Orlando Magic mascot STUFF competes in Tonight Show dance-off

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” is airing shows taped in Orlando all week, and when you’re in Orlando, you best pay respect to STUFF, the Magic’s all-caps mascot. Dancing in a mascot costume must be a tough thing to do, and here we see just how tough, as STUFF goes toe-to-toe with Fallon’s mascot, Hashtag. I have to say I disagree with Fallon’s ruling — the belly-shake move from STUFF put him/her over the top as far as I was concerned.

VIDEO: Mascot dance-off


  1. juicyman says:

    Stuff got robbed!!

  2. tzvi jacobs ,raps fan says:

    um, no offence to jimmy fallon & co.,but lets face it: hashtag was pretty desperate there.