exceptions) during that era.

  5. Pete says:

    People often talk about the “100 pt game” from a 7 foot 1 275 – 300 pound Wilt Chamberlain. How big was the biggest guy on the opposition? He was 6 foot 8 and 210 pounds. It doesn’t sound quite as special now does it? Since Chamberlain tended to score most of his points in close what is a guy that much smaller supposed to do about it? Put Chamberlain in the centers golden era (mid 80s – mid to late 90s) and he would have been made to look quite ordinary.

  6. Sofla says:

    Darrall Imhoff was the Knicks’ starting center in that game, and he went 6’10”, and 220-235 pounds. Wilt’s playing weight then was 260, not 275-300 pounds.

    As Wilt mentions, he played against every center in the Hall of Fame until Bill Walton reached the Hall, in the golden age of NBA centers. Guys like a Bob Lanier went 6’11”, 250 pounds or more. Nate Thurmond was 6’11”, and there were 7+-footers in the league as well.

    A Mark Eaton at 7’4″ and 275 pounds, or Shaq at 7’1″ and 310 pounds, had approximately the size and weight advantages Wilt had over the competition of their days, but as much as they dominated, they did not dominate like Wilt.

  7. erik says:

    Really wade really. Lebron gets fatigue and wilt played the whole game and destroyed people even shaq would suck. He was a beast with no doubt and there will never be no one like him everrrrrrrr

  8. I saw Wilt play live and on TV a number of times from his rookie year until he retired. For all you who think Wilt was just big and he dominated due to his size only you are so….so….wrong. This man was a supremely conditioned athlete with a great work ethic. Just think about it how many big men you have seen over the years that had a number of weak points in their game. This man had only one that I remember he could not make free throws, but beside that he was without comparison. Ask Bill Russell or Abdul-Jabbar about him!!

  9. marlon green says:

    Have anyone else scored 100 points in an NBA game? No, I dont think so, so you guys need to stop hating on one of the greats. Shaq outweighed everyone he play and was a great post player but never came close to 100. And for Wilt to do that as a post player was remarkable. So before you guys start hatin on a guy who scored a 100 points in a game just ask yourself, HAVE YOU EVER SCORED 100 IN A GAME? I bet some on you cant even score 10 in a weak rec league!