Can you spell Dwyane Wade?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In yet another NBA-themed video from Jimmy Kimmel, we discover that Dwyane Wade is the athlete with the most commonly misspelled name. (I’m assuming this poll was taken before Giannis Antetokounmpo joined the Milwaukee Bucks.) To find out just how tricky it is get Wade’s first name correct, Kimmel sent a camera crew out on the streets of Los Angeles and offered up a hundred bucks to anyone who could spell it correctly.

VIDEO: Spell Dwyane Wade


  1. El Stone says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty clear his parents didn’t know how to spell Dwayne.

    At least he isn’t named DeDwyane or LeDwyane.

  2. BAP says:

    1) Weird names are a problem for a child that can also cause problems as an adult.

    2) Some people working for the INS or registrars actually have been known to purposefully change names – this was a big Ellis Island problem.

    3) Studies show that people with unusual names are often more successful than their peers.

    5) That being said, names with letter order switches or the girls who say their names are spelled with an “i” are often marginalized.

    6) I heard his father wanted to call him “Sue”

    7 ) I thought the article was about his less than stellar free throw shooting for a shooting guard –> I feel that every 2 or 3 missed free throws should count as a turnover.

    8) Some pronounce his name “Da-knees” – I have actually been a big fan of his for 9 years. – He needs to improve his 3 pointer and free throws if he can’t hang in the air like he used to.

    9) Unfortunately my back precludes my playing competitive ball now, but even at my best I floated like a brick and stung like a butterfly.

    • TTKIN says:

      haha, Wade work on his FT and 3 pt shooting? Good one. He’s been saying for yrs he has no desire to improve those facets of his game cuz “he doesn’t need to”.

  3. TheKush says:

    D-dub-ya-yane — wade

  4. #gswfan says:

    How in the world did that kid get wade’s name right?

  5. GameBundle says:

    those peeps are sad. even i can spell Dwyane wade. see?!

  6. cp10 says:

    lol, this is so true, I misspelled it and I looked up the correct spelling, whoops, sorry Dwyane!!

  7. rapsfan says:

    the spelling bee champs are impressive for real…unless jimmy told them the answer earlier lol

  8. johnny says:

    lol i hope his parents wanted to call him dwyane and not dwayne. nobel prize for them

    • Heat Fan Since '88 says:

      The unusual spelling of D-Wade’s name intentional. He was named after his father.