Gregg Popovich’s fashion strategies may need work

2014 NBA Finals - Game Two

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERWWD, short for Women’s Wear Daily, is a popular fashion trade publication. Besides covering the business news of the realm, they also look at the current news through a fashion lens. Which perhaps explains why San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was chosen as their Man of the Week. Which is quite an honor, although WWD seems to not quite approve of Pop’s sideline style.

WWD breaks down Pop’s suit from Game 2 of the Finals. I’m guessing that suit was probably the least important thing on Pop’s mind that day, but whatever. While they have nice things to say about Pop’s haircut (it “suits his powerful position”), they have concerns about his shirt, questions about the cut of his pants, and are really down on his shoes (“completely wrong for this outfit”). All in all, WWD says Popovich’s suit grades out at a C-.

The good news? When it comes to accessories, Pop has the game on lock. Because five rings goes with just about anything…



  1. lbj says:

    Being a fashionista won’t give Greg his 6th ring. Tim Duncan talked to LeBron about his retiring year that’s why our “king” LeBron so kind enough to give the ring to Timmy but this 2015 season LeBron will be back on track and Melo wants to play with him now. We will win again another back to back championship ring!

  2. lbj ( above ) is awesome says:

    Lbj u are so we some I am totally with u but I think Timmy is lying to LeBron James, when LeBron and Carmelo meet in Miami they are going to win 8 in a row. You with me lbj, the one who wrote his comment above.

  3. Shawn Kemp no. 1 says:

    melo took your advice, lbj. he really wants to join our king so he can get a ring.

  4. #gswfan says:

    Is that lbj,who wrote the first comment,or is he not,because King James won’t be in Miami for long.After Golden State is going to bring Kevin Love and ‘Melo,he’ll join our crew,and we’ll be the champions of the whole decade!

  5. Carlo says:

    For all we know about Pop, I’m pretty sure he won’t give a f… to what WWD think about his outfit.

    And that’s also an answer to you, “lbj”.
    By the way, how many rings do you have? And I mean YOU, not the real LBJ, who doesn’t deserve “fans” like you.
    The day YOU will have 5 champ rings, you could start argueing about Pop’s possibilities to get a 6th one.