Patty Mills, football star?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the most important players for the San Antonio Spurs during their run for the NBA title was Patty Mills, the Australian-born point guard who played his way into an important back-up role. But as you can see in the video below, basketball wasn’t the first sports where Mills made his mark. As a teenager, Mills played Australian Rules Football, and he apparently drew some notice as a top prospect in that sport. I’m pretty sure he’s OK with the way things have worked out, but it’s still cool to see Mills doing all the things with a football that you’re not allowed to do with a basketball…

VIDEO: Patty Mills football

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  1. lbj says:

    Being a football player won’t give you your 2nd ring. Tim Duncan talked to LeBron about his retiring year that’s why our “king” LeBron so kind enough to give the ring to Timmy but this 2015 season LeBron will be back on track and Melo wants to play with him now. We will win again another back to back championship ring!

    • Spurs says:

      We are having so much fun relishing your pain after we beat your “king” LeBron and the Miami Heat. If the Heat actually let us win, it was because you are their fan.

      • Mike says:

        lbj you’re a joke. Your King was supposed to challenge Jordan for being the GOAT. Jordan never choked on the biggest stage, and James now has 2 rings to show for 5 finals appearances. LeBron didn’t give Timmy the ring… Timmy pried it from his cold dead hand.

    • GOAT says:

      Try to sleep man! We are having fun laughing at you! Loser Boo junkie!

    • GOAT says:

      Lets surround LBJ with best player for him to win more ring worms. That’s a great athletes foot! LBJ LBJ LBJ

    • Jeffx21 says:

      LMAO…if LBJ is that kind maybe he will give it to the next challenger too. News is that Spurs will be back as is, so LeBron will have to defer again next year. That is of course unless he finds another team. BTW the Heat don’t have enough ego room for Melo!

    • ur nutz says:

      Your nuts… You crack me up… Deal with it. The spurs win.

  2. Tst says:

    Looks awesome

  3. #gswfan says:

    Lebron is gonna land in Golden State,where he will play alongside ‘Melo and Kevin Love,and win 10 championships!
    That’s better than 8 championships,lbj.

  4. Aperez says:

    Hopefully he stays a spurs next season.

  5. Stephen says:

    I’m from Australia and there’s no doubt in my mind that he would have made it as an AFL player. Both sports have a very translatable skill set in terms of running and jumping – i guess the difference being that you shoot instead of kick goals. Many of my teammates who play basketball are extremely talented at AFL and vice versa.

    • DragonofPeg says:

      I’m always impressed with the percentage of Aussie pop that watches AFL games i believe the recent figure was something of 30.1%. while in Canada and the us the grey cup and the super bowl rarely exceed 5.1 – 5.4% respectively.

  6. Brenda says:

    Cute presenter – i love those Aussie accents!

  7. Carlo says:

    @ lbj

    Your statement is not new. Actually, it’s a couple thousands years old.

    It’s the old Aesops’ tale of the fox and the grapes (go check it).

  8. orasik says:

    I HATE IT! Why Heat wants Melo to Miami? Then the heat will be like all-star team. Maybe Howard, Kobe, Love….should go there also? That’s why NBA didn’t let Paul join the Lakers. Bulls won with 2 all-stars, Lakers won with 2 all-stars, Spurs won now with 1 all-star. You Heat fans are pathetic.
    Last 11 years I watched how James, Wade, Bosh and Melo compete against each other, and that was fun and interesting. Maybe NBA should bring 31st team to the league and name it FLORIDA ALL-STARS!!! LOL. Only coward and desperate player want to win that way. Sorry for my English.
    Mills, You are great.

  9. west coast gangster says:

    the field is so big in that game

  10. Tim duncan fan says:

    well timmy was a swimmer. a prospect for olympics too. that’s not surprising seeing a guy like patty mills. also, i think lebron will do well in nfl. no flopping though.

  11. The People says:

    For the Americans interested the Aussie Rules Football ground is approx. 200 yards long and 150 yards wide.

    Midfield players tend to run approx. 15 – 20 km a game

  12. Brenton says:

    It would have been great to see patty in a crows jumper but I think there are few Adelaide players woul like to line up in a Spurs shirt

  13. Awesome!! Wonderful looking!!